Thursday, January 11, 2007

Guantanamo in Covert Form

This is a phrase I plucked from a news site which describes part of the Guantanamo experience:
"extreme isolation and environmental manipulation"
And of course that is not including the reference to physical torture which does seem to be happening, and given how this is a direct repudiation of the US Constitution, albeit in Cuba. I am venturing a hypothesis (yet again) that there is more to this than we mortals are allowed to know. Only the perps, aka World Gestapo, and their ilk, are permitted to understand why. (And listen to the sudden onset of noisestalking (tromping overhead, coordinated coughing and hacking of the rooming house "residents" and front door slammings), after a relatively quiet morning, that is going on as I write this).

And if one has read past blogs, this same thesis, flimsy to all but Targetted Individuals (at best), applies to this absurd travesty that is the current Iraq War. There is not a proginator or an apologist of the Iraq war that doesn't look contrite, uneasy, duplicitous or otherwise evasive in defending this horrendous mess. Not a week goes by without some brief, and possibly mendacious, mention of enlarging the conflict, by say, taking on Iran.

I have yet to be corrected if I am wrong, but what I had read about the initial invasion of Iraq deeply perturbs me; it seems that the US forces intentionally left the Iraq armouries open for the first three weeks of occupation, and only then did they secure them. That is, there were no defending Iraq forces, and the US forces just ignored the armouries while the Iraqis loaded up tonnes of munitions and trucked them out. (And more noisestalking in the form of over-exaggerated hacking has erupted). In other words, the current conflict is by someone's plan, and the US miltary is being made both a scapegoat and victim.

And I saw an interview on TV with US based archeologists who intimately knew of the Iraqi museums and artifacts, and their importance, and advised the US military as to contents and locations to the street and entrance level prior to the invasion of Iraq. And yet these institutions were left unguarded, and thereby permitted their looting. It is the same purposeful behavior; Iraqi munitions and artifacts were allowed to be taken by Iraqi nationals.

So what does it all mean at the Targetted Individual level? That the perps constantly noisestalk me over any article or image related to war is a given. Not only that, but masers and plasma beams are flipping and flying around with greater intensity at the same time, and the remotely invoked reading imparirments, farting, burping and mild acid reflux (which I never had before) also reaches a crescendo. All I can say is that the perps have an extreme interest in anything related to me seeing or reading about warfare, conflict, war materiel and the consequences of it, e.g. environmental devastation, public health disaster etc.

And as mentioned before, it is my thesis that there are "psi" energies related to all of this conflict, and the assholes want to know them, with the presumable objective so that we can all be "psychically civilized" to borrow one phrase of this TI life that has past significance. And there must be a huge amount of this that they have to sift through, as they cannot rely on me, mere mind-control serf, to accurately represent all of this, having never been in public office or otherwise walked in Donald Rumsfeld's shoes. How my experiences fit with that of the real warriors I don't really know for sure.

Is the Iraq war centered around just me and this torrent of covert harassment that unfolds every second, never mind near complete mind control of all my actions, and very likely, every word of this blog and most of all of the past ones? Not likely. There are at least 500 stories of other TI's at, and there are over 5,000 being targeted with biological harassment in the form of Morgellon's Disease, and very likely, many tens of thousands they remotely and covertly monitor and surveil without the target knowing.

Meanwhile, the perps are still donkeying around in attempting to understand the role of pollutants and color associations in my system, and more likely, its neural substrates, not to mention running blonde women about me as an entre into each new gangstalk scenario/location, this room excepted of course. That is the "isolation" part of this, as even getting consistent or reliable statements from health care professionals is not even permitted.

And there is the "environmental manipulation", which would be better described as "environmental perversion". This separates me from those unfortuneates at Guantanamo in another way. As mentioned above, I get masers and plasma games in my field of vision all the time now, no more flitting about in peripherial vision, and I must also deal with the remote invocation of action-at-a-distance energies; the pots that clatter when they don't touch anything, the movement of objects by unconventional physics, the extra "enhanced" noise that goes on with everything I touch and there are many other imposed adversities that have been detailed in past blogs.

It is my prediction that the Iraq war will not end until the perps have wrung out of me and other TI's their objectives of psi energies related to war, LEO (law enforcement organizations), incarceration, citizen and constitutional rights and other objectives here and here.

