Monday, April 16, 2007

A Massacare Event

Another tragedy of huge proportions, this shooting spree at Virginia Tech that has left 22 dead as of this writing. I have written about the unusual coincidences of these events in past blogs, though this one's timing is not coincident (I hope) with any more. My take on the outcome is that the perps want people to "die in place", near where they were sitting, or areas that they frequently use. Apart from the relative commonality of age, I have no idea why the perps pull these stunts at educational institutions, but based on past events of like kind, they seem to be attempting some kind of measures of energy interaction between dying victims, the building and possibly the earth itself. I have noted that women students are often targets, and here is a link that concurs. Here is a compiled list of school shootings; it does not cover similar events outside schools.

And yes, this is an unabashed rant; I am not going to bother with a long train of logic as to if the perps are behind this, as they seem to have their hand in a number of other like events, above link noted. As if wars in Afganistan and Iraq weren't enough, the perps have to get into more massacres at schools in North America. Enough on this topic, and if the coincident noisestalking that is going on while I have typed up the above isn't enough to signify perp interest in my interest in this topic, then I don't know what noisestalking is.

I am getting a sustained and nonstop male banter session in the hallway, only 3' outside my door, for the past 30 minutes. This took me from pre-lunch, through lunch and the dishes, and back to web surfing. I would not be surprised if the level of harassment and coincident "events" wasn't escalated today in light of the above news. This also "happened" they day of the Dawson College shootings in September. As well, I am getting persistent maser and plasma assaults/vision impairments, and the perps are continuing with buzzing my left shin bone as they were before lunch.

More hallway spraying, male banter, and now a setup underneath my window, where four gangstalkers have placed their backs against the wall of the house, and are talking away. What brings these to a location in a parking lot stuck behind a vehicle, and to then find "relaxation" there is beyond me. Just more games for fucking me around and hounding me from the right side with conversational noise, much like they have done since I got back at 1100h.

It was another parental gangstalk time at my parents place; my father is putting on extra dementia acting, as he seems to become quite cogent at other times. I don't know what he thinks of these acting events, but it seems that nothing else goes on in the house my absence. And he knows how to gangstalk as he orbits around me all the more.

And there was the "fleas" story (no pets in the house) while I was there; a couch had been pulled apart, and much of the living room furniture was pulled about in the supposed cleaning activity. Seemingly unrelated, the bed that I sleep in had been pulled from the wall by 12" and that is its new location. Considering I regularly slept there for 10 years, and my mother for the last two decades, what is it about its location that was the problem? It only makes sense in fitting the perp harassment profile, and I suspect the reason is to create new variances in the energetics, and thereby be able to assign new sources of causal to objects as well as me.

I got my freak show bus ride into downtown again; this time there were less freaks, and the big deal seemed to be planting the ugliest hairdo in the seat in front of me, but having it first "warmed up" by an Asian woman, and then a young blonde woman. In the case of the latter, they had another blonde woman's head lined up behind the blonde woman in the seat in front of me. This second blonde woman overdressed in a black down coat was on "rear exit patrol", standing in the rear exit stairwell for no apparent reason as there were plenty of seats availible. After the seat in front of me had been "blonded", the perps then placed a Caucasian woman with the ugliest hair I have ever seen; it was black and corded with tight 1/4" springy curls that hung down. I have never seen anything quite like it before, and it could well of been a "just for me" (to repulse me) hairdo. I spent the rest of the bus trip staring out the window.

The perps also snuck their "red coats" in behind me; at least two fuckers in red jackets who I did not notice right away. One of them kept putting his hands in my peripherial vision until I moved in my seat to avoid this bullshit.

More passengers moved about in the bus today; sitting at one location and then moving to another for no apparent reason. This seems to be the latest; seat swapping; seeing how the first party's color and body energetics has an influence on the following party. This is similar to what they are doing to my bedding every night; they move the blanket or sheet to partially cover me, and when determined, they go right back at it. And the sheets "magically" pull out of being tucked in, and they often separate from the blankets, no matter how much friction between the two. And I get plenty of noisestalking anytime I make the bed, which in this case means I need to get on it to deal with the final bed tucking. At this rate, the perps will be at least another two years of fucking around with bedding colors and their influence on my energetic state.

I am getting the continuation of loud mufflered vehicles transiting nearby, at least one every five minutes. There was plenty of room shaking and front door slamming, and I can hardly wait until I am out of here, with the expectation that the next stop will be quieter. Two more weeks to go, though I am sure the moving will be a big fuck up in some way. For some reason I did not get on with moving notifications today, and there is no excuse but blatant mind fucking.

Some quiet time for the past hour, and some relatively uninterupted web browsing time. The maser and plasma games are constant, though not too annoying. Time to blog off, and call this a posting.

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