Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Laundry Freak Show

The neighbor's stereo has been cranked up some for me to hear, thumpy and with a singalong too.

The earlier event was the much gangstalked laundry, and today they had from one to five gangstalkers arrayed around the black duffel bag I carry it in. They had backpacks, books and eyeglasses arranged around it too, or even on it. Then the gangstalker stood in the line of sight between me and my duffel bag some 22' away, and continued in profile, all back and inbetween poses, reading her book while standing up outside her dryer. The most persistent gangstalker was a mid 50's woman in grey hair and the ubiquitous anorak in apple green. In total, they had at least 20 gangstalkers to "arrive" this morning, with about five of them staying.

The perps extended my drying time by 30 minutes, and thereby fucked me into staying longer than I had planned. I suppose the myriad trips to check on it never hurt the gangstalker's objectives any, as even they made needless repeat trips from the dryer area to the magazine reading area where I was sitting. In the last two minutes I was there, a 300lb dude arrived with no laundry, and nothing to pick up, and sat in an opposite chair, presumably to gangstalk my vacated chair and was between it and me doing my folding on the least gangstalked surface of the three availible. And given that the north and south halves are identical, I still could not figure why a south side "customer" had to bring all his dried laundry to the north side, and beside me, to do folding when he had a less congested area closer at hand.

The permutations and combinations of the gangstalkers and the feints is endless, and will sound (more?) tedious if I go into more detail than this.

Now it is back to front door slamming and room shaking, as if they are connected, which they wouldn't be ordinarily. (And weren't for the first month here).

The local roofing job brought back the crane today; it has a 120' boom and sits in mid-street in the next block, with the street closed. And it will likely still be there for yoga which is in the basement of the building. Again, the large mass and the cable stresses seem to be the significant contributers to what the perps are looking for; more human energetics assay opportunities.

A new hacking and coughing routine has started up in this putative rooming house; seemingly, "someone" got more ill, and never recovered from the one they had for the last five months. I suspect it is from the perp's projected noise machine, as there is no reason as to why all the nearby "tenants" keep getting colds. And too, the coughing act is longer with more of a decay to the sound, the prerequisite for the noisestalking.

I am getting overhead squeaking to accompany my web browsing, a slow deliberate kind that spells "stalking". Before that I had relative quiet for 40 minutes. As always, there are plenty of masers and plasma beams in front of this LCD display or over my hands at the keyboard.

Another sabotaged crap earlier; a toilet blocking and then an overflow, water clean up, and suddenly the toilet was working again. I was deluded into thinking that the perps solved their crapping harassment problem as I hadn't any trouble for a week, then this. Just like massacres at school grounds, they cannot get enough of this.

I just got a big zapping with a coincident sudden clunking overhead, then a mind-fuck to complain out loud. It was sudden, and the very words I read at that moment were "William Shakespeare". Go figure what kind of juvenile mind noisestalks someone for >50 years over this.

More idle time bookmarking movies should I ever be permitted to watch any without being fucked with, gangstalked and the rest of it. And constant noise, seemingly high speed motorcycles, outside aggregations of natterers, room shaking etc. The plasma and maser events are also getting annoying and interfere with cognition momentarily, which I am sure is the objective.

Time to call this one a blog posting for the day, there isn't much else of significance.

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