Saturday, April 28, 2007

Newspaper Modifications

I made a trip to the grocery store, and for the first time in at least 6 weeks they had only one gangstalker per store location I visited instead of two. Though they had their brown colored props again. For about the fifth time in sucession there was a stocking cart with a brown box on it at the chocolate section, and this time they added a male gangstalker whose jacket was a near identical brown to that of the cardboard box.

In going to the store, a 12 minute walk in the city, I was double teamed with two gangstalkers on me early. A white haired woman in a large backpact was ahead of me, paralleling me on Cook St for two blocks and a slim dude in navy blue "arrived" at the Pandora intersection, this being where the perps usually put on stunts, Cook St. and Pandora. The female gangstalker ended up preceding me as I was held up at the traffic lights, and he came up behind me, following me across the intersection. He went W. bound on one street, she went W. bound on the second, and I took the third street to go W. Then after traversing the long side of the block, he ends up ahead of me, and she behind me. This is fucking rude and blatant stalking. These two gangstalker fuckers were paralleling me from one and two blocks away is what it seemed.

Back to the grocery store; I was going to the deli cooler case, but before I got there they had a 4' tall palette load of bread obstructing one aisleway next to the hot cooked chickens. (Think brown color, ( both bread and chickens), the biggest problem color for the perps). As I squeezed through the narrow opening they left for me, the "delivery" fucker of the bread then came up behind me, and I have no idea how he got so close without me spotting him in advance. I suspect I got "blotto-ed" for an instant.

And it "so happened" that there was the other portion of the bread palette load at the deli case, obstructing what I wanted to get to, the guacamole. Then onto the tortillas section where another fucker was loitering, and then onto the soy milk where they pulled a surprise. There was no one liter cartons in any of the three lines of plain soy milk they keep there, only two liter sizes that don't fit in the bar fridge that I have. Instead, they had a 15 carton wide display of one make of mocha, read brown colored, soy milk. Convenient, so the alternative was local organic soy milk in a plastic bottle. I am sure the milk will be fine, but the game was to get me off carton packaged soy milk for the next liter. After that, I should be moved and will be able to use the two liter size. It is fucking absurd I am not allowed to drink the brand and package type of milk that I want.

Then onto the coffee section where a gangstalker was in mid aisle "busy" examining a box wrapped in mylar packaging. The latest technique in gangstalking is to stand in the center of the aisle or sidewalk and feing obliviousness to the passing traffic and that the gangstalker is positioned at a constriction.

While at the checkout, they put on an extra gabby man ahead of me who "needed" a price check on his yellow mustard, and then he "needed" to go with the assistant who was going to perform that service. And it so happened that they allowed me to proceed through the checkout with his items being moved about in the plastic carry bag, and eventually on the conveyor belt following my items.

After this the gangstalker/operative who had hung around at the debit card reade in doing is over-elaborate explaining and excusing. By then the perps had a blonde woman behind me, and three more women in file behind her, all with black long hair. Then the operative arrived back from his "price check" and got into more explaining and thanking, I was allowed to get the fuck out of there. The debit card reader had also been staked out with a stack of black fabric bags next to it, and behind them, a wad of white plastic bags. The cashier also held the debit card reader still, as is the "custom", even though it doesn't move very much. Whenever I pay for goods or otherwise handle money the perps go crazy over gangstalking me. They appear to expect some kind of energetic signature related to financial transactions and have set up many other games like this.

And it was a day for a heavy black colored gangstalk vehicle contingent, effectively replacing the white colored ones as the reference color for the 400 or so that they put on. At times, four black vehicles were clustered around a red or silver grey color, and then a mid-grey vehicle was added into the group. I suspect the perps have cranked up the action as this is my last week of being in this fuckhole location.


I was allowed to read the newspaper when I got back, and this has been a rarity in the past, as they have eliminated the one newspaper I wanted to read, the Globe and Mail. And while reading it, they put on the next door bathroom noises with the first fucker doing extensive sneezing and nose blowing activity. Many other noises were put on, and were the (planted) rationale for "me" to hurry reading. I am not allowed to read the newspaper in the way that I want to.

The perps also lay on the noise when I am about to read over the fold, from a lighted portion to an extra shaded part beneath. And they are playing all kinds of light games in adding extra shadow on the page. They also get a charge out of creating small creases, folds, humps and other like newsprint aberations to serve as the rationale to add more of a unevenly lighted newsprint page. As with the page fold, the noisestalking increases as I am reading the story at the location of all their installed topographical irregularities.

This is the post-teatime period, and today the perps went nuts with two different vacuum cleaners outside my door. One machine followed the other, and I am sure they were looking for "torsional energies" and their noise association, and the fuckers have been extra-active in creating noise today.

And I am sure it was no coincidence that I had chocolate with my tea, and that particular habit/addiction is likely planted as well. The post brown color digestion period has been a high perp activity/noisestalking/plasmastalking event.

I am getting more masers and plasma fields in my central vision; the perps seem to have lost the need for maintaining their cover story of these flitting in and out of my peripherial vision. Most of the time the color is red, though they have been putting plenty of yellows and violet colors up too. They like to "edge enhance" objects down an shaded edge, and when I get close to examine the new color it just disappears. Now I am getting my own chem trails in the hallway, the "air freshener' fuck.

Now, 5 minutes later, is the front door slamming and the "consequent" room shake. One after the other, like frat boys off to class. Except in this case it isn't so innocent; it is all about fuck the "enemy" which is the term they use for their victims it seems. One of my hospital gangstalking operatives called me that once, and another source confirmed that. Given that they don't want my gifts to be used by the recipient, e.g. my daughter, I get the sense they want to remove as many personal associations as possible. My ex-wife called me "you" for the latter 10 years of being married, she wasn't allowed to get personal and call me by my name. And she was in on the harassment then; there a whole lot of clues as to this, but it explains her behavior, borderline nuts when stressed.

The door slamming and room shaking is still going on, and a stereo has been added into the mix; the assholes are timing the shaking and noise to the exact moment of reading specific words even. Now the overhead clunking has arrived, the noise of first order when all else fails. Typo sabotage continues

I am getting the leg torquing torture of last night again; the sickos were running some kind of variable pressure on my forefeet and then als applying knee twisting at the same time. They seemed to be particularly dedicated in applying this when I was reading a review of Olivia Newton John's singing career. It just got cheesier is the quick take on it.

The loud mufflered vehicle noise has been steady this evening, as if this city had no end of them. I am getting plenty of plasma and maser games; there is usually something extraneous (unconventional) in my vision nearly all the time now; call it chronic opto-magnetic energy incursion to be techical.

Another aspect of this opto-magnetic intrusion is the perps "augementing" my LCD display; a web page with white areas will be momentarily filled in with shadows, projections from legitimate linework, ghosting of text in a yellow color and a host of other games that go on ceaselessly. Though at times they also arrange blotchy vision impairments, a like harassment where they plant some kind of layer of scuzz on the lenses of my glasses. Most often there is some kind(s) of aberations that keep swirling and moving about.

Also as a given fuckover stunt is their stretching of the web page to "need" a horizontal scrolling to see all of the page. The perps get endless mileage out of having me move the display 1/4" rightward, or worse yet, moving the display laterally back and forth to read one line of text. This particular jerkaround has gone on for over 2 years, and I rarely get a web page that doesn't need to be repositioned to see all of it. If it is so intrusive to need scrolling right and left to read each line of text, then I don't bother to read any more, as it is too annoying.

A mild zap in the nuts when I scrolled down a page of email. It doesn't take much to excite the small minds that continue this abuse.

Enough for a day; time to call this posted.

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