Friday, April 27, 2007

Start Coughing Outside My Door

As I get closer to getting out of this putative rooming house, the audacity of the perp incursions increases. The lastest is to have a transiting operative in the hallway begin coughing or throat clearing outside my door, even if it is not a sustained cough (or demonstrated need to cough). This was "happening" yesterday, and is ongoing today. It is timed to occur as I am in deep reading mode, likely when cognition/reading comprehension is allowed, usually after a run-up period of over an hour. It is fucking sick to be harassed and stalked like this all fucking day.

This is the post-meal noisestalk period; at least 10 door slammings and "consequent" room shake in the last five minutes. The operative's exodus again; timed to my activities.

And also, they have been going beserk, even to the point of phone games and spaced out manager feints to perturb my activity at key moments (for them), all the while reading about solar, hydrogen and Stirling engines. Not that I am in any position to act on this "research"/interest, so there must be something about it that serves the perp's interests more than mine. There has been overhead clunking added into the noise mix, and they have some kind of device in the hallway, though it is gone anytime I am there. The noises are the same, and seem to be similar to that of a VCR changing tapes. Key jingling by the operatives continues. As for coughing and hacking onset outside my door, there has been at least seven occurences so far, and this is not even halfway through the day.

But in all of that there is some good news to smooth the moving activities; the house manager indicated that I could stay an extra day or two longer, into May without a rent requirement. That works well as I could move belongings directly from the current place to the new residence location without a 24 hour limbo situation, as normally one must vacate at 1200h on the last day of the month, and can get possesion at 1200h on the first of the month. This problem is now solved, as I can then stay over on April 30 and pack up and move out on May 01.

My in-town brother had all this figured out as he later phoned and asked about moving plans. We had arranged to move me out on April 29, and I would stay at his place until May 01 or 02 and then move in. As it so happens, he is helping his on/off Native Indian girlfriend to move then, and seems ready to assist me on the "new" (to me, not him) May 01 date. It is amazing how this comes together, if one waits for all the red herrings to pass. And my concerns about a May 02 move in date and miss the cablevision installer scheduled for May 02 are also over. As it "turns out", my brother will take May 01 off work and then be availible for the entire day to help out.

I don't know what the perps get from seeding all kinds of contigency and premature plans, but they revel it, and like to foment it each time. And they spend significant effort in getting these hints to me, the most notable being when he evicted one person last month and put on a screaming row outside my door, and one outcome was to learn that tenancy ends at 1200h on the last day of the month. As mentioned above, I can get a 24 hour extension to make moving a direct from here to there situation, in place of an interim move for that time period. It is all too strange, and I will be more than glad to get out of here, and have magnitude of commotion and noise eliminated (I hope).

There has been some quiet for the last 30 minutes or so; another forced pee, and once I got back into my room, the click machine started making its VHS tape cassette-like noises. The rain has come on again, and that dashes the plans I had to go grocery shopping, if only to relieve cabin fever. The perps tend to like planning for late week "shut-in" periods, and to them, it really doesn't matter what kind of abode one lives in.

More noise flurries followed teatime and now this putative rooming house has settled down, saving the plasma and maser activity which is getting more disruptive. I am also getting an-almost chill down, as the temperature is now being regulated downward. Previously there was an overheating situation.

Everything I do is getting noisestalked, and as I type, more typo sabotage. There are 2' long white pencil beams coming off this LCD display as I type, and other more bright point sources, probably masers.

The rains came on when I was hoping to get out, so this must be a planned "shut-in" day; keeping me room bound for the duration, and sucking me into even thinking that I could go out.

The glass bottle bashing act has started up today, only minutes ago. For the most part it was quiescent for the previous week. I suspect noise/sound habituation is an element in all of the perp's noise assaults, and habituated noises are likely heard at a deeper neural level. Now more front door slamming and room shaking to piss me off, especially when it goes on and on, less than a minute interval between one and the next. Another trick is to blow cool air over me as these noises erupt, an augmentation to their fuckery. More combinations and permutations of their noises, as well as the somatic fuckery. That would include jabbing sensations, especially in the nuts, and as I am typing this, they are synchronizing skin jabbing with my arm movements.

My in-town brother was doing something similar early this week; his elbow was resting on a ill-supported table, and as he made is arguements he got into excessive arm movement so that the tabletop wiggled in concert with his speaking. Stupider and stupider, this colossal billion dollar per year operation pissing around and pretending to be not there, and working by proxy with these dumbshits and their feints. Could this be the same secret organization that does drug running on the side?

And as I wrote that I got the a case of the terrible whistler from outside. This too is another dumbshit excercise that has erupted all over town since five years ago, another pathetic cover story.

Another front door crashing and room pounding timed to the very moment I was attributing some past event to a possible perp fuckover. I suspect that most of the door slamming and room shaking is done remotely, as they can simulate a real person as long as I am not looking. It is fucking brutal to have to go through this constant fucking disruption every minute or two. Then get sabotaged in attempting to type this.

More colossal noise of bashing and banging; and while I type this, a sudden voice erupts in the hallway. More room shaking since the above journal entry. Maybe if I went shopping there would be some relief, but that may goad them onto another iteration of fucking noise. I also get and itch to scratch, and as I am beginning to scratch, a noise is set off in this putative rooming house. Fucking sick that anyone should be fucked with like this. These sickos are out of control.

The fuckers scrambled the order of my bookmarks, the nervous system of all my web browsing, and have increased their recall fuckover games. They now fuck my recall so "I" cannot recall how I got to a webpage. And they appear to be doing this to other elements of my short term recall. It is extremely disconcerting to be fucked with in this way. Now the once-per-day extended squeaky of a simulated loose fan belt noise has come to noisestalk me as I type this up.

Another coughing eruption outside my door; this has to be at least the 10th one today, and it is differing coughers no less. Now the fucker breaks out into a dumbshit whistle. A constant barrage of noise tonight, and quite possibly be the handiwork of the weekend crew who seem to be less inhibited in applying their fuckover regimen.

More beeping and cheeping in concert with the infernal leg torquing fuckery. The latter torture is to remotely apply force to rotate my lower leg only and thereby twist the leg so it is felt at the knee, as in pain. For the past hour, more of the usual noise flurry content, but at a lesser intensity thankfully.

While this knee torquing torture continues, the perps have scripted a collection of yobos outside in the adjacent parking lot who are gabbing away. This is my right side human voice source that they deem I need while they fuck with my left leg and knee.

More wall pounding from the hallway; the accidentally on purpose bullshit wore thin about four years ago. Meanwhile, and excess of coughing and hacking has erupted, just as I am typing. Earlier, there was a ersatz "chem trail", air freshener sprayed in the hallway. And more of the forced coughing, adroitly timed to the fuckers outside making extra louder noise in their yakking. Another benefit of being 6 stories up in the new apartment; no crowds milling outside my room, although I am sure there will be other noise assaults and methods that I am not allowed to anticipate. Call it designed naivite; being the blithe dipshit by way of remotely applied mind-control energies.

More street yelling from the collected yobos outside, again timed to having me sneeze or scratching a remotely applied itch. Then ass jabbing into the bargain. Bedtime doesn't come fast enough, and I though I would never say something like that, once being a night owl. And that habit also changed post BOH (Before Overt Harassment).

Time to call this wretched day over and blog off. Hopefull they will let me out and not fuck with my plans and/or appointments tomorrow.

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