Monday, April 02, 2007

On the Buses

It was another freak show on the bus coming into downtown Victoria this morning, as I did not get a ride from my mother as she went on a hiking group outing. Even the bus stop had its freaks. An East Indian woman pacing some 25' along and back with a walking cane no less. Fucking absurd. Then there was a convergence of five ambulatory people on this bus stop area at 1030h in a residential area, one of whom stopped at the crosswalk ahead of me, and when I proceeded across, she just stayed there hanging onto the signpost for some bizarre reason. After I crossed the street and got to the bus stop some 20' away, she was still dithering about on the other side of the road, and eventually went into the small grocery store that was there. Fucking bizarre. And the Asian chinless delegation of mother and daughter arrived again; this would apear to be a combination demographic. The bus was half full when I got on which is total bullshit as it is at the terminus in a residential area. The full width backseat had a male doing the "sprawl", legs wide open, arms out across other seat backs, and generally exposing as much of himself as he could.

As the bus filled up, two more males came to the back seat, all with legs spread wide, one with a black metal cane who went onto do some overly loud talking on his cell phone about fuck all; just repeating "yes" most of the time. Another one of the fuckers later got onto his cell phone. I got starings from the assholes for no reason whatsoever; and I made sure that I was presentable before I set off, so it wasn't anything about me. Another Asian sat nearby and came on with a whole lot of BO that got rank, and then he put on a stare as well.

I also noted that the operatives that stand in the rear exit of the bus seem to know that I am coming up behind them, as they move without me saying anything, and magically know exactly when. I got the follow-me off the bus again at an obscure stop, another Asian with red spots on his face, which I took to be some kind of added color to serve as alternate color references over his skin. The perps routinely give me red zits to accomplish the same, though not to the degree they hammered me with them in my teenage years.

And yes, they did that, as the zits would have an alternating pattern from one side of my face to the other. They would place them on one side, and allow it to subside, then the next large one of comparable size would "occur" on the opposite side in an almost mirror image location. And when then decided to give me a whole side-of-my-face boil, they "kindly" had this happen over the Easter break. There are a whole lot more of related stories over that dark period, but I won't get into it now.

I noticed the assholes did the same on my daughter when she was 12 to 14, and then it suddenly stopped. I can only assume that the perps managed to attain total control of all skin function energetics then, including the adolescent years, and finally relented on torturing me and my kin in this fashion. Neither of my two brothers had this same skin condition as I did in my adolescent years.

And I noticed when I got back to this putative rooming house that the opposite hallway spur has more automotive parts "placed" there, only 4' from my door. Today it is automotive glass from side windows. They had a whole door there a few months ago. And a black plastic garbage bag a few days ago, for a day.

Another stunt was to have my income tax return "re-accessed" such that I said to owe them some $2,300 in taxes. And lo, if they made a "mistake" and the income was doubled, hence the confusion. I was allowed to sort this out online even, which is incredibly advanced. No letters, formal complaints etc. After about three forced log-outs, I was allowed to discover the links to modify this error, and get my income in the appropriate tax return line to be correctly assessed. This represents the fourth time in the last five years that they have re-assessed me, and as always, I win the case. This one should be a no-brainer, but I am not counting on it. The noise action was intense for the whole time I was attending to this latest tax related fuckery; overhead clunking and squeaking, hallway voices, outside chainsaw noise, transiting "residents' etc.

And for the second time in three days, and with a record turnaround, the perps have launched the vacuum cleaning overhead, and if I am real unlucky, they will bring it downstairs and outside my room, and put on the usual bullshit cleaning job, as all the white colored chads from toilet paper and plastic bags were still in place last time. Hence my theory that they really must be placed for color reference purposes.

I am back from the Chicken Run, the event of walking 15 minutes to a grocery store for hot cooked chicken, and returning. Nothing odd about that except for the all-out gangstalk show, and the noise assault and (my) body preparation. There was rap music from across the hall, plastic bag rustling, then overhead vacuuming, and then they forced me to take a shit, and it was a two plunges to clear the "blockage" and a shower to clean up the mess they made on me.

Then I went out onto the street to go shopping; a blonde woman followed me for 8 minutes, past the three freaks clustered at the entrance to a nearby medical building. One was in a black jacket and blue boxer shorts smoking a cigarette, squarely facing outward as if in a defiant pose. Another male was behind him backed up into a corner against the railing with shades on, a soft brown jacket, and pushing his tongue against the inside of his mouth, bump facing me. The third was a woman who was in an odd pose, and I am not allowed to recall why, and I did have better recall over these combination stunts at one time.

Later in the outbound leg of my walk, my brother-as-if-he-were-brown-skinned gangstalker doubled back to follow me, then a unidirectional swarm of at least 10 gangstalkers walking east ahead of me (opposite direction) before I got into the store. There were more gangstalkers inside of course, and some ugly ones in crimson red for whatever reason, and they let me out of the checkout without too much delay, only one ahead of me with his brown paper bag that he took through.

