Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It Going to be a Brown New Year

There is a preponderance of brown clothed gangstalkers today following my "happenchance" discussion at the bus stop with a black woman who I knew peripherally at the hospital when I was illegally incarcerated there in 2003. Then, she was putatively placed for a week or two as part of her study on health care, as she was apparently an expert on mental health issues and the community. Today, she represented herself as a longer term patient, and with all the seeming adverse reaction that a mental hospital stay incurrs. Very interesting, along with the gangstalkers (males in puke yellow jackets) circling us at the bus stop, and the back and forthers (Asian) on distance dependent games, being part of the perps' "brown problem" they take out on me every minute of the day.

So we had a 10 minute chat or so, and in the process there were a number of sunshine games; changing cloud cover from dark overcast to bright sun. And she pulled down her black hoodie about halfway into our discussion over our (sort of) mutal difficulties in the health care milieu. This was a big deal I suspect, as the perps laid on plenty of passing traffic, and noisy diesel Handi Dart buses (for the physically disabled), and then afterward, when getting off the bus, they laid on at least thirty gangstalkers with brown clothing that circulated around me when egressing and shopping at the usual grocery store before heading back to the room I am contained in. And yes, they did start with an attractive blonde woman wearing brown.

So there must be some kind of energetics interaction that one gets from both skin color and clothing color, and it seems that the perp assholes were attempting to correlate them. This is a rare instance of the assholes putting on a female black person to converse with, and she was already planted into my circumstances in 2003, albeit under different circumstances then, and was reprised four years later, almost to the day. Then, I was meant to overhear her say to others at her table a reference to some being selected for experimentation, essentially what I knew then, but not the objectives.

My outing was to meet the Day Program coordinator, and to be apprised of their offerings, and then commit to something. As I like activity, the most obvious choice was Qi Gong for a half hour, and a relaxation class following. And for me, that was tame, as I worked out a lot in the last two decades, but don't currently owing to the perp's impositions, all the more wierd when I have all the time to do so. Once I get my fitness gear out of storage, I am going to be "outed", as in prodded to go to a fitness class in lieu of me doing "room time".

So it would seem that the perps are bringing me back slowly into physical activity, though again, it is rather genteel by my standards.

So I got to tell my story again, and for the most part the perps allow me, assuming it is me, to tell it straight and reasonably coherently and with reasonable proportions of supporting activities that is part of the harassment action. And there were masers and plasma beams flitting about the room, and some coming in from the radio towers some 5 miles or more in the distance.

Onto gangstalked Qi Gong next week, I can hardly wait, and no doubt my hospital buddies (blatant gangstalkers dressed up as patients) will be in wait for me there, putting on the weird acts again. No doubt part of this stunt is to have me dig through my belongings in storage to find my workout clothing, as it got packed for this downsized living quarter. These items are stored at my brother's, and it is odd that he didn't ask me when I was there on New Year's Eve as to was there anything I needed to get, as he has done in the past. In fact, the entire notion that I had anything stored there was totally deleted from my mind, and usually I don't forget about it, as there is always something I need there.

The perps kept me up for three hours last night before allowing me to sleep; the time was spent head flipping; being forced to move my head to the left, then right, then back again, sometimes less than a minute on a side. And they had me listen to neighboring coughing jags, as well as some of the egress in the hallway. Other noise signatures were also thrown into the mix from time to time, as were plasma flashes in my eyes, eyelids closed. Anyhow, "I" am never the worse for wear when I lose so much sleep, as they have kept me going for three days straight without it in the past.

Another round of serial room shaking and noise continues; about every two minutes or so for 10 to twenty minutes (post mealtime), an operative arrives or departs and in closing the door, the perps use this as a cover to shake this room 20' away, and as I type this very description. And they are begining not to bother with planting an operative, just pulsing and shaking me in this room. This is in lieu of the assholes lacking the fortitude to admit that they are fucking me over bigtime.

A drumming group has set up in the adjacent building. I can barely hear them, and so there is no issue of noise problem on this account compared to all else (e.g. room shakings), though I suspect the vibrations maybe of more interest to the perps, as these generate more torsional fields that allow them to probe the ether/omniplasma continuum locally, meaning all around me. Which suggests that this location and particular rooming house was planned well in advance to have not only the used clothing operation close by, a liquor store and a squash club, but also some kind of facility to permit drumming groups.

And this also suggests that the perps aren't going to move me anytime soon, especially with all the benefits of activity, vibration, room shaking, weirdos in neighborhood, and total control over the bathroom where their obsessions of showering and shitting reign supreme.

I read an interesting piece on James Clerk Maxwell and his determination of comprehensive theories that accounted for gravitation and electromagnetic properties, the holy grail of the unified grand theory that can account for quantum effects as well as classical physics (Newtonian and Einstein models). And he died prematurely of cancer at 48 y.o. and then this work was reduced to only describing the electromagnetic properties of matter by Oliver Heaviside. And, according to the article, we are still laboring under this reduced subset ("mutilated" says Bearden) of physics, and that "traditional" Electro Magnetic theory remains highly impoverished as a result, even now. This is Tom Bearden's chief complaint with current EM theory, and he has done extensive research to demonstrate this.

I find it interesting that the genius of Maxwell's theories was curtailed by both his premature death from cancer (a cough-stalking outside my door as I type this), and that it was substantially pared down and then became the only EM theory we collectively use. And there have been premature deaths from cancer noted in this blog before, and that harassment (which I experience) goes back 200 years. So it could be possible that Maxwell's theories were intended to be reduced and then promulgated as central EM theory and thereby hide the advanced action-at-a-distance capabilities. And with these "forgotten"/ignored vacuum energies, it is possible to remotely invoke disease and infections in others (Bearden). And I know this might lead to an all-encompassing conspiracy theory, but I won't go there on that one today.

What I can attest to from personal experience is that action-at-a-distance harassment is being applied to me which is manifested as both mind-control, and the manipulation of physical objects. (For example, today at dinner making time, the perps flicked guacamole on the adjacent white wall; blatantly and without creating a cover story of me "causing" it). And past references have been made in this blog to contemporary physicists who also prematurely died. They are Mallove, de Palma, and Willick.

All the above linking gets a pair of masers (zingers) looping toward me from the LCD display at the moment I click on link insertion. This repeats each time, as I did all the links in one serial batch. And this suggests (to me at least) that the perps expect to find some kind of energetic interaction between the link and this blog, or even possibly the individuals referenced (some deceased, others alive). And furthermore, it suggests that the perps may be monitoring those very individuals in the latter category and simutaneously assessing their energetics of psi energies. This is merely speculation on my part, but I will say this is repeated in some form every day.

Enough blogging fo a day, and time to post.

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