Sunday, April 22, 2007

Moving Machinations

More possibilities as to the logistics of moving are surfacing; my mother indicated that I could use her vehicle and store belongings in her garage for a day, to avert the last-day-of-the-month-out, and first-day-of-the-month-in split which seems to be developing. That location is where she parks her vehicle normally, and offers a whole new world of energetics interaction; my brown boxes of posessions sitting on the usual parking location of her brown vehicle for a day at least.

Moving house is never pretty, and it seems the likely plan might be to move my belongings of this spartan existence in this putative rooming house first, and then slowly trickle in the remainder of my stored belongings. That way, the sickos can analyse the energetics the contents of this location to that of the new, without major influences of the rest of my belongings stored elsewhere. Given that they have delayed the movers in the past, or created diversions in the form of commercial storage, I wouldn't be surprised that they want a longer layover time for my belongings. They seem to want an incremental approach this time, and it is not too difficult to figure out.

My lunch and clean up activities were of significant interest to the sickos, enough to enrage me at full voice volume just when a operative "happened" to be walking along outside, heading for the end of the blind alley between this building and the one 12' away. As usual, it was a back exposure, and the asshole was in a white hockey sweater with navy blue trim. The perps also went nuts with introducing parked vehicles; it was a full house with at least 12, and now two semi-permanent pickups outside my window on sentry duty. The new one is a flat black, a paint finish that is unavailible from the dealerships.

I have reading about alien abductions and this seems to have furthered noise flurries, and specific noisestalking of specific words, nothing that I can recall. The operatives are herding, and are each doing the same thing in turn; visiting the next door bathroom, putting on more noise, doing nothing in there except flushing the toilet and exiting, and sometimes continuing to exit the house with a front door slamming and a "consequent" room shake.

I don't know why the perps are so fascinated by me reading alien abduction stories, but chances are that they have mind-fucked me into doing this, and then have some kind of data or realtime monitoring of the abductees to be looking for some kind of connection between me, and them. Just an speculative notion, but this replicates the noisestalking that is applied when reading about celebrities and other names in the news.

Earlier the perps put on a whole room hum in a faint backgrond volume level, and were also tracking my keystrokes with an equally faint stereo thumping noise. They very much want to noisestalk my very keystrokes, and delve deeper into what I am understanding at any given fraction of time. It is just fucking tiresome to be tracked like this 24/7.

I am getting besieged with more that usual levels of yellow, orange and red plasma beams in my peripherial vision, and it is annoying to say the least. In past blogs I have remarked on red plasma assaults where my entire visual field is filled with pulsating red images, and it is extremely unsettling. On the other hand, I have passed two medical tests where they flash red lights (EEG?) at one with no problem. Which suggests that the assholes know exactly what they are doing, and are not making any bones about it.

This will conclude today's blog as I am due to be picked up shortly for a Feral Family gangstalking stayover at my parent's place tonight. More vexation, just somewhere else.

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