Sunday, January 07, 2007

Metal Ringing Day

Only 10 hours of sleep instead of longer; what could be the reason that this was decided for me? The room shaking and outside noisemaking are ongoing, and the long familiar sound of running water in the pipes is back, something that has followed me night (as in 0300h even) and day over the last four residence locations.

And more "sound grafting", or perhaps more scientificaly, sound calibration. Yesteday (mid Saturday) it was the local Ukranian church's bell that sounded off when my brother was giving me a ride and we were at that very intersection, stopped at the traffic light. I can hear it from my room, and I am speculating that the perps wanted to tie the sound to neural correlates in him as well as me, simutaneously. Then today, a Sunday, the bell was sounding again at 0920h, an odd time on the right day, and simutaneously, the metal loading dolly was being scraped along the rough concrete surface outside, in the ever busy used clothing "operation" that goes seven days a week, most curiously. This latter noise, which is happening more often over the past few months, is likely conducted for its noise and vibration properties, vis a vis my energetics and their neural correlates.
That is my theory at least, and given the relentless progression of "doing dumber things" over the past 4 years, the notion of mind-control research is difficult to dispell, and even more unlikely to be of clinical origin. Add on the blatant unobjectivity of my family, and it does seem most odd that no one I know wants to talk about any of it.

More visual aberations are "happening"; how about seeing the above text in reverse video momentarily? This is on top of the orangish full width plasma beams that float up and down vertically on this LCD display, and sometimes going off horizontal, and it spells harassment, writ large.

The post mealtime room shaking is underway, and even some obvious "harumphs" of exagerated throat clearing to go with the hallway egress noise. I am eating up the ham that was left over in quantity over Christmas, and I suspect this diet change is of intense interest to the assholes that have me on a poultry diet for over four years. And for that observation, I got cough-stalked.

As part of the outside parking lot action, the perps arranged two crimson red sedans side by side, and then two white sedans of similar size side by side, next to the red vehicles. Hardly random, and not the first time, more like hundreds of this vehicle color configuration in my midst.

And for laughs, sort of, an aluminum ladder packing woman was trasnsporting it vertically up the outside stairwell, some 12' away, that faces my room. Now the drummers are starting, possibly through an open door. There are way too many benfits for the perps living here for this to be a short term stay IMHO.

An all-quiet order is out, and after the room shaking, I am glad for that. Why, I can even momentarily forget that I am under someone's microscope, save the forced typos.

I learned from my mother that my brother in Kamloops is coming down to visit, immediately following his colonoscopy, a 5 year "checkup" from his first one. Could this be another shit in the family energetics interaction meeting? Could be, and I got noisestalked and simutaneously zapped on the "s" word as I typed it. I hate to think what is going to happen, but no doubt this will be a big event for the perps, having one member being clinically do-pooed at the outset. It almost sounds like an alien abduction.

I am late in publishing this, another mind-fuck as I, if left to my own thoughts, would publish this at the conclusion of the day, and would not of suffered 30 typos in creating this caveat.

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