Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Managed Moving Fuckups

The perps are at it again; fucking over moving in the early going. This time they got the change of address mixed up. (Or fucked me into filling out the form incorrectly, or fucked me into thinking this). They have the new address as the old, and have likely reversed it in the other direction too. There was a reason they wanted me to get onto this early, and this was it. Regular readers will know that the last move was arranged so I had to use my parent's address as a temporary forwarding address until a place became availible. Why do these sick assholes have to fuck every aspect of every move around, every time? Is it not enough that I have moved 11 times in 7 years at their orchestration? When are these sick assholes going to get a fucking life?

I made a run to the gangstalked LD store for a few items, and there were at least two more items I intended to get, but there were at least three gangstalkers at those locations, in the usual "bend over" position. As it was, they are placing blonde (women) gangstalkers (favored demographic) to troll by with a male skinhead/MIB/lard ass (unfavored demographic) right behind them. A tag team of gangstalkers.

Inside the LD store they had three ambulatory gangstalker confluences arranged in a similar pattern; a blonde woman with a male skinhead and a geriatric, then another in the aisles with four more of similar composition, then a final grouping of at least four at the checkout of a wheelchair lard ass, a half wit, a grey haired woman "just hanging about" and a tall MIB who followed me. As I left the building, a teleported seen-before male skinhead arrived on my heels, walked to the threshold, and then reversed out the designated exit. I say this gangstalker was teleported as there were no other persons nearby when I exited, and yet this asshole was right behind me as I left the building.

A new in-store gangstalking trend I noticed is to position the operative at the end of the aisle in advance of me exiting it, and have the fucker smelling some kind of store item, as if evaluating something for its aroma. The assholes have done this at least twice in recent weeks, and it would appear that they are attempting to identify the deeper olefactory neural regions of the operative as I am passing by, and presumably, interacting with their energetics. That I am also changing direction at the end of the aisle would suggest there is a cardinality to the energetics, which is evidenced by the copious amount of vehicular and ambulatory traffic that makes a turn around me, contra-rotational turns (concentric, but in opposite direction), crossing my path etc.

Other ambulatory gangstalkers on the street were the large gutted 50-ish white haired males, often in pairs, seemingly without a day job, more geriatrics, and a few brown skinned races, one being a regular now, on her fifth gangstalking. And I suspect, she maybe the donor of the negro child that accompanies the blonde woman and the Caucasian male gangstalkers that flit up and down the stairs of the building 12' outside my room.

There seems to be a child gangstalking trend of late; small boys typically, aged three to five, though they also spring them out of school if needed. There were two such parties on the bus yesterday, parked on either side of me with their mothers. I don't what the perps are doing to these kids, but one looked totally zombied on the bus yesterday, autistic like, as if in another world. There were also three adult males posted around me as part of this group, so perhaps the perps are attempting to detect "small boy aura" and compare it to "adult male aura", and see what the differences are. This is simply a within gender variant of the perps placing young blonde women with other less favored demographics, and somehow leveraging one to the other. I cannot see why my favorite loathed demographics are anyone else's business, and that I get "treated" to excess (as in bombarded) with those demographics who I don't care to look at. Ditto for colors.

And the fuckers went wild on red ketchup outside today; they dumped an entire bottle's worth on the sidewalk, only 10' from this putative rooming house for me to see when headed for yoga.

The overhead clunking has started up in earnest; this means that any unbidden thoughts or notions get met with a thud, extended creaking or a combination. Often other noises from other sources are introduced "coincidentally".

I am getting the an extended version of the squealing fanbelt act from outside, and in combination, the muffler of this same vehcile is perforated to make it extra loud, and making extra vibrations.

I also see that some kind of latticed crane arm has been placed on the top of nearby three story building, as an active "leftover" from last week's roofing job on the same building. There is no doubt that the crimson red color is also part of the plan, as this continues to be a heavy gangstalking color, and I suspect they want to increase its range of detectibility.

True to predicted form, the perps kept me awake for at least an hour before letting me get to sleep. In doing so, they also treated me to the noise of an operative plunging the toilet in the next door bathroom, when there was no need to do so whatsoever. (This I know from listening to the precursor noise). All part of the ongoing fuckery, including the red flashes as I type this.

I am getting more skin jabbing sensations, often at the usual locations/actions when the noisescape is increased. One is when changing walking direction, either outside or in stores, another is when shifting position of my feet, hands or the rest of me. The perps jab me in the eyes (usually only one at a time), leg or anus. The lastmost is one of their favorite locations and likely goes with their preoccupation with all things brown colored.

I am getting the roomshaking about twice each minute, and it is getting to be a piss off, this noise and disruption. The perps are applying more shake into the mix and are shaking this LCD display as I type.

