Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Qi Gong Amidst the Plasma Beams

Qi Gong Amidst the Plasma Beams
It is getting very difficult to see normally even outside, and not just at the LCD display where it gets worse first. That was true a Qi Gong where inside a 20'x40' room, some 10 of us were doing our moves, me attending for the first time. As always, the perps rarely let me arrive on time; either it is too early or late, and this time the latter. This was true at my last work site, early or late and rarely allowed to arrive with others at meetings.

And so there was plenty of maser zingers, and plasma projections along with the perfect perp routine; utilizing and exposing one's energy meridians, self massaging, placing ones hands on one of the three "energy" centers, physical. emotional and intellectual. Some sicko had this one worked out long ago. It went OK, but it is not a workout, and that is what I am familiar with until the perps shut that activity down.

My most common remark in reterospectively evaluating a new activity is, "someone had this figured out long ago", meaning a comment on how valuable the exercise is to the perps. Ditto for Qi Gong; there are self massage moves, both hands touching at the three energy centers (solar plexus, chest and head), and other moves which they try to make me do bu overt mind control. Anyhow, I got my gangstalker operative on me in class, and then hanging around outside until I came along and then he began leading ahead of me by 20'. Another "showed up" in the elevator after the class was over by 10 minutes as I had stayed behind to meet the instructor.

The relaxation session following was too anemic for words, and I did not stay, but instead did some grocery shopping and coffee imbibing at the local Starbucks where one of my hospital gangstalkers of 4 years ago, "happened" to be sitting nearby. This was Robert who declared me as the "enemy" in his words at one point, and from what I now have learned, this is how the perps cast their victims. Later he didn't remember saying that. Robert was also on the phone one day, saying "this isn't a secured line", no doubt for me to overhear, though I have no understanding why they like to tip their hand like this, (at least two events per week).

A brutal "sleep" last night; they kept me awake for two hours when I went to bed, flipping my head to each side, sometimes twice inside of a minute. Then again sometime about 0500h for another two hours, this time with the addition of noisestalking my every thought that they didn't plant. The overhead clunking, tapping and squeaking were invoked, often with the concurrent noise of water in the pipes as an "extra" carrier noise, as this was the all day event (and sometimes at night) at the last residence location.

And before this, they created another messy crap, "needing" a shower to clean up again, this time springing it on me near midnight. So they had me all cleaned up after a full day of gangstalking as noted in yesterday's blog posting to then go at me for four hours of sleep deprivation. As before, I am never tired because of this sleep loss, and they can somehow recharge me in its place.

The room shaking is beginning to start up, it is the pre-mealtime drive to make more noise, vibration and otherwise play games for energetics assay/harassment. The perps have had the annoying prefrontal cortex/forehead numbing going on all day. They can cause me to not notice it, and I suspect they substantially benefit from the forehead rubbing "I" do to relieve it for all of 5 seconds before the assholes are at it again.

More pit-lamping while I am out; once fucker convering me as I turned my parents' vehicle around, and got out to let my mother drive back to her place. The asshole kept covering me with their parked vehicle headlights until I went up the stairs to this putative rooming house.

That wasn't all of getting about with my parents today; a 30 kph "old biddy" driving stunt for 10 minutes, the "beer" delivery in mid street outside my building, forcing a left side pass to get by, and no oncoming traffic at that moment. Two vehicles were backing out on this tight little area to add to the local confusion. Fucking absurd for a residental area, especially in this town.

But they are adding more gangstalkers and more brazen troll-bys, using the feint of "weirdos" and other cretins as their pretext. They have upped the irradiations as well; there are very strong emanations coming off this LCD display, and I assume that the plasma games of adding reflective light to almost anything is related to that.

My earlier interaction with my parents included aiding them in collecting a rental crib in my parents' anticipation of my brother arriving tomorrow, fresh from his colonoscopy today (clinical de-pooing) and his wife and young daughter. And it seems that this too was of significant perp planning; white plastic shouded matress, and brown wood and pressboard components in a brown corrugated cardboard box. Which is why they also planted the "old biddy" driving act to slow me down in getting to my parents' place, never mind some 300 gangstalking vehicles in the usual flushes of white, silver grey, black and then dark red and green and a minor navy blue. (I am wearing a blue shirt today). All this white plastic and extra brown crib pieces being transported in my parents' vehicle with them and I driving was quite the major event, and likely their intended highlight of the day. For me, I don't care; just end this ludicrous idiot show fucking now.

After a dinner, the perps started up their noise barrage; door slamming, room shaking and the absurd fake coughing they so like to continue ad nauseum. And much worse, they are hammering me with some kind of irradiations that are causing me to derealize, a very unconfortable sensation where one's arms, legs, head feel like they don't belong to me. One brush of my forehead and hair with my hand, and swearing at the assholes usually buys me about 10 to 30 seconds of reprieve, and it seems they might be trying out something more agressively rather than slowly by stealth. It would seem, they are "walking in" to use the parlance of the mind-control world. It is very uncomfortable, and is combined with the forehead numbing stunt which I abhor.

I am getting the European emergency klaxon sound, something I know from living in the UK for 5 months. Earlier, a train whistle about two hours later than its normal arrival time, and it remains absurd that it would be hear so far away from the train station.

More of the disassociative "takeovers" again; this is extremely perturbing when ones physical self feels separated from the mental self. That is about the best I can describe it.

As always, there is a lot of plasmic hash in the air, almost a fog to look through with the occasional stationary short term plasma beam staring at me for less than a second. And a maser zinger comes arcing around, through the back of the LCD display and out the front and at me before disappearing. There is nothing that I see that isn't obscured or modified in appearence by this plasmic fog.

And any small lights from inrtruments or appliances also come projecting toward me, and are almost nauseating if in quantity and in red. The LED lights are the worst; they seem to be more explotable and the perps can remotely project plasma from these easier than most others. Hence all the rear lights of buses are LED, as are the traffic lights in this city.

Back to serial room shaking again; the evening still has legs and they assholes like to keep me noisestalked. And for good measure, a coughing outbreak outside my door, where 90% of them begin. An amazing track record for 40' of hallway. Now the overt phoney coughing; what can the World Gestapo do that is stupider than this?

A quiet period for the last hour, and then a sudden over-loud lock snap with a simutaneous body zap to piss me off. And to add to the stalking ambience, the manager leans out his door and sprays the so called freshener. So far, none has seeped into my room, though I suspect there are other applications for spraying other than sending it up my nose.

A quiet evening, only a half dozen events of door slamming and activity in the hallway in the last hour. Amazing, and it won't last if the past is a guide to what will transpire next. Time to blog off.

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