Sunday, January 28, 2007

Streetsweeping Sundays

At least two passes by the street sweeper this morning, and it is becoming a perp favorite. Normally not seen as it is an early morning activity, it has become clear that they plant it on my laundry days, which are never consistent week to week, and are now bringing it out when no municipal maintenance workers ordinarily work. One of the more benign activities.

I got my vertical/horizontal repose transition noisestalking again last night, and similarly this morning. Last night, 10 minutes before bedtime, the revelling yobos came back, louder and with a guitar. Theri noise covered me from the sitting position to being in bed and falling asleep. The also saw fit to lob two unopened cans of Coca Cola across the parking lot outside my window, and that would constitute more brown (liquid) games, after I had turned out the light, but was changing out of my clothes, and then another when prone in bed. Later, the yobos came back for a reprise gangstalk and revelry noise, although decidedly quieter.

Likewise this morning, the overhead clunking started up before I got up, and put on extra loud and longer clunking the moment "sidereal radiation" came to mind, and then this noise tracked me over my morning routine of breakfast, shaving, and dental hygeine.

The protracted and forced coughing act has been running, and the front door slammings are 3 for 3; the last 3 web page display changes, even if text blocks, have been noisestalked at the very instant they change. Amazing timing for the "roomies" of this putative rooming house.

And here is a news story, and I have no idea if it has any perp significance vis a vis me, but they do like me to read on the topic of torture, and that is one of their favorite topics to noisestalk. An unfortuneate Canadian citizen, Maher Arar, was shipped to Syria from the US and tortured there, and eventually sanity prevailed and he was freed. This is the story, and it is current in reporting that he was paid out some $11.0 million dollars, and the Canadian government even apologized. Meanwhile, the US government keeps him on their no-fly list to continue the beligerence they began this story with.

A good deal, almost a "happily ever after" story; but there are other covert torture victims that don't get any compensation, and won't ever get any apology by my reckoning, and I am one. Others are here.

Back to room shaking and the overhead tromping noise of yesterday; all to get me cranked up before lunch if the pattern is going to repeat again.

More crumbs in the night arrived to encircle my office chair that I am sitting on, a mashed in brownish substance. And someone applied goo on my glasses in the night, and was likely the same party that was flipping the temple piece against gravity and with no means of conventional impetus, to interfere with the cleaning and to get me riled up over it.

And an all-quiet order has gone out while I bookmark various mind-control sites, some of them being researched books, some which may find their way into this blog. And this does seem to be a perp strategy, pumping me with legit references to their own nefarious methods and technologies. And also, having me put these in as links into this blog. The stuff of their own creation is getting noisestalked, or is under intense scrutiny in the absence of the noise.

This is the post-mealtime noisestalking flurry, and for good measure, they added an operative doing plastic bag flicking and rummaging outside my door in the hallway in concert with the noise of running water in the pipes, one of the most used introduced noises going. On top of that, an operative is taking a shower in the next door bathroom as part of the "clean drive" (read water noise and energetics interaction) that has suddenly sprung forth in the last few days. The term, "taking a bath" for the perps has a whole new meaning.

The herd of operatives has cranked up the noise activity; pacing back and forth in flip flops in the hallway outside my room, the on-cue coughing or front door slamming when I change a web page or scroll down, the motorcycle noise is ramping up, three events in the last five minutes, and the PC has taken on a new noise. This is the current big time for the perps, determining the energetics of food digestion, and in this case, it is a red-brown tapenade on brown tortillas with white cheddar cheese and chicken meat inside. Quite the daunting collection of colors given their purposeful gradual introduction of vehicle colors when I am outside.

And in conjunction with the noise, though less than the last journal entry, the perps are persistently planting smell up my nose, the so-called air freshener, even if no spraying was conducted in the hallway.

Then a zap on my right thumb as I detected an cognition error, which was no doubt enhanced by some fuckery in making the article difficult to keep track of the threads. And, in journalling this, the zinger maser has come to visit and hang about in front of me. There are no end of them today, and they usually sweep ahead of any location I am about to utilize. No onto senseless vehicle engine over revving. This sounds like yesterday all over again.

More sonorous vehicle noise; this is the city with a 50% bad muffler problem if the frequency of such vehicles is to believed from the noise continuance.

Enough dulldom for anyone, even for the assholes who are running me.
Today's Top Noisestalked Words:
gallium-arsenide (GaAs), immune cells

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