Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shopping Swarm

I did the gangstalking gauntlet run, a 15 minute walk to a grocery store, and I got my swarm when I got inside. Besides the usual stocking cart with brown cardboard boxes at the chocolate section (again), they were all over me at each location I intended to go to. And they made sure I knew about it with their obvious moves and feints. The lip licking, tongue in cheek, or other open mouthed stunts were a gimme, as were the "restless" shoppers who pace back and forth, hands to their chin as if a momentous shopping decision has to be made, and then walk off with no items. Then about 10 of them came behind me at the checkout, and a seen-before gangstalker woman was on duty again, this time in a brown wool poncho, her head in perfect profile, which is what they often do at the designated moment for "me" (per mind-fuck script) to look at them. By the time I was out of there, the males were in swarming mode, putting on their coughings, scratching their crotches, touching their nose with their fingers and the rest of the secret games they play, all likely to enhance their remote energy readings.

This is a news item with respect to developing online cameras in commercial aircraft seatbacks to view all passengers in real time. The following quote caught my eye:

Scientists from Britain and Germany are spending £25million developing a system which they hope will make it virtually impossible to hijack an airliner by providing pilots and cabin crew with an early warning of a possible terrorist attack such as 9/11.

They say that rapid eye movements, blinking excessively, licking lips or ways of stroking hair or ears are classic symptoms of somebody trying to conceal something.

As for the latter statement about symptoms of concealment, this is what I see all the time I am out in public!

And to be fair, there is more of this; and I am sure the game is to have their operatives and shills to be extra-obvious, and tip their hand some, all for me to detect the games are in progress, as per usual.

The perps are going with more brown dressed gangstalkers, and even on the males now. And even the lowest form of males (by appearence), the shiftless scummy looking quasi-vagrants who seem to have no apparent purpose in doing their standing around.

The overhead clunking and front door slamming has ended, and a rare quietness has taken over. It was the tea and chocolate that was the big attraction for the noiseflurry, the latter brown colored item being of significant interest to the perp assholes.

And I read that the Virginia Tech massacre that happened yesterday had a case of administrative brain farts to go with it, so the remainder of the massacre could proceed as planned. The signature of the perps, mind-fuck the responsible parties into inaction, so the event can proceed as planned. That sounds like what happened at the US Airforce bases on 9/11. Pardon me from being cynical on this one, but when the perps can mind fuck me to drive the wrong way down a one way street in a city I know better than any other, they can also have the selected victim mind fucked to then go on a shooting rampage thinking it was OK to do so. As mentioned yesterday, it has the "death in place" that they like so much, preferably with one's blood also making direct contact with the surrounding ground, floors and other objects. That there was a series of false alarms that caused disruption the week before, a perp activity to obtain a foreshortened contact time, say with the desk and chair one is at, has perp handiwork written all over it. It is very common for the perps to cause my activities to be curtailed, or even cancelled without notice. Another stunt at shows and cinemas is to have everyone move one seat along owing to latecomers who were promised a seat. As I type this up I am getting the overhead clunking, so I will give this piece a rest.

After a 30 minute round of noise flurries, room shakings and maser and plasma events, the perps decided to lie low, and then fuck me with a surprise overhead clunking and simultaneous zapping and then fuck me into yelling at the assholes, louder than if I was left to my own devices. Then they start up the talking noise outside my room immediately following, and are now herding in the hallway and then slamming the front door (20' away) upon exit, which is the cover story for shaking this room. There are at least four rooms closer than mine to the front door, so why haven't these "tenants" complained about front door building shake? The simple answer is that there is the pretence of other lodgers, but they don't live here, even if "conveniently" exiting their door as I go by.

And as I pressed the mouse (clicking noise), a shadow flash came across this room. This is where the room darkens down momentarily (< one second duration), even if lit by unimpeded sunlight.

I am getting the yapping kid noise outside my window, this from the right side. It is the pre-dinnertime noisestalking period, and this is what the perps have served up, probably to cover me through making dinner as well.

I got a shock in the head that occured simultaneously with a click from the hallway. They have some kind of assay device there as they are often clicking it. The same noise also occured at two past residences. I suspect if I go out there it will have been de-materialized, as in disappeared, as this has happened before.

Time to call this a blog posting; relative quiet for the past hour, a rare instance.

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