Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beep Stalking

I am getting noisestalked by chirpy merry beepings today; even before I got up it began, and is coming on every 20 minutes or so, often with other noises simultaneously.

It was another freak show at the laundromat today, though this time the emphasis was on bringing in young children, one of whom even hung around me for no apparent reason. At least one of them was permitted to stand on the sorting table I came to use. And my choice of three tables was coerced by way of arranging at least two parties and their laundry to converge on me when I wanted to extract my clothes from the dryer. I even had to get one adult to hand me my soap bottle and my black duffel bag, which translates to more gangstalking by handling my belongings.

As before, there were plenty of masers and plasma beams flitting about at first, and the attendant puts on the thumpy music, for me I assume. As with last week, and as my brother also did yesterday, an operative "arrives" shortly after I did to use a public PC with a CRT display. The perps are planting more of these about, in addition to planting the "giveaway" TV's on my beat, likely for introducing extra magnetic radiation for a short time, usually 20 minutes or so, then they shut it down. This is akin to the cell phoners that like to congregate outside my door in the hallway of this putative rooming house, or else outside in the parking lot. My take on this is that it is localized "vacuum structuring", something I wrote about here.

Another operative arrived after me while I was waiting for the one in front of me to finish up and collect his laundry, all nicely wrapped in translucent plastic bags. Except the one who followed me didn't bother with the pretense of doing laundry; he came in with his wraparound shades on and with a brown plastic covered notepad in hand, as if he were doing an inspection. He did his head spins and then wandered to the back, touched the open glass door on the dryer, paced around some more, and then left. The attendant wasn't any fussed about losing a "customer", as she must of known in advance that an operative would arrive to "sweep" the area immediately following my arrival.

More noise has erupted, and there is a decided intensity to all the perp stunts of late. The latest is:
  • getting me riled up is at least a 5x per day fuckover event,
  • having gangstalkers appear absurd -running on the sidewalk in oxford shoes and casual wear, oversized brown fedora hats,
  • coordinating larger masses of same and similar colored vehicles - a "pod" of five silver grey vehicles mixed with four white colored vehicles,
  • resorting to having children do unconventional things; standing on public use counters in the laudromat today,
  • arranging more ambulatory gangstalker confluences -e.g. today at the laundry, another on the street, etc.
The perps are now fucking with my diction more obviously, having me repeat words many times in single sentence, something they can now fuck with. Before, as in only a few weeks earlier, if I overused the same word my recall would kick in and I would reconstruct and re-edit if need be. Now, I am zombied so all my faculties in composition, always weak owing to learning disabilities, are not there; they have been governed and turned off.

Which is a long way of saying that what you read here is the net result of a whole lot of vexation and harassment, the typo fucking included. About mid-2006 they were able to fuck with my spelling, usually passable, but now, they can turn it off totally, and "I" (read mind controlled me) will now look at a word and not have one clue as to if it is spelled correctly or not. Another never-before event the perps have laid on me.

Yesterday at Tuesday yoga, now degenerating into therapy session, the instructor was on about promotion of competance, and she asked me if I had any areas, even reading would count. I said no, I don't consider my reading to be an area of competance. It was interesting to note that I was not allowed to qualify this as to when reading became fucked with (mid 2006), nor was I allowed to mention the source of such applied fuckery. And it was interesting to note that the instructor did not ask any further details.

I am getting the overhead pounding and stomping as I write this up, and especially when an uncontrolled thought comes through. Time to stop journalling for now.

I made a twenty minute walk to my regular stylist and I got the more intense gangstalking routine again. They must of put on at least 800 vehicles on this thoroughfare that wouldn't have a tenth of the traffic at that time of day (1500 to 1600h), especially downtown bound. But again, three deep metallic red sedans travelling together, sometimes six white colored vehicles, and same for the silver grey vehicles. They are adding more Volvos, sometimes in clusters of two, and are also adding more jaywalking operatives to thread their way through traffic. It is the same old grind in other words; gangstalked everywhere at a higher intensity of late.

The assholes are now scripting oncoming ambulatory gangstalkers to cross paths with me at sidewalk constrictions; where there are signpost and hedge constrictions (sidewalk width) as well as low overhanging branches (vertical), as a number of them have dropped down.

I finished my bookeeping for April, and I was noisestalked and fucked with at every move; "forgetting" stuff I ordinarily don't (categories in Quicken), selecting the wrong window, looking on the wrong line, all the basics of select, copy and paste are being fucked with, especially bookeeping entries. The perps go nuts over this and financial transactions in the stores, and anything related to expeditures, and lesserly, income.

Then it was onto dinner, and again, they are ragging the shit out of me with objects that "slip" from my grasp, crumbs that come from nowhere (even arriving under the dinner plate), interupting the cutting of my food, on and on. It is fucking insane, the amount of harassment over the smallest details of my existence. Even turning a page in a book gets noisestalked with coughing, slamming, room shaking etc. Who would be this depraved to fuck with someone preparing the same food for over 5 years now? And when I complain out loud, they add on more hallway sourced noises, debase my syntax and change my voice. And when I complain in print (now) I get constant typo sabotage.

More coughstalking; some operative fuck walks into this putative rooming house and the first thing he does is let go a momentous cough outside my door, then he fucks off upstairs. And only 30 seconds before that, the assholes forced me to cough for no organic reason. They are pulling more of this stunt, and I get pissed off everytime, yet they won't back off. More Cheers-like chatter is also erupting, all for me to hear for reasons of real time neural energetic tracking IMHO.

The irradiative energy coming off my LCD display has been increasing all this evening and is bringing on plenty of vision transitory impairments. Add the masers in, the fuzzy ball form, and there is plenty of adversity in attempting to read. I also have the overhead clunking and squeaking, and there was something in that was reminiscent of the last building which was constructed of concrete.
At the last building, there was the sound of someone taking a piss in the toilet overhead that would occur anywhere in the apartment. Most of the concrete apartment buildings have identical floor plans, so it is easy to know where the bathroom is. But no, the perps insisted on moving this noise overhead in the living room, bedroom area and even the kitchen. Again, it wasn't anyone doing this, but their ability to project noises as if they are coming from locations that don't fit conventional sources.

I am getting a new round of bullshit planted in my mind, courtesy of the perps. They claim they will cease hostilities when my move happens, next week, May 01 or 02. This game of imminent cessation has been played in my mind for every move I have made since 2003. The notion is total bunkum, they have a huge investment in harassment organization in this city, around me and possibly others. There are masers, plasma beams and other energy waves flitting about me nonstop, and they also occur on top of buildings and in public spaces. There is no way they are going to suddenly relieve me of harassment when every crumb around me is placed with exact care. This is just a note to log this infernal mind-fucking (planted) chatter I get before moving house. If I go back to the August blogs there must be another mention of this.

The merry beeping noise has been continuing on and off all day so far; they don't even pretend it is a cell phone ring, it is another of the "just happens' variety.

A constant hum has joined the noise ranks; it is not the deep hum that shook the last apartment building I was in for 10 to 20 seconds, but an ongoing hum, as if it were a generator on a vessel.

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