Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stir Me Up

The perps have been stirring me up again; constant agitation is the name of the game this weekend, and possibly beyond as they make the most of this infernal (and putative) rooming house arrangement before letting me have my own place again. And as my belongings are stored in two locations, my parent's crawl space and my brother's spare room, and will be combined with those in this cell/room, this should offer no end of energetics assay games and fuckery. They love to instignate fuckups on moving day, and the settle-in period afterward, and I cannot think of any moving in the long past that wasn't sabotaged. Once I complained to my then wife as to the certainty of moving day fuckups, and she had this strange look on her face, as if she knew something about it. This was sometime in 1984 or so, and now I know why this was the case.

The assholes let me sleep most of the night; there were some awakenings but they weren't noisestalked with the usual overhead clunking and squeaking noises that coincidentally "erupt" then. For the first time in a year or more, I was allowed a normal eight hours of sleep, instead of the usual nine to eleven they usually prescribe. This could mean totally nothing, as they seem to be messing with the time of all my routines, shifting them forward or back by hours, and I am sure this near equinox period offers more opportunity in some way. There have been many diurnal and solar time variations to the stunts and harassment, one of the more obnoxious is to somehow apply stroboscopic timed sunlight exposures, in the guise of it being filtered by overhead tree branches.

The new noise to stalk my web page display, reading of specific words and terms, mouseclicking and the Windows select, copy and paste functions is to have a popping sound go off in my right ear that is not related to any health conditions whatsoever. They have been ramping up this over the past month, and for now, it is the "go-to" noise to accompany my thoughts, sight and motor actions. I am under a constant microscope, it is just that the "viewing method" may change. The ear popping and cracking noises are constant when my head is on my pillow, and how they think there is a causal event or who they are attempting to fool is beyond me. It is a constant game of creating ostensible cause, and then applying their intended harassment and related stunts.

The next door bathroom coughing act has started up, and it seems, additional and strange smells are being jammed up my nose. The Sunday-only power washing has erupted in this neighborhood, and still no wisdom as to what needs to be washed so regularly around here.

The hallway click machine is getting "adjusted by being bumped around, and this was concurrent with ongoing jingling/ceramic object vibration from tapping and hallway spraying of purported "air freshener", though to be conspiratorial, it could be an in-house chemtrail. And as I repair the forced typos, a jingling sound of the ceramic object tapping/vibration is timed for the exact moment I make my corrective keystroke. It is fucking absurd that a billion dollar/year budget covert operation is tapping coffee mugs in my aural proximity, but that is what they do many times a day.

And the assholes are keeping up this tapping, sending their operatives in next door and others down the hallway to shake this room with the front door slamming, and that spells the pre-lunchtime fuckover scene, writ large.

The noise has settled down post lunch and dishes (always a big noisestalked event), though I have my overhead clunking and squeaking should my thoughts go off script. The washing and drying of the frypan continues to be a big deal, with noisestalking to accompany me swearing at the fuckery that goes on in advance, also as an accompaniment. This is the new frypan, bought over four weeks ago, and it is of significant interest still.

I made a trip to the grocery store along my usual beat, and the most startling thing was that three blocks of street parking had been cleared on the major artery, (Cook St, North Park to Pandora, E. side). This is amazing as there are no end of parked vehicles there in color coordinated clusters, bountiful vehicle egress in progress with all the open doors and trunks, as well as the street traffic that "decides" to park ahead of me, and has me directly lined in their headlights by coincidence.

Then to add to the freakshow, they put on some 12 ambulatory gangstalkers hanging around a closed store at a street corner, and they kept standing there, and not adhering to their usual cover story of waiting for the traffic control to change. Of them, the woman in a pink long coat played peekaboo, and partially hid behind the corner of the building as I was walking toward it, and the others circulated about. I walked through this crowd to the other side of the street, and they stayed in place, putting on this show of circulating in place for no apparent reason.

