Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sound Effects & Ramblings on Current Wars

1000h It is a percussive noise day today; before getting up I was treated to eight solid minutes of near perfect table drumming noise from the "neighbor's" apartment direction. As explained elsewhere, there are likely no other residents in this building owing to the high incidence of plasma and maser beams (indicating a high magnetic field) in the hallways, elevator and naturally (sort of) in my apartment, even as I type this. This is visible from outside to a lesser extent, and even the nearby buildings. Presently, a two-note drum noise has erupted from a nearby apartment.

An continuation of another wierd event was noticed today; my face, which had been age regressed in 2004 (yes that is correct), then asymmetrized (one side's eye and eyebrow were 0.75" different) is continuing to change some more. My face is becoming more symmetric, like it used to be, and some jawline pouches are becoming smaller. Go figure.

But that didn't stop the gangstalk action on my one block walk to the grocery store; as usual, both vehicular and ambulatory specimens. It is now the sixth time in 8 weeks that an ambulatory gangstalker was too dumbstruck to walk, and just stood in mid-street, on or near the sidewalk, gazing at nothing. I call these type "sentries", though mostly they show up a building egress and locations. I suppose it beats the one who was bending over and emptying his mouth and/or stomach contents on the sidewalk, but at least he had a cover story.

I once owned a silver-grey 245 Volvo, and that very color has been a predominant vehicular gangstalk color. Today, the perps lined up a mid-grey Volvo of the same model configuration for me to walk by to the grocery store. It had a one empty parking stall exclusion zone around it, which is also similar to other Volvos that "happen" to be placed on my route. This includes deep red, gold metallic, navy blue and black colors. I just wish they give all their antics a permanent rest, and fess up as to what this persecutorial tyranny is all about, never mind the privacy intrusion of swarms of gangstalkers about me each day I venture out in public. And too, the past activity, as it seems that this has gone on in covert form since birth, 52 years now, and 4 in this living hell that everyone knows about but me. There will be no satisfaction until all major quislings get their four years worth, starting with those horrendous head pains (in 2002).

Anyhow, I can always tell when I am on a perp's mind-controlled specific agenda item; they create much more noise,- the sudden elevated noisestalking tips their hand (a noise flurry). And the above paragraph of retributive wishes has "incurred" the same accompanying noise. No less than 10 door/hallway thuddings, faux neighbor's water usage and a few more street noises were thrown in the "sound mix". All one has to do IMHO, is to look at repetitive themes of thought, activity and/or news/reading presentation to at least have a notion that it (somehow) is of extreme interest to the perps. I have no idea why, but their interest in placing chaotic events in the news or around me is one of them. (Noted in this link, Other Perp Objectives)

And very possibly the present world chaos/war events just maybe related to the TI experiences. I am not suggesting that it revolves around me, but likely all TI's and anyone else they monitor, which I am sure would be many thousands in the respective war zones.That is a bit of a stretch to say in this public forum, but knowing about the general level of coincidence that occurs in my life (as in none whatsoever), I have a differing pespective on everything I encounter .

One common event in the experience of abductees is being shown war films, usually post examination. Does one really think that aliens would need to abduct someone to show them films when they could covertly monitor anyone anywhere, in a cinema even? They must at least, expect some kind of return on their abduction and examination inspection. There must be something else in it for them, assuming they are related/part of perp operations. More of a stretch to put all that together, but once in a while I do this. There is a bigger picture out there than just the TI's and their hellish circumstances, and no one to my knowledge has tied us to other concurrent strange goings on in this world.

Somewhere I recall that Pres. George Bush said that he wanted to be the "peace president". That would strike anyone as patently ludicrous; he starts a war out of total beligerence in not waiting for a WMD report due in two weeks, and attaches himself to the word "peace"? Why would he do that? From this TI's perspective, who never having gone to war, but certainly exposed to the realities of the Vietnam TV coverage, and who sees/hears/feels plasma/noisestalking/zaps when this very word "war" is mentioned (even as I write this), there is another thematic level to this. And as my "out there" statement of this blog to date, I am going to speculate that the perps want to extract all psi energies related to war (see Other Objectives), and then apply some kind of mind-control energetics (aka psycho-civilized) to the masses to expunge the likelihood of war happening again. And it could well be that they have been working on this for longer than this.

It is patently absurd to think that the Vietnam War and this current Iraq War are both "mistakes" in the current (lack of) understanding of a rationale. Even Pat Buchanan said the Vietnam War was a mistake, and I don't know offhand what he thinks of the Iraq War, given its more dubious origins, e.g. "yellowcake", and the rest of the trail of woe (or Rove?). Even President Johnson was not a believer in the Vietnam War, and yet he reversed Kennedy's plan to pull out of Vietnam in a week. He badgered his Secretary of Defense and his Joint Cheifs of Staff to "go kill gooks", his actual words. What kind of defensible reason is that? Here we have two significant U.S. war initiatives with no substantive rationale to begin them in fifty years. Why? There simply has to be another reason, and it is one that very few people would know about, and even less would understand. And it has to be of a compelling and significant nature such that the Democrats have chosen to go mushy over, to their enduring discredit. My contention is the reason I give in the above paragraph, to elicit the psychic energetics of war, and I readily admit to not knowing all of it. Who knows; but the minute the perps obtain some/all the psi energetics (aka psychic energies) related to war, they will pull out. There is a big push on presently with hammering many other TI's harder, coincidentally with a new war/skirmish in Israel and Lebanon. This is not a coincidence.

Call the above the Great Wacko War Thesis if you like, but no one yet to my knowledge has tied these dubious and beligerent war intiatives together and attempted to find some commonality. And why are the Democrats rolling over and playing dead on this one? I am on a tear, and I will leave it at that.

1930h A siren cascade "erupts" as soon as I take off my hearing protection to type this blog entry. It is a very common coincidence and no major emergency arterial street is near here. When I had finished dinner earlier, the perps had the noise effect of at least 30 motorcycles passing by over some 20 minutes. I looked a few times to see where this massive noise was coming from, but none were to be seen.

Making the dinner was another provocation and rant session; weekends tend to be ugly for some reason with the putative reason of the less skilled perp operatives on shift. I don't buy it, and I am so fed up with bullshit being fed to me directly. I have to evaluate every thought as to whether it is perp created or not, and then apply "due dilligence" to determine what perp aiding connections it may serve. It used to be a fairly effective defence, but it has been long breached by now.

A new perp stunt in the realm of their "crumb plantings". I got the usual "break offs" from the brown tortillas which were dispersed by unknown means over the counter, and dealt withmost of them by eating them up. But at the table while eating the tortillas, the perps put a black and white crumb on either side of my left hand which held the food. The white crumb was a purported piece of onion that didn't get cooked ("somehow"), and the black one had no cover story. It is very common for the ambulatory gangstalkers to be either in black or white, often both.

And yes, it is very tedious to give crumb reports; I once had a life where this wasn't the news of the day, first because in never happened (even if surveilled) and secondly, there was so much else going on.

---Bogger to blogger comunication----
JM; Just keep writing as you are; there is much to read, and I also follow your web links to new places, and to new associations with the possible perp agendas behind them. And I totally agree; we are being harassed and violated at unbelievable lengths all the time (24x7x365) by an agency (or plural, agencies) whose operations are in constant violation of every freedom that citizens are normally accorded in the Western world. It is so outrageous that it becomes the most difficult item to convince anyone of; a dedicated, relentless and organized persecution to rip up someones' life for no reason that would stand up in any court of law. We were ahead when the Magna Carta was signed in 1215.

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