Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crane Day

The perps have place a 100' crane about 100' away, and have it working on a roofing job. Naturally it came before I got up to cover me, noise and energy-wise, over my morning routine of breakfast, dishes, shower (in next door bathroom), shaving, dental hygeine, and then cleaning my glasses, the latter activity due to an overnight "arrival" of gunk on them. Now the overhead pounding has started up, as if someone is taking a mallet to the floor overhead in progressively louder noise, as if driving a nail into the floor. As these noises are remotely generated, they often plant the imagery as to what might be a descriptive metaphor into my mind.

The assholes let me get a full night's sleep last night, and no awakenings that I can recall, though some vivid dreams that I could not recall. As predicted, there was no tiredness or other ill effects from having no sleep the night before. This is the usual harassment pattern.

The local crane operation activity is a common perp activity, and there is at least one every six weeks or so. At my last apartment, they had at least three 120' crane events over delivering a hot tub (each time) to the top floor apartment to a building that was 100' away. I suspect the stressed cables create a lot of extra scalar/vortex/torsional energy, as they also like me to go under and on the stressed internal cable bridges and pedestrian overpasses, the kind that appear to have no major concrete support, but instead, are pulled together with internal stretched cables. Flexing and compressing carbon fibers in organized alignments has also been found to generate electricity in research at a university in Buffalo. And, likely related, I did have a time where I was an avid fishing rod builder, mostly in carbon fiber rods.

More front door slamming and pounding and shaking of my room, now at least one per every three minutes. As always, the shaking is getting more evident, even if this desk unit is not attached to the wall, it somehow shakes more than it did, which in "turn" (per prescribed progressive fuckery) is now shaking this LCD panel more, usually when reading an interesting news piece. And, the assholes have me cranked up to vocally complain louder and more often, and then usually create overhead pounding and squeaking noise when I am doing this. The sick minded noise assault and constant harassment over everything I think, do or say, assuming it is me and not planted thoughts and behaviors, continues to new levels of micro-management.

A round of in-close outside garden maintenance activity "arrived" to continue the noise and vortex creation activity, string trimmers and then leaf blowers in that order. Then another round of front door slamming and "consequent" room shaking followed. There is a pattern here, and one can sense it by following the thread of energetics, if one believes or follows what is the aggregate understanding of etheric energies, and all its forms and interactions.

Now a water shut off over lunch time with the likelihood that my dirty dishes will remain in the sink until I come back from post-lunch yoga. The instructor should be back from Australia, and I am sure there might be some geographic earth energy interactions that the perps will be testing for, especially after this weekend's elevated stunts and other adverse incursions. (Later, true enough, my dishes could not be cleaned, and were left out, I assume for longer energetics testing).

A hallway row has erupted for my benefit, all to tickle the emotional processing areas of my neural limbic system, another repeat event of at least once per week. And of course, there is plenty of profanity, something that I constantly use, and probably without any choice if the degree of mind-fuck vocabulary usage is as intrusive as I think it is. Call more emo-exposure, in this case external, in place of the games they plant on me when the story is presented, and I (read, mind controlled me) have these significantly greater and acute emotional reactions than I ever did before.

I have just had all my bookmarks purged from my browser, and recovered a backup I made two weeks ago, even though Mozilla Firefox has its own backup, "somehow" it did not recover. An 18 Mb file became a 1 Kb file, and that was what happened to the backup, it "self shrank". And of course the import function worked over top of the existing bookmark folders and bookmarks, doubling up the truncated number of bookmarks that I have, probably some 100,000, though most are movies and musicians and albums. The perps have done this identical fuckaround before, where they make me go through the wringer of file games, importation, deletion of extra bookmarks and the entire harassment scenario. The perps have fucked me out of two weeks of saved bookmarks which is a pain, though survivable. The Firefox Bookmarks Manager serves as my central page from which I launch nearly all web applications, and is a central piece in my web browsing, an 8+ hour per day activity.

All the while the front door is being slammed, this room gets shaken, the next door bathroom visitations increase, along with the attendant noise, and a host of other outside noise, truck horns being the latest. It is plain fucking tiresome to have someone on one's computer all the time, fucking my files and the ongoing performance. Back in the days of work, when I did some programming, I often wondered why my files didn't run correctly when I had compiled them with the correction, and still it ran just like the version before. Now I know why all that "glitchy" bullshit of the past happened, as these assholes were on me then.

I have come back from yoga, the Tuesday geriatric version, and large ones at that. They even mentioned their "tummies" were getting in the way of of placing their hands in the specific pose locations. And there was a self-confessional session at the beginning, all about positive affirmations and the rest of that nonsense, and yet again, I got to tell my harassment story to no great surprise to the rest of them. The instructor indicated that I must feel "disempowered", to which I agreed, which might be the first time that anyone outside of the TI community has taken me seriously, though to be honest, it seemed to become the word du jour for the session, so I am sure there was something more to it.

As usual for the low key Tuesday yoga session, there was the usual employment of extra accouterments; chairs (brown in color), and for the three that were "out of shape", they utilized them for most of the yoga session. And there was even a glasses-off part to this, something which I know is of considerable interest to the perps and their related fuckery, even though they are likely the ones that fucked with my eyesight in my teen years to create the need for them, from then on. They are thankless fuckers to the core.

