Monday, April 09, 2007

An All Nighter

In a rare jerkover, the perps kept me awake all night and into the morning. No sleep was permitted, and I am sure, as in the past, that I won't feel any adverse effect from this, being somehow "powered" by irradiatively compensating energies.

I had the usual street yappers outside at one point, who somehow contrived to have a section of resonant metal pipe that they were banging on the road surface, (creating vortex energies IMHO), and it is amazing that they have done the same thing three times now over the past two weeks.

While washing my face last night, a just-new zit on my nose self-erupted with a whole lot of bleeding, and making a mess of the towel before I was allowed to notice it. This towel, hung to dry in my room, likely served as some kind of red/blood source that was compared to the red blood inside me over the night's energetics assay activities. Or at least, that is my take on it, after all, they seemed to prepare me for a fully awakened night, in bed though.

Another game is to have these nose zits in the precise location such that the bleeding red color sits in the periphery of my vision, just at the "bug-me" location where the assholes have placed these forced bleeds before. At least the bleeding didn't go on for 30 minutes like the last time.

Earlier door slamming and room shaking has abated, though the overhead clunking is in effect should I note, usually derisively, over some excessive application of authority, often the LEO's and their over reacting schtick that goes on in the US more than in Canada, though I am not sure we have any need to be smug. After all, there has been close cooperation with four police forces here in town over the past 4 years; three municipalities of Victoria (who will likely amalgamate at year end), and the RCMP, the Mounties, the famed myth makers. All have been active in "keeping a presence", and struting about or otherwise "coincidentally" cruising by in my proximity on a more frequent than usual basis. It is another excuse to have their yellow jackets on too, over their dark blue uniforms, and I am sure this fits the color interaction games plan that I deal with all the time.

Another noisestalked story I read was this one here (mind-fucked recall, no link), a historical document on what it was like to be in Nazi Germany in 1933 when the Jews were identified as the first group to be maligned, and how so few, save the author who fled to the UK with his Jewish wife, did anything about it. I sometimes wonder if collective mind-fuck irradiations weren't applied to the German citizens at the time, rendering them more docile over the increasing intrusions of the state. Just an speculation, though I have a notion that human history has been more manipulated and arranged by malevolent entities more than we think. It has to be more than the current crop of espionage agencies who are up to covert harassment and mind-control, and in fact, I have articulated that they just maybe the unwitting dogs of the black operations, who are operating illegally every minute of their existance.

The so-called "rendition" torturing, where the CIA transported prisoners to be tortured at foreign locations, and would then fly them on to another, and repeat the same pointless (seemingly) exercise. This model of geographic movement of torture victims fits the same model that the perps draw upon in attempting to find geographic dependent energetics interactions with their shills and victims. All my old haunts have been re-visited by my family or friends in the last few years, including Montreal where I lived for 8 months as a two year old. It is my contention that the physical torture feeds the same objectives as the harassment, except that they are able to locate the pain energetics more readily, and thereby distinguish them from other mind-body energetics. And this may explain why no end of "things", read planted objects, crumbs, paper, etc. suddenly end up under my finger nails, though compared to the unfortuneate rendition subjects, I have nothing to complain about.

The coughing neighbors and the door slamming in this putative rooming house were active since my brother's visitation, exactly when I was cleaning the frypan (see previous day's blog). He arrived outside in his brown jacket while I had two hands full, and I took a minute to finish the frypan and drain the sink with the usual cleaning activity. Though the cleaning of the work surfaces "somehow" was forgotten.

The big deal was that he wanted to invite me for dinner, and "I" said OK, even if it means a bus ride with the freak show again. He sat in my chair, I sat on my bed, and I updated him on the upcoming moving as I will need his help in at least one instance. He seemed to be OK with helping me move all my belongings from all three storage locations, which is surprising as he was unhelpful at one time. Anyhow, he "needed" to use the bathroom next door, which turned out to be a "sweep ahead pee", as I needed to go shortly after he departed. Then I got onto putting the garbage out with its tortilla wrapper, chocolate bar wrapping foil and boxes and peanut butter jar, all containing brown colored contents at one time, note. I got my hallway chatters to noisestalk me going out to the dumpster, and coming back in the hallway, and that was the end of brother-brown coat-peestalking-brown garbage contents events, all compacted in the shortest space of time. This is the kind of thing that passes for excitement around here, noting the confluence of events that fits the pattern of the rest of the harassment/goings on.

