Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fruit Flies as Surrogate Operatives

I am getting the fruit fly assault this morning; at least five passes in the last 40 minutes in conjunction with overhead clunking, next door bathroom gangstalking (no noise of bathroom use), front door slamming and room shaking. The constant vision impairments and maser and plasma action are also part of the deal. The perps have cranked me up to near rage levels this morning; the soy milk "bouncing" out of the bowl was the latest stunt, though not new. And fucking with the keystrokes even more; now they brashly insert letters and foil the backspace key so their typos/fuckery gets more vision time. (They always let me see the typos and add an associated meaning of their choice as it is typed out, before deletion). Yes, I get fucked over dealing with their fuckover stunts.

Each fuit fly occurence has been "dealt with" by me swiping at it and the fly just "disappears". There is no evidence of a crushed fly in my hand, and I have rarely missed before these assholes made it yet another harassment vector. What usually happens is that the black fuzzy fruit fly then transmutes into a fuzzy black maser that takes on the same flight characteristics as the fly. A high tech swap-over of a fly to a maser ball in near instant time. Again, nothing new, it is just that the assholes haven't treated me to so many of these in one sitting. My lucky day, or more likely, the extra infernal activities of the weekend juvenile harassment crew.

Another morning of front door slamming and "consequent" room shaking; this is the second to last full day of residency in this putative rooming house, and the assholes are full measure for making the most of it. And a longer "shut-in" time has been arranged; the ex and daughter are to come by at 1700h to pick me up for dinner at the Feral Family Gangstalk. And this also represents the last opportunity while I am in this residence location, and no doubt the sickos want to sample me from all family members in town.

I also get situational overhead clunking and creaking; anytime that a unbidden thought comes to mind, the noise starts up. And I am getting plenty of typo sabotage and maser action on the side to call this journal entry done.

The lunch preparations and consumption harassment is done; the usual noisestalkings, and especially so over the frypan being washed and dried. The fruit fly assault is on; one to tantalize me with ineffectual swattings and then it takes a pass right in front of this display to create (read, me being mind-fucked) another swatting in another location for the assholes who set this up. What is with these assholes that they cannot come out of the closet?

More coughing and hacking, then the front door slamming and room shake. I got the white light flashings on the wall, they swept from left of this LCD display to the right side. This minor harassment fuckery is under the cover story of reflections off moving vehicles, but how they would get to this north wall 6' in from the outside wall is yet another mystery.

Some relative peace and quiet for the last hour or so. The odd aircraft noise, and loud mufflered vehicle trailing off "into the distance" (as in simulated sound effects), and just the maser and plasma action. It is almost like being in a small cloud of flies at times, there is so much "extra-conventional" magnetic energies going on.

And I am getting the constant and abiding planted thoughts that the perps are going to cease hostilities imminently. This is routinely applied in advance of all residence moving, and this upcoming move is no exception. I am quite sure this won't be the case, and it is a feint to draw out my logical thinking so the fuckers can replicate it from their remote control room. This fits the pattern much more than any "just because" near-whim to give me a break. There is no regard as to law or humane treatment in this harassment so why would the assholes stop now? The entire city is energized with some kind of beams/waves flitting around, so I don't expect this colossal investment (billions IMHO) to be abated. As I keep telling them via self-talk, it doesn't add up. (And there has been the odd time of conversations of this type, where they can telepathically respond).

An early blog-off, as I am going to Feral Family dinner soon.

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