Then onto the grocery store, and my in-store gangstalkers were in place, and even jumped on me at the chocolate section, one they have relented after everytime gangstalking for over 8 months. Now they are back at it again. As usual, there were posted at the locations I needed to go, and at least 8 were clustered around the cheese cooler, one of the fuckers backing into where I was getting the cheese I prefer. The old "accidentally on purpose" stunt, old as they come, begging the real question, why do they bother?

One of the swim club members I once knew was at the deli counter in the grocery store, now grey haired instead of auborn colored hair. No doubt that was planned shock value, as the assholes constantly obsess over hair color of the gangstalkers, even the ones driving. It was the usual no-visual-contact routine, as they have done this with others, parking them 15 to 20' away, and have them looking elsewhere when I "happen" to see them. Though last week, they had a former forestry co-worker walk straight toward me also sporting a crop of grey hair, and looking straight ahead, pretending I wasn't there. Never have I seen so many pedestrians looking straight ahead since the assholes unloaded on me; call it the zombie run, with me being the mind controlee.

Then more "hangers-around" at the checkout; the lard-ass woman (LAWIB?) in black in front of me lingered for extra long, and having only departed for 10 seconds, some asshole in a gross brown jacket "needed" to fill out a contest form, and that was his excuse to hang around me at the checkout while paying, wallet handling, grabbing my groceries and then walking out. As always, I get my attention re-directed to see the celebs on the front of the magazines, usually women of course. Angelina Jolie's photo is playing big as far as forced attention goes. Not a hardship, and one of the few tolerable mind-fuck games that go on.

Normally, after seeing a celeb's photo at the newstand, the asshole re-direct my attention to some other unsavory gangstalker, especially set up, and typically filling the demographics from the perp's obsession list.

I had my shadow gang on the other side of the street in both directions; the assholes like to utilize wheeled devices such as skateboards and the motorized wheelchairs, nearly ubiquitous now. The skateboarder gangstalker arrived from nowhere as an ambulatory gangstalker, then tailed me on the other side of the street, and then crossed over ahead of me by 20', and then skateboarded ahead of me from there. Fucking weird that a supposed skateboarder was putting in ambulatory gangstalking time. Anyhow, the streetsweeper also came out earlier this morning to clean some of the streets ahead of my walk to the grocery store, this on a four day government worker holiday (Easter Monday is also taken off by government workers in Canada).

The operatives are tending to their click machine as I call it; it is a familiar sound and has followed me to several places since the assholes have continuously trashed my life in 2002 and haven't stopped. The latest is to fuck with my account with the Canadian federal government so I am not able to see the changes that were made to my tax return, especially where I am expecting a credit. The only part I get to see is that I owe $80 in taxes, but I should get a rebate on paying a federal sales tax. And also, should I ever hit the jackpot, I could pump up my retirement savings by a considerable amount, and that calculation has gone missing too. It never ends, constant fuckery and obstruction over what I am looking for, or what I am mind-fucked into pursuing.

This will be a short post as the perps finally let me get on with the other blog posting today, A Summary of Perp Obsessions and Gangstalker Demographics. I had planned it over two months ago, started three weeks ago, and was only allowed to get into it tonight. This seems to be a quiet night, and even I suspect that some of the regular operatives/gangstalkers of this putative rooming house have gone home, and got out of their morphed appearance to visit their families. The brother-like fucker that dogs me about three times a week is one example.

It will be interesting to see if this latter asshole only re-surfaces on Thursday, as my parents are visiting him until Wednesday. Sometimes I can track who I, or who I am led to believe, is the real individual by way of their absences. Another example is this grey curly haired woman who hangs about outside my room under the cover of a worker taking a coffee break at the local clothing charity (with some irregular exceptions). There was a week where she wasn't here, and as it later turned out, it was the same week that my ex-wife was in Seattle, following in my footsteps there.

Enough for a blog posting, and there have been plenty of typo vexations to call it quits for tonight.

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