Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fifth Year Anniversary of Harassment

Today marks the fifth year the perps descended upon me in sustained harassment and sabotage barrage that has not let up. On that date, they took me asleep out of my apartment, and some 10 hours later returned me, and to then lay on this bizarre display of masers, plasma beams, sonic assaults and many others. After that, they settled in for nonstop gangstalking, even at work, plus all the harassment that continues to this day.

And to commemorate this, they have launched a fruit fly assault, by having one appear and disppear in front of the LCD display, and then driving it toward my face. And magically I trap it in my hand, and it "somehow" escapes. Other variants of this stunt are to have a fuzzy black maser zinger "substitute" itself in place of the fruit fly as I am tracking it. The possibilities are endless.

An iteration of door slamming, vision impairments, outside vehicles with loud mufflers, glass bottle bashing, masers and plasma beams is continuing; the operative herd is on the move, along with the excessive noise that goes with it. Now, the overhead clunking has arrived in this pre-lunchtime noise, vibration, plasma, vision etc. assault. As always, there are certain trigger words and concepts that bring on extra noise, today it is prisons, punishment, torture, governmental malfeasance by design (e.g. US prosecutors firings), fuel cells and a few others that don't come to mind. As always, specific transpositions and typos are continuing, so it is best I start another journaling later.

A continuation of above noisestalking flurries is in progress, now after lunch. All the unlikely and stupid noises, with the occasional replica noise from outside.

I am getting more perceptual fuckovers; an object in peripherial vision becomes "attached" to the wrong meaning altogether, and forcing me to look at it just to confirm it is what it always was. For example, some black paint on the opposite wall which has been there for months now, "somehow" gets tagged with the notion (as in planted mind-fuck notion) that it is someone sitting on the stairs above it. Any of these kind of "errors" need to be corrected by looking at the object, which was probably the intent in the first place. Funny how these very fundamental problems never get mentioned at the doctor's office, though I suspect that if I did, he would be obligated to take some action, something he isn't inclined to do in any event, as he knows all this is planted on me by the assholes, and he likely has already been paid off in some way.

And the perps are noisetalking me all over when I am looking at cinema series; there is a fixation they have anytime I percieve of a face or body part, especially with varied colors of yellow, purple, brown etc. skin tones, which I am sure the assholes have arranged.

I am off to my parents' for a Feral Family Gangstalk, and as PC access is limited there, I will call this a post for the day.

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