Excuse the foregoing if it sounds like a repetitive ramble; but I do sincerely believe that there is some deep dark tie-in of this infernal harassment travesty and the current war in Iraq. At worst, it is a better reason that anyone in the US administration has about why this war was begun. I haven't pulled the above together with the coherence that I want, and cannot get out of this stuck zone.

Back from a doctor's appointment; the usual faux cause confrontational schtick and a wall of do-squat consult. I was even allowed to turn down a medication offer, which I presume wasn't a genuine offer, but there was some other purpose in having some discussion about it, and perhaps including the reversion to the "brain lubrication" metaphor. This time, he elaborated on "oiling the hinges" as I had pointed out to him that oiling the brakes wasn't the best idea going. What this was about I have no idea, but it did serve as his centerpiece in rambling on at length. No new medications, and that is all for the good.

Another harp-upon theme of the doctor's is that he suggests that I "feel real important". Not exactly I responded; I appear to be important to someone, but I don't personally care about it, I want to be left alone. Then he started on this theme again, as if I derive some importance from it, and ended this re-run by being "hypothetical". I let that one go, as he didn't end it with an accusatory rejoinder this time. Then it was onto implying there was a "a sense of mystery" in it for me, which again I deflected that I didn't care, I wasn't after any such sensation. Anyhow, the whole thing was more patronizing than this, but at least I was left alone without a medication jerkaround. In all, very strange, and again invoking the notion (assuming it is not planted), that here was another shrink who was a borderline nutter).

There was a deliberate and total mind-fuck though; his pager went off and he made a motion to attend to it, and at that point the perps planted the notion/perception in my mind that he was going to answer it, by phone, right then and there. (Other doctors have done this). It was a total zone out and a take-me-elsewhere mind fuck for all of 30 seconds or so. Very perturbing to say the least.

And I did get my trail of gangstalkers on the street and the bus; the biggest stunt was packing the bus stop (inbound) with some 16 gangstalkers who slowly filtered in over the 20 minutes the bus took to arrive, the most delay for that bus stop. One was a "fellow traveller", getting on and off at the same bus stops as I did, and I also had one of these when travelling outbound. No more waiting for the bus there, this was an overextended fuckaround (waiting), and the freak show was all about me.

When taking the bus inbound, the perps packed all the seats around me, and made sure that the blonde woman beside me jostled me a few times. They are putting on Asians around me, but have relented for other races, at least on this trip. But they did put on a black man in the parking lot outside my window before I left, and made sure that I saw the dude again outside when headed for the the bus.

And I had another follower from near my place to the bus stop when outbound; this tubby (>200lb) woman was first standing on the street taking her grey hoodie off and revealing a puke-brown sweater underneath. This with all the snow on the ground and the coolness that it brings. I passed her by on the sidewalk while she was doing this absurd clothing change, and four blocks later, she shows up, two minutes later and waits for the bus for 10 minutes. Then she just wandered away, likely trying some kind of distance dependent color testing, as there were plenty of others who were dressed in color variants. The perps have put on a follower nearly each time of the past two weeks when I have gone to the bus stop. This is the same route to the laundromat, and they have also put on followers for this too.

Another new feature today was to plant a red Post Office van on the crosswalk while I had the walk signal; it was an obvious setup, as the perp/driver hadn't bothered to look and had drifted around the corner, making a right turn when there was traffic coming. The mind-controlled "me" yelled at him for not stopping, and he just looked at me in a so-what look, and for the next three blocks, the perps pulsed red plasma over top of the white snow ahead of me, attempting some kind of emulation of the red on a white background.

I have had these stunts before where they set up a major dufus move, and I have no choice in how I respond. Typically it is driving stunts in my face, but there has also been grabs, trips and bicycles on sidewalks which I now must react to. No choice at all, and the more I say outside, the more the perps like it.

Another Seattle look-alike gangstalker also happened by today; this was my second aerobics instructor at the Seattle downtown YMCA. She of blonde hair, and easy on the eye. Today, she had the sunglasses on and the scarf over her head, but this gangstalker looked very much like her, the second such incident in this neighborhood in the past month.

Maser beams are whipping by and the perps are pounding the floor overhead with the odd simutaneous zapping thrown in, enough to have "me" yell at the asshole to end it. They were noisestalking me while reading war memoirs from Trafford Publishing (a self publishing house) and when I surfed elsewhere, the fuckers decided to give me a noise and zapstalking.

Time to call this mixed blog posting a day, and hope there is something readable by logging off.

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