Friday, January 26, 2007

Laundry and Chicken

It was a laundry day this morning, and that coincides with a chicken run, the acquisistion of a cooked chicken that will serve as my major protein source for the next 3 weeks. And this is no big deal to me, but the perps are already going beserk with greater noise assaults, and their highly artful placement of specific vehicle colors around me, as well as extra maser and plasma action. And the latter chicken run event hasn't been attempted yet. I fear the outcome, as they could plant more arm grabbers and obstructionist fuckery.

The laundromat visit had its usual share of coughing and hacking, alignment of gangtstalkers, one operative in front of the other, MIBs with a minor stare-at-me play, extra window pane rattling, and more (amplified) outside vehicular traffic noise.

As this is the post lunch period, the noisestalking has ramped up, along with recall dithering games to piss me off and rile me all the more. It is just another day. And the third shower, or noise emulation thereof, has just erupted next door, when one shower is about normal, assuming this is even a rooming house and not just a stalking arrangement. And only 5 minutes after lunch, a major fart attack has erupted, another specialty of the assholes who manage every last crumb and its placement in this cell (room) they have thoughtfully arranged for me. My mother took me to this neighborhood to make a donation to the nearby charity, Women in Need (WIN) in 2002, so the perps had this place lined up then I suspect.

The nearby plastic rustling has begun with coincident room shakings, voice noise in the hallway and serial front door slammings. This was predicted (per above) and is getting to be routine.

Back to forced sneezing and a background of chattering voices. This is a decided upgrade to the "coincidence" factor, and may become the working model. As I typed that, a rare backup beeper noise has erupted from outside, and is at least the fourth today. This was a regular feature of the last residence, so perhaps the assholes are attempting to correlate the noise/neural energetics signatures of the last location, four stories from grade. More of who knows, but all this is very important to the perp sickos, as they even expend effort on arranging the lie of my cornflakes every morning. That is no joke, as the cornflakes all do backflips, spins and bizarre cantilevers and move together as if they were connected by a gel matrix (it is soy milk only). More go figure, and contemplate how much they have invested in me.

The first sunny day of this year has "brought out" the Harley Davidson type motorcycles, those that make considerable noise. This was routine at my last place, there were at leat 10 per day, and this does support the above notion of the perps correlating the noise to neural energetics correlates of the last residence location to this. And again, two more signature noises erupted as I typed that. Or, this could be the wind up for the chicken run, getting me noise tracked more than usual, and with one outing in the day already, this could be a big event for the small minds that stay in the closet and harass innocent citizens from their control room.

An all-quiet order has gone out, and only selectively planted noises are permitted. Getting back to extra complexity on the noise front, the perps have begun the knee twisting torture at the same moment their jusiciously applied noise goes off. It is never dull around here, only tedious.

The big event of me eating chocolate with tea is over; I sensed (or it was a planted notion) that this is an event they spend most of the time building up to. Presently I have maser zingers flitting about in a paired formation in my vision, plus trails too.

And they have been building toward have a slender ray of sunshine coming through at this time, and there must be some connection to their objectives. This time, in the adjacent parking lot, the perps have arranged side by side vehicles in silver grey, mid-grey, black and white, and were backlit to remove the contrast and put more of them in a shadow and limit ready discernment of colors and features. (And for that observation, I just got the overhead pounding noise).

The herd of operatives is moving in serial frat house style (2/5 minutes), slamming the door, which then gets translated into shaking my room by way of the unconventional physics application of the perps. And to remind me that I am under the microscope, they pound the overhead floor every few minutes.

Web page changes, typo repairs, my swearing at the sabotage of the preceding, reading of specific words, cut, paste, bookmark and select actions are duly noisestalked with regularity, in this post-brown food comsumption period.

No chicken run today; I got sucked into a slothful time here at the computer and ate some cashews for dinner. This was my normal lunch food when I went hiking, and it seems likely that the perps are wanting to retest this food item for its digestion energetics. Going by the noise flurries currently erupting, it seems to be the case.

I always wondered why my daughter never liked nuts from the get-go, and I have a suspicion that the perps planted this one on her to continue their nut digestion research. Some 16 years later, she is still like this, marzipan excepted. (An almond and sugar mixture).

I am looking at pictures of aircraft, and have the running water noise and the cougher next door in the bathroom as my gang/noisestalkers. What is so important about me doing this?

Relative quiet for the last hour, very strange. This is while I am looking at pictures of aircraft, and seems to be of extreme interest to the assholes. And they did send me/set me up to an commercial airframe maintainance facility for a job in 1999 to 2000 for a year or so. (That is, Boeings 737, 727, 757, 767 and 747 parked all about, with the odd tour from the technicians on modification jobs.) How is all this connected, as it surely must be?

Time to blog off, even if the knee torquing torture is going on, at barely bearable levels.

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