Outside the nearby LD store, the perps put on two ambulances and a police vehicle with some of the personnel hanging around, not looking that busy. This has been arranged before at this same location, and I cannot recall if it was a Chicken Run event or not. Some plywood had been laid over a parking stall and bounded off with yellow flagging tape for some reason, as they appear to be testing parking stall locations these days.

When walking back, two buses disgorged about 12 passengers coming toward me on my right side, (a much favored ambulatory gangstalker orientation) all strung out as if in formation. Then around the corner was a tall male large gutted male in a crimson red shirt and a black leather jacket coming toward me, looking totally disgusting. There were swarms more gangstalkers on the street, and the perps made sure some kind of grey colored large bird was mashed onto the street on my way back. That I was packing a cooked chicken was surely no coincidence. The outside of my window gangstalker personnel were visible from the street before I got back, then after putting away the groceries, I de-fatted the chicken while the same brown color shirted gangstalker was outside, in a direct line of sight through the window 12' away. A white PT Cruiser then parked under my window, the Asian gangstalker got out and stood around for five minutes looking at the roof for no reason, and then a third male gangstalker came to show off his wild and long hairdo on the stairs. That's three males, none of who know each other (theoretically) clustered within 10' of each other, under my window, each doing their own weird thing, and none of the others appeared to notice the other.

The Coffee Corps also put in a showing during my walk to the grocery store and back; these are the ambulatory gangstalkers with a coffee cup held in front of them, looking like a take away customer, except that there are so many of them, and they often follow me through residential areas and are unlike typical customers. There are variants on the cup, from vacuum mugs, glass mugs, transparent plastic travelling vessels and the store issued paper based styles in various colors. For some 4 years I did the same before going to work; packing a take away coffee and other brown colored items, and here the assholes are having their gangstalkers do the same for close to five years now. Packing their brown color reference objects around, in an attempt to solve their brown color problem without declaring their intent.

Meanwhile, and extra N./S two way commute was going on when I was out, often with three or four red vehicles clustered together, and then six to ten silver-greys and whites clustered along with other colors, usually more than one. An extra commute for the E. and W. directions was also organized in the same way. I reckon they put on some 500 vehicles on this gangstalk, not counting the parked vehicles, many of which were color coordinated with others that are proximate, as well as the mobile traffic. It is simply amazing how much effort the assholes devote to me going on a 30 minute shopping trip, and yet won't come out of the closet and front themselves.

Then the perps let me in on a 1" sized red welt they created and arranged on my neck with no apparent causal. This has erupted since this morning, and without any sensation as to an organic cause, and I assume this is for localized leverage in getting a remote reading on this color with respect to others further away.

Finally, the mind-planted bullshit over ceasing hostilities is over, and they are letting me get on with the reality of moving. It seems they need to innudate me with this bullshit until I have no defences left, "believe it" for a few days, and then permit the most likely picture to come to mind. That is, they are not going to stop harassing me, and that my next move is into a location that suits the next round of harassment, whatever it may be. Hopefully quieter, though in the last location in a concrete building they still pounded the floors overhead with coincident zappings.

The sun is setting and I am getting a direct line of sight rays from the sun as I write this. I suspect this is an important event, for all the sunlight/daylight intensity level jerking around they pull on any given day.

I spent the last hour putting my financial records in order, updating my Quicken to the online bank statements, always an extra workout as the former sum up going down the page, and the latter in the opposite direction. And it doesn't matter if there are the commands to reverse the order of the financial institution's web page, they don't work. Another "just for me" customization that the perps have introduced. And they can mess my head bigtime as to recalling what order each is in, as well as remotely invoked line item incognition. That is where the assholes won't allow a transaction line item to be accepted as visible: I see it, but not all of what I see registers in my brain with meaning (valence). This was another option for fucking my head they learned last year, and they put it to use regularly.

And normally the perps put on a huge noise show when I am dealing with financial records, e.g. this morning's income tax re-assessment and change submission. Tonight, the noise was down to a dull and unobserved roar; background noise, or at least that is the way I interpreted it at the time. My reactivity can be fucked with too; from a so-what to an explode, and even back to back, defying the emotional state at the moment.

I looked at a place earlier at 1800h, the near dusk onset, and likely it was a feint to get me outside at that time, especially when I haven't eaten since this afternoon when I ate chicken off the carcass. I got my usual ambulatory gangstalkers, and I got a file of vehicular gangstalkers organized as follows; three dark metallic red vehicles, a black, a mid grey, three more dark metallic red vehicles, two white vehicles, and then more that I don't recall. As it was a little late for commute time in this government town, it was likely another ordered group designed to test me on these colors, especially red, at this time of day.

Time to call this a wrap and blog off. I have been reading about aliens, Majestic 12 (interesting), and the Fact or Fiction site (for idle minds).


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