Friday, April 20, 2007

Nothing in Particular; Then a Water Leak

The grey colored "dust bunnies" have arrived again, and now frequent my keyboard, falling into the crevices as I am about to grasp it with my fingers. More of the perp's game, played to infinitesimal levels, and that includes the barrage of plasma and masers that frequent my vision, and usually the locations where I am about to reach or step into.

Meanwhile, in the adjacent parking lot outside my room, a junker of a pickup truck has been parked for three days, colored brown, nothing new in the perps' continuing games over this color proximate to me anywhere I am. Yesterday I got brown colored plasmic phenomenon in front of my LCD display which were emulating colors that were on it. They shimmered with a metallic silver appearance, and were difficult to focus on. Or possibly, my vision focus was fucked with, as this is common now, forcing me to take off my glasses to see text that I was earlier able to read. Anyhow, the perps have not left a vehicle over 24 hours in the adjacent parking lot, and this is a first for duration, color, and proximity to my room. I am sure the heaps of junk, including the base of a wooden chair, also brown, all serve some purpose. The parking lot is for nightclub and squash club staff, and even that cover story has been dispensed with.

It was a Chicken Run earlier; the momentous event of going to the grocery store and buying a hot cooked chicken which then becomes my protien source for the next two weeks. As usual, they had some 10 gangstalkers arrive after me at the checkout, and they added a blonde woman "customer" from the adjacent checkout to hang around too, likely for her appealing aura, or whatever the perps find in planting such individuals in my proximity.

As before, they were all over me, with at least two gangstalkers at each store location I went to, and they even put their stocking cart at the chocolate section again, now three visitations in succession of having a cover story to keep brown cardboard boxes at this location. And they planted a stack of black plastic shopping baskets at the brown tortilla section, no cover story for that one. I got good representation from the wheelchair and geriatric gangstalking demographics, and as with yesterday, they parked one of each at the very same corner they had another demographic yesterday.

Once I got back I de-fatted the chicken and it became a major hassle as the bird broke up, and chicken juice spilled out of the bag. This is like the bad old days when they would fuck me over for every move I would make in doing this task. Then they declared a truce of sorts while I lived here, with no major fuckery. But on the very last time of having a whole cooked chicken in this residence location, the assholes went all out. They disconnected the sink's waste connection, the plumbing, and had all the waste water spill out onto the floor. They delayed this by having a plastic bag "capture" some of the waste water, and this bag of white plastic bags and the waste water was then moved into a black plastic bag to contain it.

Anyhow, it was a significant mess with a large area of carpet that got wet, and it will take at least a day to dry out. This is a carbon copy of the same stunt they pulled on Halloween so my window was open so they could have me hear the firework noise "better". Presently, they have decided to add an electric lawnmower into the noisescape, but no doubt, there will be other games that will go on all day to extenuate their energetics assay fuckery, their current quest. It would seem that the perp's stunt of the last Chicken Run where they splatted a bird on the asphalt road surface didn't pay off. So today, they had an asphalt grinding rig drive slowly by when I was walking back with the chicken and the remainder of the shopping. As for the connection of chicken, birds and asphalt I really don't know, but funny how it keeps re-occuring.

And the noise did start up after I settled into my web surfing state; it was electric lawnmowers and trimmers that augmented this wet floor condition with vnise and vibration. Leaf blowers are common too, but not today so far. There is also increased noisestalking and remotely applied muscle quivering when I access personal blog sites, these being two of the better known ones. There are some odd coincidences I see happening in their lives that seem to be perp directed, though one cannot be certain. It does make me wonder if the perps are looking for a connection between them and me, even if I am reading a public blog site of an individual. The perps also put on this intensified noisestalking and related activity when I am corresponding with other TI's, those who are decidedly monitored and harassed by remote means. And now the clunking overhead has arrived, so this journaling is going to be curtailed for now.

Another noise flurry has started up, and was coincident with reading 10 font bold text, following a read of regular weight font 10 text. These are the kinds of things the perps find exciting, and would never of thought of mentioning this until I found out that the assholes change noisestalking, maser and plasma beams and muscle spasming all over text size and weight. It is as tedious to be under the microscope over this, as it is to mention it.

And I am getting fed up with the increased number of transitory plasma exposures, as most often they are reds and oranges, two colors I prefer not to see flashed in my face. Anytime I blink my eyes I get a red flash, as well as unassociated flashes often to the side of an object or LCD display of the offending colors. I get blue and green flashes from darker recesses as a rule, and I don't find these to be such an annoyance. The perps are also sneaking in more brown colored plasma flashes of late. During their shock and awe barrage when they outed themselves as a factor in my existence, they were able to cause me to physically collapse from a large brown color plasma pulsation. The fuckers even did this to me while I was driving a week later with the same result. And for mentioning that I got someone spraying the hallway with "air freshener", what I have come to call chemtrails on demand. I am sure there is some similarity in the application rationale, but as no one on the outside really knows what the objective is, there is little to do but speculate.

I got fucked over on my income tax again; this time a rebate for which I applied wasn't accepted or was changed, and now I must submit a request for a re-assessment. This is total fucking bullshit that I cannot be left alone to do my own income tax return and not have it fucked with. They also fucked with my return over a month ago by doubling my stated income, owing to a "glitch" that would of been picked up by the software, but something got changed after submission. Never mind their capability to fuck with anything I see, right down to line item, another 2006 advancement the perps have made. And I checked the paper copy, and neither of the "errors" (read, perp changes) were on it. Therefore, the assholes did some post-submission processing on my electronic tax return. Interestingly, the "as submitted" version of my tax return is not viewable, only the summaries. More evidence of good planning in concert with the federal government's online tax and account software.

And just before the online form filling began, the perps hammered the floor overhead, and had me scream at the assholes to end this outrageous harassment. But that wasn't good enough for the sickos, who went a did the same thing again, and "my" (read mind-fucked) response was to yell at them again. Having me scream and rant loudly is still their number one fuckover play, bar none. They actually complied after the second time, but are still at the noisestalking and maser and plasma games.

More idle time spent bookmarking movies for the day I get out of purgatory. I am getting hammered with vision impairments presently and this may be perp code for "log off". One has to interpolate these incursions, though I suspect there is some direct thought plantation, aka telepathy. I had the male banter in the hallway for a time as my background noise, and it is still continuing albeit fainter. Now the plastic bag rustling is outside my door.

And I am getting jabbed in many locations; the outside of my left calf, in the ass, and in the head. Thankfully these are transitory, though they are often coincident with vision impairment, external noise, or even internal head noise (e.g. extra creaking neck). I am also getting something, the hidden gravity push, in my back, as if there is something on the chair's backrest, which there isn't.

More vision assaults, but the perps did want me to have a rare evening teabreak. I suspect their excitement was over the fact that I left a print out on the only availible surface for three hours in the very place where I later placed my tea and chocolate. It seems that the income tax hassle was all about me sending a letter and placing that paper in the specific location mentioned. Of course the noisestalking starts up over placing the letter in the envelope, me sealing it, licking it, and putting on the return address stamp and postage stamp. They get no end of noisestalkable events out of these very basic activities. And they held me off from doing my banking online for two years so they could continue this harassment over these tasks. And they still won't let me pay one bill online, holding out for the snail mail method instead. Fucking absurd that my financial activities has to be monitored and fucked with when it is dead boring. I suspect that today's major gangstalking, blonde-stalking and noisestalking at the checkout also ties in with other payment methods.

It is time to blog off, even if the natterers have arrived outside my room in the adjacent parking lot for the second time tonight, and that the perps continue to create the sensation of uncomfortable shoes, which they are not.

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