Thursday, April 19, 2007

Address Change Noisestalking

It is that time in the course of a move preparation to get the address change circulated to all parties that have an interest, and that includes the perp assholes on my back, the univited party. They just love to noisestalk me keying in address details, logins (forcing extra ones for no need), the forms activity (a seeming submission form that is a display only form), and a few other stunts to piss me off. This will be the 10th move since 1999, with all but two of them forced by the assholes who seem to make this a priority.

In fact, logging into any application is a big noisestalked event, so I assume that address change information is only an extension to their games over this. And as I type this, I am getting the coughing and hacking from outside, after having it for most of the day from inside this putative rooming house. And the games are getting sillier with the woman who was evicted now showing up twice since then.

The brother-like "resident" (morphover I suspect) is also on plastic bag gangstalk duty, having "arrived" at the NE. corner of the street on my way to the post office, and then on my return, he again was walking in the opposite direction at the SE. street corner. Quite incredible to be crossing paths at the same street junction with his plastic bags full of plastic and/or returnables in the same day, at either end of my outing.

And to add to the improbable events, yesterday's granny gangstalker in the laundromat "showed up" at the post office today, a 15 minute walk between the two locations. As she was yesterday, she had the mauve full length raincoat on, and no hint of rain today.

I am sure this morning's visitation to the post office was another huge gangstalk event, as there were extra commute level traffic volumes going in and going out of town in the cardinal directions. And many hundreds of ambulatory gangstalkers when there really isn't that many in normal situations. They are trying to not be so obvious, but three red coats in succession is a gimme, as is five red parked vehicles in file. I got two redi-mix truck gangstalks, as well as the leatherjackets and other demographics.

It is the dusk onset time, and there is about 10 minutes of direct sunshine on my head which heats it up, or else I am being spoofed. The perps seem to be planning for this, as it is the third time in a week. Direct, as in through the plexiglas window, a "just for me" arrangement I suspect, as glass seems to give the assholes plenty of problems.

If I could get my hands on powdered iron, powdered glass and powdered titanium dioxide (TiO2 ) and stirred it together with a rubberized glue and applied it onto the inside of a baseball cap I am positive the perps would steal it within a day. In the past they have taken out coats with a shiny lining, stolen a magnetic "healing" vest (sewn in magnets every 4"), and stolen three EMF protective ball caps. The latter items had a metallized fabric that pissed them off. The second time I got one they took out the metallized fibers in the cap's lining, and the third time it was the same, so I sprayed the inside with a EMF protective metal in aerosol form and then the perps couldn't handle that, so they picked all the metal off. so much for being allowed to defend myself, and in hindsight, I am positive that it was all about creating opportunities for the perps to undertake more fuckery. Though, the above powder formula of glass, TiO2, and iron should work. The irradiation has as much to do with light as it does with electromagnetic properties. I though it was the latter for the first 1.5 years, until they tipped their hand with coordinated vehicle colors, flashes of light to the face and other stroboscopic assaults.

As part of the dusk time noisescape, I am getting young children yapping outside my window, now running for over five minutes. As always, it begs the question as to why would they hang around in the back portion of a parking lot where the adjacent night club fire escape exit is? There are also in-house woo-hoos that suggest there is plenty of noisestalking and vacuum structuring going on presently.

Another round of coordinated cough stalking in a progression from noise source to the next, in a round robin style. The perps are hung up on any mention of the words "nudity", "topless" etc. and also augment the heard coughing with maser, plasma and physical jabs other point pressures and movement of my clothes is specific locations (usually over my spine). And as "I", the mind-fucked me, happen to be bookmarking films that have such content, this is further reason for the perps to stalk me with all their noise and other applied transitory phenomenon.

This brings back memories when they had me looking at internet porn for months on end before the overt harassment (BOH). It was an unstoppable habit that would take me to 0200h on weekdays, and was a totally new "habit" and relignment of priorities that was imposed by remote application and targeted means. Then the "habit" suddenly stopped and was never resumed, though I suspect that they are making inroads to undertake this harassment phase again. They certainly like me to see flesh in all manner of tones; reddish, whitish, yellowish, purpleish and on and on, all Caucasian skin colors and lighting effects. It is plain fucking nuts that I cannot be left alone to do my own activities.

The Virginia Tech massacre tragedy is another topic that is generating plenty of noise flurry action, especially the coordinated coughing. This is from the mindcontrol activism site and one member asks this question:
I am a V2s [meaning, voice to skull, i.e. directly applied words not heard by aural means] TI but post very infrequently. I am wondering if anybody else experienced their perps saying that their name was Ishmael over the last weekend? I will explain in a week why this matters ... but for now I would like other TI's to respond either affirmatively or negatively
And another responds:
Here's your answer. Cho, the shooter, had the words, "Ismail Ax" inscribed in red ink on one of his arms. The perps knew he was going to do the shooting. He was a TI.
That is not evidence of course, but it is interesting that the respondent had similar kinds of mental bombardment (voice to skull) before the 9/11 event, so she does know of these planted premonition games. Personally, I have never had significant premonition insertions, but my past few blogs have mentioned that I have no doubts that the perp assholes were involved in this, as there have been too many to be "random" nutters flying off the handle. And I am not alone in suspecting perp involvement among the TI community in the Yahoo MCActivism group. I suspect the perps keep a huge stable of nut cases, or near nut cases, that they can deploy on a as-needed basis to serve as the apparent causal agent.

More very hoarse and loud muffler noises were put on, and the usual over-revving of the putative engine is almost a given now. Funny how there has been a change in the motoring habits of this city's drivers to this consistent noise prone method.

I am getting sucked dry on email these days; even the spammers have stopped sending me their missives. I usually have a half dozen correspondents on the go, but they have dropped out together. Part of the arrangement is that they do something odd, or consistent with perp behavior, and then I am mind-fucked into being dismissive of them. Another odd pattern that has arisen among seeming unconnected individuals.

Nearly bedtime, and there has been a progression of operatives visiting the next door bathroom to then stand there, flush the toilet, and bail out. These actions follow so closely that no person can physically do this. Hence my determination they must be supported by the perps noise machine, a method they have of projecting sound from a remote location, as if it were a localized source. Time to blog off, and call it another day survived.

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