Monday, April 23, 2007

A Banner Gangstalk Day

I was undertaking moving preparations this morning in concert with my in-town brother who lives a mercurial existence, one between evasion with vagueness and being outright helpful. There is no question his evasion and vagueness factor has gone up by tenfold or more since the perp assholes made themselves overt and have sustained this life trashing fuckery for over five years. As if they hadn't pissed with my life before, and introduced sustained adversity with learning deficiencies (documented since 1960, though not mentioned to me) as well as a fiscally irresponsible wife who wasn't about to declare why her behavior was so inconsistent.

My in-town brother started on the topic of me getting movers again, which is an option, but by the time all the contingencies and issues of moving from two or three locations were sorted out, there was no need to entertain hired movers. Which begs the question, why did he even bring it up (again), when he said only a week ago that there was no need, and that he could supply all the needed help. Just seeding chaos and the possibilities of incurring more expense it would seem. All too weird, but as I have no vehicle, my options are limited.

But it does seem that the moving plans are getting more specific, and that he will aid in "trickling in" my belongings over a period of weeks, with all the essentials being dealt with on May 01. Having an incremental move-in doesn't surprise me from the harassment perspective, as they have whittled me down to one room and a closet, and now want to assay my energetics interactions as "I" build up my belongings in my new residence location.

My brother and I attended to my belongings that are stored in our parents' crawl space this morning, and moved them to his place to consolidate my first move day belongings to one location. Before he arrived, I checked out what was to stay and what was to be moved. To my astonishment, my matress was there, which had been originally stored at his place. I asked him how that happened and he claimed that he had moved it by himself as there wasn't enough storage space. This was total bullshit as it was on top of the boxes, and there was plenty of extra storage space. He was rather evasive in rebutting my contention, and the only explanation was that "someone" wanted the matress to re-join the remainer of the bed furniture, which was stored in the crawl space since August, 2006.

The likely reason for a huge downtown gangstalking event was me having a red colored tape gun and a roll of plastic binding twine in my backpack. These were stored at my parent's place with my belongings in their crawl space and will be needed here before I will be back there. Anyhow, all the freaks and weirds were out gangstalking, and I even got a negro pimp-daddy dude on the bus, which was hilarious, as I have never seen one in this city before, and the last thing they want to be seen doing is taking the city bus, the disparaged "loser cruiser" in some quarters. The negro dude got pulled after 6 minutes of bus transit time, and I reckon the perps are still working on this, in whatever way it relates to the perp's brown color problem and the rest of this infernal harassment. He was about 20' away, and I did not pay him any mind after he got onboard, so there must be something the perps can detect in my neural energetics which causes them to have particular operatives/shills pulled in short order. I noted that two brown dressed males exited the bus at the same stop, one on each side of me. Then another ethnic brown dressed male arrived to replace one of them.

But the perps are bringing in more brown color dressed gangstalkers and are even applying them to the demographics that appear to be unfavored; geriatrics, lard asses, vagrants, etc. It would seem that the prepatory work was to have blondes (a favored demographic) dressed in brown clothing, and now this color advance has progressed. And there are more brown colored vehicles in the vehicular gangstalking mix, but so far, the emphasis is on the ambulatory gangstalkers.

The brown colored pickup truck that has been parked under my window is still here I noticed, which is exceptional in that no other vehicle has been left unattended for so long. Usually 24 hours is the maximum time for leaving any vehicle in this high turnover parking lot, which belongs to the squash club and the nightclub next door. There were three white vehicles with one black vehicle embedded amongst them on the opposite side of the parking lot, some 30' away, and I reckon there must be some more fundamental color and energy assay activity going on. The perps are especially active on Mondays, post stayover at my parents' place. And that my in-town brother came to help out with moving my belongings, and then I helped him move them out at his place is likely further reason for the perps to go silly on energetics assay activity. One wonders how much this is costing them instead of coming out of the closet, and buying my cooperation.

And I am getting the notion that all my reading comprehension is totally taken over, that is, replaced by the perps in their mind control games. "I" was reading the newspaper this morning in the (now) usual "glaze over" mode where so little of it is taken in, and as I tripped on a word that was accorded meaning, (having "glazed over it" earlier in the article), a noisestalking barrage went off; my mother began coughing (no cold or ailment), a vehicle horn sounded, a drive by vehicle was heard etc. All it takes is one measly word that I read and comprehended on my own (it seems), and it brought on all this noisestalking fuckery. There is more silly bullshit entering my thoughts these days, and it must the assholes pumping me with it.