They are all over me in the hallway and the next door bathroom, and are particularly intrigued when "I" (read, mind-fucked me) am reading about alien abductions. This is similar situation for the victims as there is no one to complain to and exact justice. And there are many technical issues in common; the apparent docility and command of the victims, medical testing and their test of some reknown, anal probes. Funny how that comes up so frequently. No, I have not seen any strange beings, and as far as I know, with a couple of possible exceptions, I have not been abducted. My tormentors are even more elusive than the perps that I deal with, and aren't prepared to reveal themselves after five years of being fucked with every day. Never mind the previous 47 years where they were orchestrating my existence and the constant surveillance.

I am getting noisestalked again; the fuckers are going silly over the sunlight level games that are happening as I type; rapidly changing light levels aren't new, but the fuckers started to strobe this LCD display and make it darker as the light was lighter. Now the front door and room shaking is going to add more noise into the mix.

I also had a thumpy stereo going not long ago; coicidentally, the hard disc drives on this PC stopped thumping, and I assume that the assholes wanted a different thumping frequency than that they have assigned to the two new hard drives that they incurred two months back.

I went to yoga earlier; it is becoming more like a therapy session, and less exercise. Today I had two fat ladies as the other class members, one young, the other old. As usual, there were a number of games to promote touching and assisting, and the plethora of masers and plasma beams flitting about. I also got the "you are a very intelligent person...." line from the instructor, something that I have heard from other parties in this depraved caper, and I really wonder why they tell me this when they already know that I have a learning disability. This theme, which I don't get often thankfully, is highly consistent with other operative/shill insertions, Ms. C of the story being one. I repeat, I have documented learning disabilities since 1960 (city wide testing in Grade 1), re-affirmed in 1962, which have created considerable adversity in most work situations. I don't get it.

A "just stand there" gangstalker woman came later, and athough she said she was looking in, she made a point of crossing my path, and getting in my way when I was exiting in the grounds. She deliberately changed direction to lead in front of me when she was headed for the main house. No sooner was I out the front gate when a brown dressed male gangstalker happened to come on the scene and start following me for the next block. Why are all these fucking men of working age "surfacing" all the time when they are typically at day jobs? There is no end of this population during this time when there were virtually none before.

More infernal games; now the perps are adding darker corners to my LCD display, nothing new, just more blatant. They like to add these after I come back from a forced break to take a pee. The masers are getting annoying as the perps like to sit them exactly over where I am reading. It is fucking rude to be pissed around like this.

I am now getting noisestalked/thoughtstalked by the chirping of a smoke alarm. As before, it has an unerring habit of coming on just when some uncontrolled thoughts surface. In concert, there are small white light plasma dot displays, sometimes in a row and equally spaced.

More house/room slamming and shaking, this time a gust of cool air "magically" came with it, even if my room is 20' away from the front door. The perps have been onto their wind noise games each time I was outside today. This is when the noise, and the sensation of wind whips at my ears when there isn't any anywhere else. The proximate trees and shrubs aren't moving, nothing else is being blowa about, just the air around my head.

I am getting the drumming noise at full volume from the adjacent nightclub. In the past I have been exposed to snippets of this noise/music, but they are giving me a five minute demo of how loud they can play. This is another example of how vibrations are just as important to the perps as noise and smell are. Yesterday my bother made sure to strum a guitar he picked up at a garage sale, even though he has no interest in music whatsoever.

More absurdities; a foghorn noise that is never heard here (too far inland) and simultaneous siren noise. This looks to be a rough week, as it is the last kick at the cat because I will be 6 stories up in a concrete building by mid next week.

I am getting the sudden onset of overhead pounding, something that won't be quite the same in a concrete building next month, post-move. Though I am sure they will want to map the poundings of concrete to that of wood, and given the overall drift of creating more noise, the fuckers will retain many of these excesses in some form.

The latest jerkaround is to pinch me in the nuts, making it out to be related to my underwerar which is not tight. It is simply amazing how much effort these assholes devote to annoying me from a distance. They are truly sick and depraved to operate a billion dollar budget campaign from a closet, unwilling to front for themselves.

I am reading book reviews and bookmarking the ones that look particularly interesting. This is similar to what I do for films and music and accounts for a significant amount of my online time. I see that the perps slipped two book reviews in one percieved book review, and stripped out the bold text and special fonts that would of identified the title of the latter book. This is similar to what they do in misdirecting other reading, by sending me onto the wrong column or page. Nothing new, it is just that being online enables them to change what I am reading before scrolling down.

I just got a chemtrail/air freshener spraying out side my door, and it is the only place it was done. Now the sickos like to make me feel alienated more than usual.

Another crashing door closure and a room shake happened at the exact moment an online picture of a police riot squad about to break in somewhere (from a film). They jumped on the noise and vibration even before the image registered (my image cognition may have been fucked with too).

Time to call this a blog posting, and hope that the above was reasonably coherent.

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