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Begin Coughing -/ 02-05-2007 Posting

I swear I should have a target on my door with some kind of instruction for the aspirant to "begin cough here". It is back to that again; the hallway tromping and the coughing and hacking stunt.
And today features an electrical cord strung down the length of the hallway, right outside my door (of course). This electrical cord has remained there since this morning, and is serving no detectable purpose in being there, save the usual provisio, energetics assay and stalking IMHO.

It was a laundry day; the usual provisios of the cast of "characters" wasn't entirely applicable; apart from two "customers", one a repeat from last week, there were only about two more "visitors", one with a crimson red tote who stayed for only a minute or so. But the two "attendees" did manage to move me to another bench to fold my clothes like last time, and park their red bag onto my liquid detergent bottle.

There was plenty of plastic bag snapping and handling noise, and I suppose that goes with the plastic action that the perps are attempting to resolve in my neural structures. And it seems that these noises are also becoming enhanced by some extra-conventional means.

A two hour awake period in the night for the perps to monitor what I am thinking, for any thoughts they don't yet control. They have me flip my head from side to side every few minutes, as all the discomfort is created to force that. It must of been around 0500h and culminated with a yellow flash to my eyes, eyelids closed. And as soon as that happened, the overhead clunking erupted (quiet until then), the next door N. side "neighbor" rattled his lock, and then went to the bathroom on the S. side of my room. There was something that was of extreme interest to the perps at the moment the yellow flash went off, though it could of been my immediate assessment that it was introduced and their (perp's) doing. Not hard to figure out who has a hand in all the weird goings-on around here.

The perps put on the power washer pump noise in the night, that steady drone that continued, and very likely it was a projected noise, one made just for me. They also put on diesel engined pickup trucks to sit outside in the adjacent parking lot every 20 minutes, and put on that rattling noise the perps love so much. I suspect the reason might be that diesels are higher compression engines and are stressed more, something the perps also like to add into the noise and energetics blend.

They like to have braking vehicles around me, and are also keen on me travelling under those stressed cable pedestrian overpasses. (They have internal cables that are stretched to pull the spanning deck together).

Another laundry day today; for some reason it was relatively quiet and there wasn't the usual parade of weirds and weird requests. The owner was there to pull his vacuum cleaner powerhead apart, and to continue vacuuming, a very common gangstalk stunt. I got my weekly dose of heavy metal rock from the attendant's rasta box, per usual. And I am getting more gangstalkers in parallel situations, say, walking in the same direction but on the opposite side of the street. Usually they will have crossed my path at an intersection beforehand.

Though two late stage gangstalkers/laundromat customers did arrive, and the latter in her black and red outfit (jacket) and brown pants again. This time she made sure to prop her red laundry carry bag onto my soap bottle.

I was reflecting on what the doctor was saying to me last week; he said something about "you must feel important" to which I said that I am important to somebody but I wish to have no investment in it, and want to be left alone. It seems that the typical psychosis patient, if not all of them, would agree as to being important and revel in it. Anyhow, the doctor makes sure that my knowledge of psychosis is minimal as possible.

Though it was strange that he offered me olanzapine (Zypreza) again after its deleterious effects as do all neuroleptic medications that they have put me on. I had the choice to turn it down which was odd too, as they can mind fuck me into anything, like being a constant door mat. With the next few days the perps planted a anti-Zyprexa story for me to read. Perhaps it was all about the mention factor. Or could it be a "dry run" to be able to then defeat the very mind set that would turn it down for a later time. Not what I need to hear.

Like the US Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Meiers, a "throwaway" candidate. My take on that one was that she was the bait to get everyone incensed, and to then defeat these constructs and behaviors by mind fucking the opposition so that Roberts and Alito could slide in without near the controversy. An unproveable notion to be sure, and a highly speculative one at that. The US ports ownership bid could of been another, possibly for another time when there will be foreign port ownership. Given that the Bush presidency is so tightly run by political aims, there has to be more to it over these seeming "gaffes".

I am getting spasms in my ass remotely invoked as I type this; I have no idea as to what the perps are looking for, but perhaps the "psi" energies are stored in all nerve cells, and not those only in the brain. Total conjecture.

There is a posting here, a Washington Post article by Sharon Weinberger on Targetted Individuals (me being one) that goes heavy to the mental illness causality. In the article I was gratified to learn that psychosis onset is unheard of when in one's 40's, is the case (47 y.o. at the time). And that was something the doctor never told me about, the fucking asshole. If she had added one or two more stories in as to others who experienced the same harassment, then that would of dispelled the clinical notion.

