Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Food Flicking

The perps went a little beserk less than an hour ago; I was using a bruschetta paste for the tortillas for the first time, it being a third option after the "lack" of the usual tapenade or guacamole at the grocery store. Call it managed supply deficits, nothing new there.

So after I forked some bruschetta onto the tortilla, the perps pulled the fork out of my hand, dumped it on the floor, and flicked bruschetta on the floor and nearby fridge. And for good measure, the assholes flicked some more onto the work surface that the hotplate sits on. It is fucking sick and utterly depraved to fuck with someone like this when they have been jerked around since birth, and to have a Liar's Family arranged around me for all that time. What is the fucking matter with the perps that they cannot show their face and tell me what they are doing? Why do they continue to play this juvenile game of pretend for 4.5 years, and jerking me over four residence locations in the process?

It is simply fucking sick to covertly harass and gangstalk someone like this for any amount of time, never mind flicking a new food item onto the furniture and the floor.

The coordinated coughing has started up again, and there are loud mufflered vehicles outside as a new round of noise to accompany food digestion. And right jaw whackings, or more accurately, the noise thereof, and no physical infliction.

I did the Qi Gong thing again, for another round of gangstalking. This time the perps gradually moved four males 270 degrees around me by incremental encroachment over the duration of the class (30 minutes). There were electronic cheeping noises employed to noisetrack me from waiting for the room to be unlocked, to the first five minutes of Qi Gong. There was no ostensible source for the noise, and it did serve as a reason for the instructor and a class member to move from their positions and close the door.

My Qi Gong and outside gangstalker of last time "showed up" late, and he wandered over the exact position that the instructor was, and returned to, she having vacated her spot temporarily to deal with the door. And at least one male class member was on "stare at me" duty.

There were the usual masers and plasma beams flashing about, as well as the vibratory look to the carpet once I gazed at it and refrained from moving. The masers were in the form of blackish fuzzy balls flitting about in my visual field, and the pinkish plasma beams were paralleling the walls.

I walked to the class and back, and had no end, some 600 to 100 vehicles pass me by, and they even put on a fuel tanker to sit outside the park, and pit lamp me while heading toward it. They put on five white vehicles side by side at one parking lot, and added three more nearby, in file, pointed the same direction. At a fuel station, they positioned two boom trucks not at the pumps, as if they were fuelling, but sitting 6' offset from the pumps and blocking egress to the pumps. These are only the highlights, as there were many coordinated vehicle colors as well as vehicle types (garbage trucks, chipper (tree services) trucks, boom trucks, sedans, minivans etc.

It is simply not that busy in this city for non-rush hour times. One would conclude there is a constant rush hour in every direction, no matter if there is no rational destination. I cannot imagine why there is some >200 vehicle sourcing from a park at 1000h in the morning, never mind the collection of having red vehicles together, then the whites, then the silver greys, then combinations and the like. Last week I noted a rush hour level of traffic heading into downtown in a snowstorm, and comparable number going the opposite direction.

At the Qi Gong class location there were ambulatory gangstalkers, some making every effort to be obvious; one with two (black) back packs, all dressed in black, going off the sidewalk to circle a telephone pole with a power cable running down it and then spitting out a major quantity out of saliva, just "stand there" duty on the sidewalk while I was headed toward him, and then he "decides" to lead ahead of me, etc. It is so fucking tiresome to be the constant target of this absurd depravity that won't stop. What is the matter with these assholes?

A noise flurry is breaking out, and the assholes are adding zaps into them; the operatives have begun their frenetic pacing, seeming to arrive from nowhere to do so. The lock clatter is extra loud, even if no one emerges from the source room, and the outside chainsaw noise has begun. The last most noise, that of chainsaws, is a common favorite as this is one that I am long familiar with, and having owned three of them for milling and cross cutting, there must be some advantage, especially then with the vibrations that go with the noise. And they are still at it, vibrating my feet, and pumelling me with noise. The coffee klatchers have arrived outside as well, so my tea break must be nigh. And as I typed their given name, one burst into louder coughing. No coincidence that, but what is the reason?

And every day at least once now, Blogspot "fails" and causes me to temporarily backup to Word. More pointless sabotage.

A simutaneous jab in my left foot and my chest while I was bookmarking a web page. What is the purpose of this? It tells me that they are still fishing for something expected and aren't going to give up.

Anyhow, after re-reading the above, it would seem that the perps have me on a questioning track. And no, I don't know why, except in the past they have focussed on definite and indefinite articles, 'a' and 'the'. And as I type that, the coughing starts up, there is outside vehicle noise and a smell from the furnace erupts under my nose.

And the perps have forced me into some 10 coughings a day, without attributable cause; these are from food or air mis-swallowings and were relatively rare before recent weeks. This is the perp silly hour, the dusk onset, and I am sure the overhead pounding will resume after a break from it this afternoon.

And now, a noise flurry with someone repeatedly sniffing, as if he were on the floor and doing this epecially loudly through the heating vent that runs between my room, and the bathroom where he is. On top of that, there is a telephone ringing that no one is ansawering to protract the noise time, and it too repeats for the perps' noisetracking. And I did predict this noise flurry too. Then a momentary "smear" of my visual field, just to jerk me around some.

The post-dinner operative herd drive is on; like cattle, just more specific as to what noise they make. As said before, their hallway egress is comparable to a frat house, and they are all leaving singly for classes.

It was relative quiet until an over-revving vehicle made itself apparent. The concept is that it is located nearby, and then sits in neutral over-revving and then idling in a half dozen cycles until it finally moves on. This is at least a once per evening event nowadays.

And an unusal zapping and reaction, and there is no end to the variations on being remotely harassed by extra-conventional physics. My right leg got the zap and the left leg was made to seem as if it were reacting by kicking forward. Bizarre that this would happen, and I am quite sure it was not me who directed the left leg to move.

The heard of operatives is on the move again; a few cluster for chatting to be overheard, and others exit or enter the front door which serves as the cover to shake this room some 20; away.

Some hallway ructions of operatives passing through, and extra lock clatter, but quiet until I heard this booming noise. It is comparable to the over-revving, but a much deeper frequency and barely audible. The perps prefer the almost audible sound levels because it involves more attention ability, which is likely the last brain function (on brain stem) that they cannot yet fuck with unilaterally (mind-control).

Blogging off on 01-17-2007, the "forgot" fuck again.

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