Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Fuckover

The sick assholes who hide behind the too-cute name of the perps went fucking nuts on me today; two counts of diarhoea with shit running down my leg and onto my shoes, and needing a shower to clean up each time. Fucking nuts, as well jerking around nearly every routine that I have, and planting endless misperceptions at every turn. All this with the usual ambulatory gangstalking and freak show, more than ever, made out to be extra obvious, as if to say "see me, I am a perp shill/operative".

They have outdone themselves in terms of going "brown"; making their problem with this color to be my onging harassment. When is some fucker going to get it; it is not my problem so why am I being constantly fucked over for it? Like at least 1500 vehicles on vehicular gangstalk duty today, as I travelled on the highway to the airport to drop my parents off, and then they went fucking nuts. It seems that they can get certain energetics measurements off me when I am in the presence of my parents, who have no doubt submitted to all manner of tests and active participation, but once I was on my own, a phalanx of vehicles in silver grey, then white, then navy blue and then deep metallic red were all over me. They also put at least six identical Dodge Caravans around me in differing colors for about a kilometer of road.

Repeat after me; there is nothing sacred about Easter goes; I have just recieved a zapping and a coincident noise when I was saving a bookmark, abeit related to mind-control and implantation technology.

What is mostly burning me up is two earlier attacks of perp created diarhoea where they created the situation just after I got back to my parent's place from dropping them off at the airport, and then again when I got back from the laundromat. Both were timed to happen at my locations of residence, and apart from perp directed events over the past two years, it has never ever happened before. Anyhow, I was "caught out" at my parent's place with no spare clothes, and as they were away, I was free to scream at the assholes for perpetrating this, and then also borrow my father's spare pants, all possible choices were a tan brown.

And as part of the fuckover scene, they also added in their laundry fuckover games, and I was obliged to launder my soiled clothes at my parent's place. As it "so happens", they don't have a dryer, so any ready clothes drying was out of the question, and hence, above mentioned clothes borrowing.

I took the bus back to my place, and it was the usual freak show with games over brown clothed gangstalkers, brown skinned gangstalkers, and of course combinations. They even had an Asian woman with brown hair, her grey hair dyed to the roots almost. There was the blonde woman in the seat in front of me, who got off early, and then they placed an East Indian lunk in front of me, and an Asian on his heels beside him, even though they didn't converse, they assembled on the bench seat as if they knew each other.

Anyhow, I got back to my place, made lunch (the usual tortillas), and then went to the laundromat to get my both pairs of jeans laundered (wearing my black workout pants), one pair being the still wet ones that were cleaned, but not dried, at my parents. Almost needless to say, but the next freak show unfolded; at one time, they had me ringed with five male gangstalkers, one behind my head outside, putting on the absurd toque over forehead with shades (for a rainy day). And again, the racial element of brown skin came into it, but I will pass on the details.

At least three of them walked up to me, within 8', pretended to be looking at the TV or outside, one waving a white plastic bag around, and then walked back. Of this trio of weirdness, one was a Latino a deep red shirt, the second fucker was in a ponytail and wearing burgundy pants, and the third one came in with a red backpack full of his clothing to launder, he being a "seen-before" not-all-there act.

Once my laundry was put away at my room, they pulled another "need to shit" stunt and again, it was another force play to clean myself up in the shower, now a 70% of the time chance owing to the sick minded assholes plastering shit on me as a matter of course. The perp's "brown color problem" is not mine, so why am I being fucked over everytime I take a shit? That includes the concurrent full noise stalking activity while on the toilet, as well as the maser and plasma show that goes on, and smell jamming is mandatory. And I also note that the 1/2" deep brown paint splotch that arrived on the toilet tank two days ago is still there as some kind of color reference for the perp's games.

And with all these major incursions of blatant fuckery, the perps have also been cranking me up by disrupting every habit I have; they fucked my work surface cleaning after doing the dishes and then I was while sitting in my chair, my attention was directed to the spot of olive oil they always leave there, have come from the placement of the spatula in that location. Then, they still didn't let me in that being a prompt to attend to the matter, they had me rant about the fuckers placing "something" there, when I have known exactly what they have done for over six months, twice per day. I am not allowed access to my own recall and faculties, including the so-called "no brainer" associations, reflexes and recall.

It is time to make another "this must be fixed" commentary about the news, this item being a near carbon copy of what happened in this part of the world, something I remarked upon in this past blog. The topical item is the sinking of a Greek passenger liner in the Mediterranean Sea, where all but two unfortuneate passengers (father and daughter) were saved, and lo, if the vessel didn't sink into deep waters. That is what happened in British Columbian waters, where everyone was saved except for two sacrificial (IMHO) passengers (man and wife) who went to visit the neutrinos on behalf of the World Gestapo's quest in quantifying all human energetic interactions. Mind-control may only be 20% of what they are after going by the incursions and coincidences of noisestalking and other introduced affronts when I read the news, and "engage" (per mind-fuck script) in the elicitational conversations.

That remark about the "neutrinos" is one that refers to their properties being quite different at depth, and they also have energetic properties that relate to the ether field (aka the omniplasma continuum per T. T. Brown) we all live in. In my cynical estimation, the perps sent down some human cargo to be tested and assayed over time, and in the case of the BC ferry in 2006, they are still down there.

I do find it interesting that the makeup of the sacrificial couple were man and wife the British Columbia (local) instance, and father and daughter in this recent Mediterannean disaster. And I also find it odd that having many neutrino detector observatories just doesn't seem to be good enough for the perp sickos.

A new round of bottle bashing, talking, pacing and cell phoning outside my room, room shaking, and plasma flashing off the LCD display has started up. This is coincident with emailing a fellow TI, the first in two weeks with this particular individual. After having a lapse of contact with people, the perps then lay on the stunts, noise and other games.

The odd grunting, groan or woo-hoo is occuring exactly when I am reading a typical noisestalked word, and then the overhead pounding has started up to suggest this is the attainment of serious noisestalking that goes deeper into neural structures, especially with the vibrational component added in.

This is transpiring while I am reading the Lacerta Files, an interview of an alien woman by an person from Sweden. I could possibly a hoax, but who knows. It is interesting to make inferences as to how it relates to the current depravity to which I am subject to, every mortal second of my life. And it is also interesting to note that the alien woman says that sleep and closing of one's eyes make for being more vulnerable to external conscious access. Given how often I get vision impairment attacks, and that I now recieve at least two hours extra sleep a night, there may be something to this, assuming I am not being fed more malarky to serve a planted notion.

Time to blog off, and call it the one fucking ugly day that it was.

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