Anyhow, this article has plenty of the TI's bent out of shape, but it does draw the parallels to abductees, and that this is an event or harassment that is not reportable or supported by physical evidence. True enough, though the abductees often have marks on them, but less clear recall as to what happened. It is thought that the perps/aliens apply some kind of hypnosis programming to block recall of the abduction events. As of 2006, my experience is that the perps/aliens can be much more certain about permanent memory deletion, as they know how to do this at a very fine granularity. In other words, recall impairment by hypnosis methods and recall blocking are now old-hat, and that memories can be accessed directly as stored in the brain.

As for the Weinberger article, I think she should of done more work on seeing more TI's and less on carping on about mental illness, as it was repeated too often. Other than that, it gets at least a B for bringing this electronic incarceration and harassment to light. And we may not see this for another decade, as there hasn't been anything like this mainstream exposure before.

The vehicle horn beeping from outside has started up. How fucking absurd that they need to do this and won't declare themselves.

The perps had me coughing through dinner, and I was especially pissed with this as there was no organic need to cough, save remote invocation. It is all part of exposing one's mouth contents, as they often have the gangstalkers eating food around me. Anyhow, I hate coughing, and all the more in being fucked with. This represents another never-before activity, and lowers the bar as to what they will do when.

Another suck job is on me today; after leaving the extension cord in the hallway for all day, the assholes have decided to vacuum clean the floors. I suppose it was overdue, but it all adds to the noise and vibration scape.

The perps have been thining the skin on the back of my hands and possibly my feet. I suspect this is to get a better read on the color of the green veins, as I had never seen them before they began the first round over a year ago. And my hands have gone white as well; any hint of a tan has been removed. That brown color problem game again.

The perps are on an "almost over" mind-fuck campaign, inserting notions that they are going to cease hostilities soon. As usual, I try to disregard these as they have all been false to date, and I look on them as semi-annual events, or games they need to play to satisfy their juvenility. Past blogs identified one such event at the end of August, a fairy tale ending where they "out" themselves. There has never been any such fortune, and I don't expect any. Anyhow, as I write that, the overhead clunking and squeaking has come on stream, and to me, serves as a reminder where I fit as an experimental test subject. If they are prepared for me at 0500h or so (above) for a full on gangstalk and noisestalk, then that doesn't equate to stopping this assault. I my opinion, they are just getting started, 4.5 years later, though again, I am not sure that it is clear as to what, save my determinations here and here. (And as I link these, outside banter has started up in the dark end of a parking lot that my window overlooks. Fucking absurd, beyond the notion that the perps want me to get right side banter).

More games from the overhead floor whacker; I was reading about yin and yang on a site, and a significant floor whack erupted. Time to change the web page and move on, as I don't need that kind of company to read by. This is the post-meal digestion time, and that might also explain the clunking noise I get. It has been a regular when the assholes have someone positioned, or the appearance thereof, overhead.

A faux power drop-out; the fridge clicked and this LCD display went blank for a second while the PC fan kept going. And now, I get gangstalked by a next door bathroom visitation. It is fucking nuts to be under a microscope this intensively.

More internal head thwackings, a simulated jaw pop, but no physical discomfort, and simutaneous with overhead clunkings, soft ones even.

The drum beating from a nearby night club is getting louder, though only at the level of just hearing it. The fake water running in the pipes noise has started up with the squeaky hinge noise and the gangstalker in the bathroom next door just arrived. This must an important lead up to something, and I am getting a little queasy as to what that might be.

My most feared and harassed activity, taking a crap. And it was less than a half load, and the toilet got blocked "somehow" and 20 plungings later, still no removed "blockage". The manager took over, though he had no magic solution. And the reason? It is likely because it is the inaugral use of a new green rubber plunger as the other black rubber plunger "lost" its handle. This is akin to yesterday's new food item I introduced, mistakenly called bruschetta, though in fact it is an eggplant dip. The perps dumped it on the floor, and on the fridge just because they are sick assholes, and want their agenda of color and related energetics served. Fucking sick and depraved that a billion dollar per year operation won't let their subjects take a fuckover-free shit.

I got my new sheet marked in the same way as the old one; two 90 degree offset marks at the head of the bed, each 3" long, and appear to be blood, but I never bled any in bed, this time or the last time. These are near identical markings on the new sheet within a week of owning it.

Time to blog off, and call it a day.

02-05-2007 update; I "found" this one in draft mode when I intended it to be published on the create date

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