Saturday, April 14, 2007

Newspaper Reading Noisestalking

It is Saturday, the traditional day for which I am allowed to purchase a newspaper and get severely noisestalked while reading in this putative rooming house. Naturally, the serial herd of operatives all need to arrive or depart creating a huge amount of egress noise, as well as add-on room shake and plenty of coughings and throat clearings that also erupted in concert with my actions as to what I read, colors I saw, or the movement of the paper itself. I also had three hallway sprayings outside my door in the process, but oddly, no smell was detected in my room. And the newspaper has its own managed physicality, as it flops and stiffens in the oddest places, and there is a very dark shadow that is somehow created by the mid-page fold. And too, there must be something in it for the perps as I read some of the articles online earlier, then again from the physical newspaper itself.

I had three Cadbury's Creme eggs before reading the newspaper, and the perps are going selectively crazy over introducing this product into my "diet". I suspect the brown chocolate containing a white liquid with a mock yellow yolk is a significant part of the attraction, as is the metal foil covering the egg that needs to be removed in advance. It is to me, just another color stalking stunt, for which I pay for these needless foods, all to keep this freak show going.

Earlier, I went to the infamous gangstalk site called LD drugstore, and was roundly gangstalked there again. I even got a near duplicate gangstalk of my visit two days ago where a granny gangstalker arrives from outside while I am at the checkout, with a live plant from the outside display, and had placed in in a plastic shopping basket. And like last time, they mindfucked me into getting the exit and entrance mixed up, (read blatant mind-fucking), and attempted to leave via the entrance again. And too, I got my near-regular Big Girl cashier, one of the regulars there whenever I go there.

The LD drugstore had a big promo on olive oil I noticed, twice the normal sized bottles (2 liter) for the regular one liter price. This isn't uncommon for this chain store to have excellent buys on food, but I wonder how many of them have been related to harassment abettance. Most of them I suspect, and it seems the perps are needing to obtain an "olive oil" reading from me outside of this room/cell that they are going to keep me in until month's end.

The shampoo and conditioner bottles I bought had a light blue color on the labels, and it was yet again another managed fluke I encountered a woman in a full tracksuit of the same color only a block away, doing athletic-like stretches while waiting for the pedestrian traffic control. And only 20' away in a parking lot, another young woman was squatting for no apparent reason, all to stretch her haunches and flex her spine I suspect, a very common repose of gangstalkers. Just another bizzare gangstalker scenario, though not the only one on that store visitation.

There is continued interest in everything I do, signified by the ongoing noisestalking, plasma and maser activity, and the clunking nearby that is causing some kind of vibrations nearby. Even the punctuation that I make in the course of composing this very journal entry gets noisestalked with perfect timing as to exactly when I depress the key.

The asshole flicked the orange dyed olive oil about, sending some on this chair and some on my jeans, and I did not see it happen, and I suspect it was after eating the tortillas that have this particular orange olive oil leaking owing to the sundried tomatoes that are mixed in with the tapenade.

And with all the noise going on I really wonder if I will have anything to write about at the next apartment building, being a real self-contained apartment as well as six stories up. I hope that it the case, though I can only assume some other hijinx will "happen", not in the least is mind control, and having me headed for the wrong cupboard or drawer for the first month. This is a total outrage as I can adapt to a new configuration of kitchen inside of a day, and don't ever go to the wrong locations after that. Even now, 7 months into this place, the perps mind-fuck me into going to the wrong location for something, when in fact there are no cupboards, but only shelves where everything is visible.

The glass bottle bashing noise act has continued again, and I also note there is much more glass debris on the streets and sidewalks in the course of my visitations outside. The most popular color of broken glass is green, and that might have something to do with the odd confluence of three nearby vehicles, all being the same dark green color. Other proximate and mobile vehicle colors were red with three in file, and then followed by four silver grey vehicles, also in file. And the perps are scripting more confluences as their strategy change; I routinely find myself in amongst three or more other pedestrians all going differing directions, and "somehow" we converge in the oddest of locations, ones that would never be that busy to begin with.

The perps had me go into an hour long nap and a following 30 minute semi-awake period, the latter spent having flipped around and being strangely helpless to get up. This is a repeat of yesterday, with a delayed timing of being an hour later. And no, I did not need the sleep, having been given an overly long one overnight.

They have been letting me get to sleep of late, though they did plant some horrific dreams about gangstalking that were getting abhorent as it went on for too long. That is the most I can recall from dreams, which has long been a perp polluted event. I wonder how many people with sleep and dream-state problems are really subjects of covert harassment.

In past blogs I have griped about the games the perps play with fucking with my cheese that I slice each day, and it so "happens" that milk cows are getting attacked by aliens or other covert groups in this article:
We don’t know why, but cows are a part of the UFO story, stresses Peter Robbins, UFO Investigator and co-author of Left of East Gate: A first-hand account of Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO incident.
(And in pasting that quote in, I am getting fucked with as to the position of the text I wish to enter, as it is inset, like the above quote. This fucking sick jerkaround has been applied at least 100 times in the past five years, and the assholes are still at it.)

