Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stones on the Window

More of this bullshit where some asshole lobs small stones against my window, pretending to be looking for a neighbor. This time the fucker was on his cell phone while pulling this stunt, the EMF device of first resort for gangstalkers and the rest of the like vermin.

Anyhow, I had a busier day with apartment looking and application submitting activities, which made for great gangstalking as I was head to the same location twice in one day. And the gangstalking assholes are still in a more aggressive mode, jumping on my tail while they "happen" to be coming from side streets and doorways. Worse yet, they dress them up in ugly colors of orange, brown and red combinations. Normally, no one walks as fast as I do, but today they put on a gangstalker who passed me, wearing the same color of coat (olive drab) and also packing a black colored briefcase on his right shoulder, just as I was. It is fucking nuts to be hounded like this all the time, and even in my own room, per above stone lobbing.

In between my apartment searching duties I had yoga with the regular group in the basement of an apartment building. There were plenty of plasmic events, and of course no one said anything. The perps have my attention controlled enough to have me look at objects or people when I don't want to or wouldn't ordinarily do. There is this one woman in the class they have me look at, but I am really not interested in her, or anyone else for that matter, as the burden of this harassment precludes any kind of social interaction, which is probably the plan. This woman also talks to the instructor when I am leaving, parking herself closet to the exit pathway. This standardized routine has happened at least six times so far, with today's variant being that they were in the hallway and not inside the classroom. In fact, these chats have been incrementally moving toward the door, and then hallway, little by little, each week. Anyhow, it is not a big deal, and I don't have any desire to start anything up, though she could be a morph-over of someone I know a whole lot better. It is simply one of those curiousities that surfaces in the ongoing harassment netherworld that I live in.

And it is the day of forced but also felt farts that occur at key junctures for the harassment assholes; while entering a door way, opening my fridge, touching brown color tortillas, and many hundreds of others while under their microscope of analysing my every move, keystroke and breath. Often a coincident noise will erupt at the same time; beeping vehicles, coughing and hacking, diesel engine startup, loud mufflered vehicles etc. One could call this "fart stalking" I suppose. This has been a constant for the last five years, but today they also ramped it up in the style of being more aggressive about it.

And in the parking lot outside my room, the perps put on a deep metallic red VW camper all day, and it offers both a steel body and a fiberglass top in the same color. Then when starting dinner up, they pulled it and put an identical colored sedan in its place, then five minutes later, an identical colored SUV parked next to it.

I find the perps' obsession with VW campers (Westphalia) interesting, as I owned two of them, serially for some six years. It is a common stalking vehicle, and has also been owned by thought-to-be friends of the past. I suppose, with the engine in the rear, it offers some attractions for the perps to continue their games of hounding me with their energetics assay activity. I never liked them as they were always so underpowered, and yet they could of been the minivan of the day since the 1960's if they were more comfortable, six inches lower, and had more engine power. Instead, it was Chrysler that introduced the minivan to considerable success in the 1980's.

There were at least 800 vehicles on today's vehicular gangstalking today, and there were plenty of color coordinated formations; at one location they had three burgundy colored vehicles in file waiting at a traffic light, all of the same flat finish (non metallic) and then a red colored vehicle joined up with them to make it four red, or red derivative, colored vehicles in file.

The ambulatory gangstalkers are putting on more reds and browns of late; one woman had a long coat that ended six inches above the ground, an absurd garment for this climate and weather, in a very bright fuschia red.

The perp operatives are on the move again, and engaging in their games of add-on burpings, chatter, heavy tromping of feet, and front door slamming to which my room shakes as the "coincident" event.

When setting off for the second time today, the perps put on (my) brother-like gangstalker who "happened" to be coming down the stairs as I was in the hallway opposite, some 4' away. This is the same fucker that emerges from a room opposite mine, and it appears that he gets to change his room more often that is evident, which really suggests that he doesn't live here at all, but is teleported and morphed-over to put on this hang-dog and totally avoidant eye contact act. That may be slim evidence, but this fucker is getting a lot of gangstalker time, and it must be someone I know, possibly very well.

And in another deja vu, the perps put on one of my former co-workers in the Ministry of Forests as an ambulatory gangstalker in the very same location as three months ago, except he (and I) were walking in opposite directions. Of course he pretended not to know me, but after two gangstalkings, I wonder if he signed up with the assholes, or is still in his Ministry job.

Some males have arrived in the parking lot outside my room and set up their nattering which is meant to be overheard from my right side. Then while reading an interview, the coughing and hacking started up whenever I read the interviewer's questions, but not for the answers. Go figure. As to whether the content is an issue for the perps or not, I cannot say. I happen to be reading an interview of a person asking an Reptilian (Lacerta File) questions, here. This is a fascinating read, and part 2 offers an explanation as to why a photograph can capture an UFO image where the photographer cannot see it. The reason, because they manipulate a switch in our brains on the UFO's flight path that causes it to be unseen. Not a logically provable reason, but one that leads to other questions as to how many of us are being manipulated and how at any given time? The Lacerta alien states there are 14 alien species on the planet of which three are hostile. So hostile, that they don't send abductees back. Scary.

And for the third time, the outside male banterers have re-arrived and are duly speaking and coughing, with no discernable reason for loitering in the dark back end of a parking lot in a mostly residential area. And of course they are sometimes coughing, just like so many others do, everywhere I go. As mentioned in past blogs, I should wear a T-shirt with a target on it that says "start coughing here". And for added action, some of the putative rooming house "residents" are also breaking out in coincident coughing on my left side. And if that isn't enough, they somehow seem to start the coughing when reading various trigger words that are in vogue.

The male banter outside my room has finally ended, and so relative quiet has descended, though I don't know for how long. As in seconds, as a coughing outburst started outside my room. Fucking sick that someone is subjected to this much harassment after 47 years of being covertly fucked with.

Another visitation from the bantering males in the parking lot outside my room. There are added noises of vehicle door closures (slammings more like), and proximate loud mufflered vehicles that constantly inhabit my aural world.

Time to call this a posting and blog off. Nothing too vital tonight, but if I get off topic, as per the perp's script, they dither my reading to make me move on. Now the overhead clunking has arrived in advance in taking a crap, one of the biggest noise and plasma stalked events going.

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