One exception was my brother pulling out a 16" tapered steel mandrel, as his story was that he was going to sell it to a local person who wasn't in, hence he stopped by here. Anyhow, I am sure this object was full of energetics significance, and they perps like large steel masses to be placed by me, or better yet, moving (e.g. vehicles, a safe on the street downtown once).

And while he was peeing, a series of red plasma squares, 24" x 12" arrived for longer exposures of 5 seconds each, and they alternated on either side of the window with a common edge. Then they got narrower, but were still in alignment with the sides of the window.

While these kind of conversations are going on, I am allowed some degree of knowledge of the gangstalking and harassment picture, and how the current situation may fit, but often they will fuck me out of making more specific observations and associations, and even blank me out on something that my brother hints at, and only then, do I "remember" courtesy of the mind-fucking that is going on. Often it is mundane matters, like my storage locker at the new possible apartment location, and only when my brother mentioned the "storage" word, was I allowed to recall the specifics.

The moment I feared has arrived; the conversion of two rooms into one in this putative rooming house, meaning renovations and considerable house pounding. It arrived for tea and chocolate time, warming up about 10 minutes beforehand, and then hitting maximum noise and vibration time just when I placed first piece of chocolate was placed into my mouth.

More red plasma dots and flashes are showing up; the latest were immediately following seeing a similarly red shirted gangstalker outside in the parking lot, sucking on a cigarette in the rain with two others in the same crouched over configuration, lined up like peas in a pod. And more of the green, grey and some yellow ones too. These are getting fucking annoying, an I find them perturbing no matter how short duration they are.

I am back from my brother's for dinner, and the remainder of the perp set up games, one being making me feel drunk when I had only two glasses of wine. This sense of being flushed and uncontrolled is planted, especially as it was a red meat course with plenty of vegetables. His on/off Native Indian girlfriend arrived as we were starting, dressed in a black sweater with a light blue top underneath. Some 20 minutes into dinner, she took the sweater off at the table, which is nothing new to me, so many of the gangstalkers in stores, on the street and elsewhere are putting their garments off or on. As she has a darker brown skin, this was the real perp exercise, as I had my same racial posse join me on the bus trip to his place. Then another pair of Native Indians outside this putative rooming house, fishing in the dumpster when I "happened" to arrive after being dropped off, plus a few more visible enroute. This is the dusk time, and it seems that they were testing me on brown skin tones of Native Indians, from my brother's place to here.

And there was no end of red colored vehicle abounding on the outbound bus trip, starting with one outside the front door, and some thirty of them around me at the bus stop when waiting, (20 from car dealerships to be fair). Then at least a red vehicle every 60' all the way there, a 15 minute bus ride, itself an oddity for how fast it was going and the hard braking for almost missing passenger pickups.

Then I got sucked into instructing my brother while he was pulling a dumbshit act on his clunky PC, as I am the deemed expert in the family. He sent off an email, one of the regularly noisestalked activities while at this room/cell.

And at dinner with my brother and his sort-of girlfriend, I got the coughstalking whenever I launched into my scripted lines, especially over place names, discussion about power line right-of-ways, California solar power initiatives and how those of this province pale in comparison, etc. The coughstalking again, as if I don't get enough here.

After lamenting over the past three months or more over all the perp operatives wandering around with an unlit (usually) cigarette dangling from their lips, the last imitation/scaled down replica is to have the same assholes wandering around with a white sucker stem sticking out of their mouth. I cannot believe it, every item/object, no matter how contrived, gets scaled down or up, the vehicular gangstalking being the most evident.

A long read with perp sponsored emo-trashing while reading about Eva Cassidy, a singer who unfortuneately died young before she became widely known. As I am a huge fan of her music, and own five of her albums, the perps were there for me to jerk my emotional level to be very near tears in reading some of the interviews and stories about this fantastic person. This is what I mean by emo-trashing; rendering me more emotive than I would otherwise be, and I don't like being fucked like this any. The assholes are constantly pissing me around over every boo-hoo story going, online or on TV, and this has gone on long enough.

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