The latest perp fuckover stunt is to send shivers down my back, and then arranged an overly faked coughing jag by one of the nearby "residents" at the same time. There is no reason for any shiver to go down my back as I am plenty warm and I even have a brief window of the sun directly shining on me before it slips behind the adjacent building.

Another jerkaround they are arranging more often, usually when I am occupied in a task, is to jab me in the left calf as if a bramble was poking through my jeans and into my leg. For the record, there are no brambles in my room, and nor have I been wandering in any recently. It is all part of the jerkaround, somatic pain incursions while I am engaged in another activity.

This is end of the window of time where there is direct sunlight upon me, and there are usually plenty of side games and noises going on. Tonight, more vision impairments, those "active" blotches that arrived on my glasses overnight just got worse, a spluttering and choking act started up in the hallway, the crockery bashing act began, the click machine was making extra noise, masers were flitting about, extra farting began, and coincidentally, I was reading the similar tales of another TI who is going through this same fucking harassment. It is as if the perps are looking for a connection between us, while they monitor each of us down to our last neurons. (Yes, they are that invasive).

More continued noisestalking at a dull roar background level, until I typed just that, then the intervening wall between this room and the bathroom got hammered for some reason.

I have been getting a lot of red plasma exposures of late, and this disturbing trend has been augmented with strobing this color at me which is even worse.

While as a front seat passenger in my brother's white van earlier today, I remarked on the unusual numbers of dark metallic red vehicles clustered nearby, and two of them were in file at the first stop sign at a secondary artery. Anyhow, I got in a rant (or more accurately, I was mind-fucked into a rant) over why so many people are wearing red or driving red vehicles or why there was two red blankets in his van, and I said something to the effect that what is it that everyone else knows about me and the color red that I don't know. Anyhow, he clammed right up and didn't want to say anything, and even seemed a little "concerned", as if the memory (the reason) wasn't too pleasant. Of course he didn't mention anything about the other colors of vehicles that frequently travel in clusters, he just pretends it isn't happening. This is just one example of how much genuine conversation I get from nearly everyone; I am doing all the work in putting observations on this pervasive strange phenomenon together, and they just sit there and don't add to it, nor reflect on what I told them before. It is the First Feral Family of morons, aka all suddenly getting "goldfish memory". Though in fact, it is more than family; doctors, caseworkers, supposed friends, etc.

And speaking of morons, it is interesting to note that the US Department of Homeland Security is getting more involved in moronic decisions, the latest which is at this site. This esteemed psychologist, Andrew Feldmar, was refused entry at the US border because he took LSD some 35 years ago as an experiment, and because of it, it looks like he will never be allowed entry unless he goes through extensive hoops at considerable cost. The warning in this news article is that Canada is also applying this same bizarre standard of entry because the US and Canadian authorities are "sharing information". I think it is more like behaving repressively together and in concert.

As one who was turned away at the border because I wanted to clean out my apartment in Seattle, and got the bullshit routine about being "concerned that I would become a ward of the state", and that I should contact the US consulate in Vancouver, I can empathise with Mr. Feldmar. And, like him, I did phone the US consulate for naught, and another jerkaround that went nowhere.

And it so happened that my in-town brother who was to travel with me welched out; he said he would come by aircraft the next day. (Odd that I did not recall this incident when I was with him today). The INS Border Patrol pulled their guns on me when I was inside at the counter, emptied my pockets, gave me a piece of paper I could of had for the asking, put me in handcuffs and took me back to the Canadian side. Anyhow, it was a big charade, and more games to make my moving situation a problem. (I later arranged movers and storage in Seattle over the phone and my parents flew down to supervise it. Then one of my thought-to-be work colleagues "happened by" and offered to help, which he did in retrieving my belongings from Seattle). This news piece is a reminder of that event in 2003, and from here, it seems they had this guy lined up, long in advance. It was not an "random inspection", speaking from experience. Since when did they start googling visitors at border inspections?

A procession of loud mufflered vehicles has been ongoing tonight; one about every five minutes, and for tonight, in the form of likeness to Japanese four cycle motorcycles at high rpm. Other nights it is "tuned" performance mufflers, then perforated mufflers, and then 2 cycle motorcycles (Harley Davidson like).

Today's spectacular vehicular gangstalking was also accompanied by extra noise volume; somehow the perp assholes adjust the volume as I hear it, likely dicking with neural structures in some way. Of course they put on extra "performance" mufflered vehicles to serve as the cover for cranking the volume even higher.

And I will make a call; it will be another Monday night where it will take > two hours to get to sleep. I told my doctor about this Monday only sleeplessness aberation and he didn't say squat. Another wall to talk to as he made plain from the get go.

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