Monday, January 22, 2007

Retro Sirens

Back at the cell (my room) to go online. The perps arranged for no shampoo at my parents' place and fucked me out of bringing my own supply. A water rinse only, which they have exploited to have my hair angled every which way.

And as I was walking northward to the front door, a brown vehicle 30' away was travelling that same direction at about the same speed, paralleling me, and then backing up. This being yet another mid-street turnaround, and there has to be over 50 per day here.

And now, for something silly from the perps, they are putting on the emergency vehicle sirens of the same kind as that of the 1960's. This is not the first time, but to make sure I caught it, they put it on twice, or putatively, two separate vehicles.

And a note on the toilet blocking fuckery that went on last night, and the steaming rage the fuckers put me into. There are two bathrooms at my parents' house with identical toilet models, though the downstairs toilet seemed to work better and never got plugged like the one upstairs (since 1967). And so, the perps pull a "need" for me to shit at 2330h, way too late for normal, when I was in the downstairs bathroom attending to dental hygiene. And to no surprise, except this mind-fucked self that isn't allowed to recall anything relevant to the current fuckaround, the perps plugged this toilet on me. This is a 1960's toilet model, totally water inefficient, probably 5 gallons per flush, and a full bowl vortex of water as well.

And the plunger was at hand, a black rubber one with an orange painted wooden handle. So..., after twenty minutes of plunging to play this fucking game, and the toilet having "regurgitations", I was finally allowed to clear the supposed blockage. Essentially, it was a repeat as per this blog (2210h); extreme blatant fuckery when there was no reason for the toilet blockage except malevolent acts from a distance by a depraved Gestapo with their shit/brown obsession that they continue to inflict upon me. Their problem is NOT my problem. What is the matter with these assholes that they haven't finished hounding their victims for 50 years over taking a crap? It is totally fucking sick.

Another "whoop-de-do" stunt earlier; while keying in something into Yahoo, the perps switched the application so the latter part of the word I was typing ended up in Google instead. What fucking asshole has to piss me around by playing this juvenility? It is time the perps checked themselves in somewhere, and NOT buy the doctor or the hospital this time.

It is post tea and chocolate; the perps put on a yellow and orange coated gangstalker on the outside stairway for three passbys while I was eating chocolate. And by no coincidence, he had a brown hat on. He was the only person on the stairwell for the entire afternoon.

Last night the perps arranged for my mother to pass out chocolates, and me eat them, when there was a black woman portrayed on the television show we were watching. Another fine coincidence. And a glass bashing in stereo as I type that; one source from in-house (when he had earlier packed his recycling booty out of the house) and one from a mysterious source outside. There isn't a second of my life that isn't managed by these assholes.

And they were pulling more temporal lobe disassociative mind-fuck games last night while at my parents'. The "where am I", "what show is this", and the like. And it should be noted, they have been fucking me with this since I was 7 years old, and I recall the incident very clearly. I was at home with a cold, the perps pulled this "where am I" disassociative fuckaround, and then my mother cruised in to "see how I was" and I told her about the very unsettling sensation. She wasn't too concerned and didn't say anything. Obviously she was on script to ask following a remotely applied disconcerting mind-fuck stunt and knew it was under control by the assholes who created it.

And while at my parents' we shared some Zinfandel wine last night with dinner. The week before, my brother, sister-in-law and niece were visiting and we had dinner together. Then, the perps/Feral Family arranged for four different kinds of red wine then, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Merlot. I suppose last night, they were continuing where they left off, though the wine was disappointing. This could of been the perps' dithering my taste perceptions as they routinely govern them down for chocolate. I am not allowed to enjoy what I normally do, especially favorites like Zinfandel.

The dinginess came on about 1600h, and now it is nightfall. The perps were especially quiet during this period of intense interest, so that might mean they have advanced their assay capability to the level of not needing supporting noise. They had farted me with a simutaneous armrest squeaking, and that might have been all they needed. Most times I don't care as long as I can type and be left alone. And with that, enough typos to cease this present journal entry.

Another sabotaged crap; the perps sprung one on me after I shut the PC down, and then proceeded to fuck with the toilet for 20 minutes while I plunged the blue dyed water at least that many times, and they had me in a calm, even dociled, mind state this time. The plunger has a bare wood handle, and that may have been the attraction for the assholes,- having me hold a brown colored object for a longer duration. And how many man years have I wielded gardening tools, rakes, shovels and on and on, as well as sports equipment such as hockey sticks, all with brown, or painted, wood handles? The perps are supremely nuts that they won't come out of the closet and fess up to nonconsensual human experimentation.

The overhead pounding is back in this post dinner time. Any random thoughts get immediately noisestalked with an overhead clunking.

A burst of coughing and hacking from a neighbor "resident". Anytime I say anything I have a new voice, the voice-morphing is back again. This might be as a recall test, for the perps to learn how I know this. And as that was typed, a room shake, which has been at a lower frequency today, thankfully.

And now, the coughing comes in closer as the occupant of the nextdoor bathroom started up when I wanted to link to a webpage that I had linked to only 5 minutes earlier. And, to up the ante, on the heels of the cougher, the crockery washer came in right afterward in an adroit sense of timing, and is bashing crockery. Both these methods, belong to what I suspect is "vacuum structuring", where they build up degrees of energetics assay resolution by repeating their favorite games close in, and then farther away. The month long cell phone use when I first moved here, and then was sabotaged frequently to be unreliable, is a likely example of this from the electromagnetic spectrum.

A three way simultaneity; a zap in the left knee, hallway lock clatter (amplified) and a vibration of the mouse button, all by itself. Are we scratching for results assholes?

And a perp fuckover realization; that "I" have been mispelling
simultaneous incorrectly, dropping the 'l', for the last year, and I have them to thank for that. I was an ace speller once, and now it is hit or miss; another thankless jerkaround from the assholes who need to interfere with every mouse click, letter that I type and every word I say (usually planted). It is long past due that these fucking juveniles must exit my life now.

Now, as if I don't experience enough of this, someone outside my window just finished spitting on the ground.

Enough dulldom for a post, and plenty of furnace smells have been crammed up my nose all day.

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