And when are the perps going to get it, that my diet should not be part of their problems with dairy food and the rest of their psychopathic research agenda? Just to be clear, I do see a huge amount of commonality and overlap between what the perps do to me and other TI's, as appears to "happen" from alien sources. Normally I don't get into this latter topic and its subset, alien abductions, as this bizarre life of harassment is plenty enough to convince anyone that it is happening, never mind adding on other significant story topics. And in my case, I am sure I am not truly convincing anyone else, as the script has been prepared long in advance, and I am only relating what I say to and operative or a shill who has already rehearsed it. The faked expressions and dumb-fuck looks of anyone I talk to at any involved level are ubiquitous these days, as if they want me to detect this chink in the perps' game plan. It is a totally scripted life I lead, and I suspect that very little is off-script anymore.

The late sun is just about to go behind the building opposite, and this is an item of inordinant interest to the perp assholes at the moment; they are slamming the front door, shaking my room and LCD display, tromping through the hallway, putting on cell phoning operatives in the hallway, and otherwise creating hassle, e.g. extra typos, and PC noise, the ever vibrational grinding noise, which in fact is the case, and not anything to do with the all near new components inside of it.

I suspect this has something to do with looking up Eva Cassidy and the single CD's that were issued in the UK, and not here. This is all part of the spoofing they did nearly seven years ago where they put this extra song into the list that was displayed at a Barnes and Noble listening station, that they had scooped from another album. Anyhow, they continue to drive me in getting this one song on a singles CD, and then noisestalking me while I look into it. Before dinner, it was the same over a CIA agent who made their activities public, and who got snuffed for it (Phillip Schnieder). Even his widow and surviving children are not getting any reprieve from the harassment.

There is a constant stream of loud mufflered vehicles that I get to here, as if ever other vehicle was party to such egregious maintenance. The perp assholes have also done this on sleepless nights, going past 0100h, streaming loud vehicles in a near constant train.

I encountered an article by Dr. Steven Greer, the head of the Disclosure Project, an initiative to obtain the best UFO evidence and present it to influential agency heads and to politicians. This article describes how he hit a brick wall in some respects, as there was wide knowledge of his intentions, and the media was also phoning up about it. What he came to realize was that his thoughts, words and intentions were being monitored in real time. He has some anecdotes as to how this deep secret cabal operates, and it is in alignment with what I have come to know firsthand. It is access to technologies that aren't even concievable by ordinary citizens, and Dr. Greer even uses the words "scalar energies", something I have long suspected. Little by little the players revealed their capabilities to him, and suggested that the presidents and prime ministers are wholly ignorant of this deep black operation, and should be kept that way unless they want to end up like JFK, in a box. (And maybe others, e.g. Olaf Palme, prime minister of Sweden).

Dr. Greer writes:
I came to realise that the government of the United States—and of every other nation—was really hostage to an illegal, rogue group that had technologies that could do circles around a B-2 Stealth bomber and could, at will, terminate a presidency or terminate any other person who got in its way.
None of this suprises me, and I am quite certain that the perp assholes trashing my life are the same ones shaking down the leading politicos on an as/when needed basis. And if they have decided that more war and strife is to be initiated and continued (e.g. Iraq), then the political players who are privy to this are not going to say very much. This is the reason I think the Democrats have gone so pathetic, and their presidential candidate Hilary Clinton in particular. Just my opinion, but Dr. Greer does back up what I have come to know, to the best of my knowledge, and mostly without corroborating details.

I would go one sterp further, and consign the government, CIA, FBI and other like organizations to be an unwitting part of this all-powerful deep black entity, and often are working on projects that suit their hidden masters, e.g "torture rendition". (Pardon my naivete, but why would the CIA engage in this in the first place?). I also suspect that honorable and capable employees of these organizations are being driven out, and the psychopathic assholes are replacing them. And furthermore, these traits and perspectives can be detected remotely, and then the psychopathic contiengent target their employees for removal who are "too honest", that is, who are not rapacious, cruel and servile.

And as I type that up I am getting the overhead pounding starting up, and it seems this is a good place to break off this heavy duty topic which could become a blog itself.

I am getting the beeping vehicle noisestalking, something that has dogged me everywhere I go to the degree that road traffic supports the cover story. As usual, an unbidden thought was the event that caused this to "happen", but I never had this many horn sounding vehicles before all this came on me now five years ago to the day (04-15-2007).

I am getting loud mufflered vehicles loitering within earshot, about one every five minutes or so. As they do so consistently, they sit there idling and over-revving before they go anywhere. This assumes these actually exist of course, and aren't the product of the games of the perps and their noise projection devices.

Another serial herding of the operatives egressing this putative rooming house, and always by slamming the front door and thereby triggering the cover story to make this room shake from some 20' away. By now, every supposed tenant has exited or entered at least once in the past 20 minutes.

The perps are not keeping their cover story straight as to where these fuckers are originating in this rooming house. A grey haired act last night was giving me the stare in the hallway while attempting to enter the room where another regular gangstalker also exits from. So in other words, they are setting them up to belong to any room downstairs, the same floor as my room is, and violate the notion that these operatives are residents.

Another perp fuckaround is to dry out my tongue in my mouth, and it doesn't matter how recently I may of imbibed water. The perps simply dry out my mouth's contents, and routinely do this every night before allowing me to get to sleep. This fits the games where the operatives are exposing their mouth contents when outside; eating, spitting, lip licking, coughing, tongue hanging, smoking and more.

More door slamming and room shaking; this continual and relentless disruption has been going on all evening and I am sick fed up being the target for these sick assholes who make my live a living hell, and are totally thankless as to the benefits they have extracted; e.g. total mind control.

A few more zappings when a trigger word was read, but some rare quiet after that. Time to blog off, as it is getting late.

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