Three of the four class other members were wearing red, or variants thereof, one with a light red over a scarlet red sweater, and of course, the undergarment is longer sleeved so it can be seen directly, as well as the combination of the two. This is standard, and vary often it is the same for the garment length, where the undergarment is longer and hangs down over the ass of the gangstalker, and then the next one is usually shorter by 2 to 4", and if there is a third top, it is shorter again by about the same amount, giving a banded look over the butt.

Another spoof/jerkaround was allowed to be made known to me, this one going back to 1999 or 2000 when I first heard Eva Cassidy at a listening station at Barnes and Noble in Seattle. She sang this one song, Natural Woman, and it was stunning. Weeks later I bought the CD, but the song wasn't on it, and I thought that I had purchased the wrong CD. As more of her material was made availible, I bought a copy of every CD, and still no Natural Woman. After recently browsing on a web site that was reasonably comprehensive, I still could not find an album with that track listing, and so I emailed the webmaster, who is a cousin of the late Eva Cassidy. She explained that the song was on a bootleg demo CD, one which of course would not be sold by Barnes and Noble, especially then, when only two of her CD's were availible. A mystery indeed, and then the perps must of let me in on the fact that they spoofed the CD at the time when I was sampling it. This is just another example of their endless fucking around, but it does display the amazing amount of detail they have at their command, including all the recorded tracks, most of them not publicly availible then, and that they have fucked with me over seven years in terms of "solving" this particular odd experience. It boggles the mind as to how fucking nuts these assholes are, and the range of idiocy that they will engage in.

And while I typed the above paragraph, they put on plenty of next door bathroom noise, the visitors who don't do anything but stand there and then flush and go, outside road traffic noise, the constant games with noisy mufflers, as well as hallway banter and egress. I sincerely hope that the assholes had nothing to do with Eva Cassidy's tragic early demise at age 33, as her singing is truly amazing. Under the theory that there are no coincidences in my life.... there maybe an uncomtemplatable and odious pattern that fits the profile of their preoccupation with having me interested in deceased persons.

After typing that, I shot of pain in the left temple, and now the overhead clunking and squeaking act has arrived exactly overhead. The overhead noise machine also came early for noisestalking me when eating chocolate with my tea, which is "my" usual vice, as I am sure it has everything to do with the perp's continuing fixation with all things brown, and this might be the "blonde equivalent" in this color and in the form of food. That is, there is a certain positive aura, or "karmic goodness"/desirability that they know I have with chocolate that they wish to continue to explore, so that they may apply it (somehow) to the long list of unfavored objects, colors, demographics etc., most of which stem from their past fuckery and reckless introduction of traumatizations in my developmental years. And somehow, the pollutants that they have also permitted to be ingested, that seem to give them no end of energetic assay problems, also fits into this picture, though again, I don't know the specifics. For example, they will often dress up blondes in brown clothes, and often with plastic objects in hand, made of the same substances that are causing their pollutant problems. Another common fabric for dressing up gangstalkers is Gore-tex, made from teflon, a class of PFOA's that is even found in polar bears, and having endless color variants parade around me. Not my problem, so why am I being constantly fucked for it?

An extended spraying of air freshener outside my door has signified a new interation of harassment, noise, smells and the rest of the incursions, all of this coinciding with finishing a long read of a US WWII submariner's role in taking a captured Japanese submarine back to Hawaii. Along with that I also got a wave of the shivers and like whole body sensations that the fuckers often pump into me. What the relationship of this onset of incursions and to what I was reading is I am not sure, but they have often planted current day submarine stories in the news, if not creating the events in the first place. A gangstalker in a red jacket and a 10' gold colored aluminum pole was also climbing the stairs at this moment, the horizontally carried long sections of metals are most commonly seen in the form of ladders on vehicles, but it seemed that the assholes needed this particular anodized color, along with the red jacket. Red is a common color for the perps to be testing at the dusk onset. The fucking smell of the seeming air freshener "forced" me to open the window, something the perps only permit occasionally of late, again, for some likely outside noise and inside energetics correlation testing and assay. Fucking me from further away is one of their current quests.

A fleet of some 8 vehicles is also outside in the adjacent parking lot, and seem to be arranged for colors in navy blue, mid grey, black, and possibly dark green. This would seem to be a "dark color" testing event tonight.

The Canadian submarine that took a "rogue" wave into a hatch in 2004 and fried out the electrical supply and causing an onboard fire, total loss of power, and costing one life comes to mind. At the time, my mother looked rather contrite when she "mentioned it" as a conversational item of the news, though in fact, she usually isn't this conversant about this kind of topic, and rarely with me until all this fucking hell began, and both parents began acting strangely. I suspect that tragic event just may have been created and managed by the perps, who have their hand in many more things than I realize, perhaps every major military materiel, personnel and its operation. Never minding the planning and logistics management of fleet operations.

Enough griping tonight, grimness and the rest of it. I have had a rare quiet hour or so, and should blog off. Hopefully I will hear tomorrow if I am accepted at this new apartment building, and can look forward to a quieter abode.

How did this become a draft document when it had been posted? Here it is again, hoping that the feed burners and trolls don't get this as "newly published".

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