Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Windup for an Interview

The overhead clicking and clunking has begun, and a new round of coughing and hacking too. The perps woke me up for an 0500h time to hear the serial show of at least seven gangstalkers coming through the bathroom next door, and a background of coughing and hacking, likely the theme noise of the day, as they have put the fucker next door twice already. And three siren shows so far, and about ten brake squealings when one per day was the original norm. Even the church bells were put on for the extra crunchy cereals this morning, and there was a before and after nose running for chocolate consumption.

The perps got me riled up big time by imposing vision impairments; they have taken to blocking vision when an item is first sighted in the day, the peanut butter being the most obvious example. And if "I" shake my head to relieve the problem, that too is all for the good. I noted at my parents' (perp abettors) that they would coordinate their arm and leg movements at the precise moment of my head shaking (not having seen it) when watching TV.

And more yobos in the street last night before going to sleep; they were calling out and talking, and this is highly unusual for this neighborhood as it is primarily residential. And they have put more outside my room as I type (or because this is being typed) currently, though I have no idea what the cover story would be for this time of day.

Now that I have been online for a time, the perps are playing their plasma games with the LCD display; shading in blocks of text, moving yellowish blocks around and moving them off horizontal, and endless games that I am not aware of when they put these in my peripherial vision. It is fucking sick, and I suspect this and the smell jamming is getting me "ready" for my 1100h appointment for volunteering.

The noisestalking flavor has moved onto room shaking (3/ five minutes), overhead squeaking, hallway farting (a first) and that old standby from 0500h , coughing and hacking. This applies to mouse clicking actions, web page display onset, uncontrolled thoughts I might have (less and less these days), and are sometimes coordinated with transitory vision impairments.

Another round of intensified room shaking, and the nattering outside my door noisestalking was added in just when I was logging onto Yahoo for my email. Logins are one of the most noisestalked events going, and it seems that this was upping the ante some more. The seeming "gold standard" of noisestalking is to have human voice as a background noise, usually after a buildup over weeks or months of other coincident noises. Yesterday's male-male confrontation setup outside my window while eating chocolate comes to mind as an example.

I am off to my interview at a drop-in center as a possible volunteer, and no doubt a whole host of gangstalking interaction is planned. Who knows, this could be an entire perp operation, just as they stuffed the hospital with "patients", all of whom knew how to gangstalk. Nothing can be taken at face value, especially when one sees the amount of planning that has gone on, all while I was away and living in Seattle.

Onto siren noise again; it has been busier than Seattle for siren events today, which has been routine since I moved into the downtown Victoria region, now almost two years.

And more vision impairments timed with the internal head noises the perps plant.

I had my interview for volunteering at a drop-in center, though in fact, the whole drift of it changed, as they already have staff to lead the activities, and therefore, I can participate instead. Free swimming, yoga and Qi Gong is a good start and so is $1 for lunch. It may well become my routine, to hang out there and partake of the activities. Anyhow, the scene needs to be evaluated when open, as it was closed for cleaning today. This incremental increase of participants is often a perp managed means of slowly integrating me into a specific site. I can't complain yet.

Today's smells in the nose are skunk cabbage, of no discernable origin, and not the first time this particular one has erupted. So it would seem there is a smell series on today, to go with the above room shaking and hallway tromping that is continuing.

I walked much of yesterday's route, changing only the returning side of the road, and the vehicular and ambulatory gangstalk action was as busy as ever, especially in the store where three biddies lead ahead of me and then dithered at entrance where the black plastic shopping baskets are. The lead gangstalker met up with someone already in the store, strangely I thought, but the perps have been working this inside/outside energetics for 4 years, and are totally consistent in trying all possibilities. Another variant on the way out was the huggies between the cashiers as one is supposedly leaving. Any excuse will do, and the perps like to plant this bullshit around me everywhere, in pictures and live. Now a car alarm is set off, and there is at least one per day.

And more of the "just-stand-there" gangstalkers outside today. There were at least three, and one made a point of "drifting" across the sidewalk, and made sure to stick themselves behind me with the looking in the distance gag that has become laughable at times. She was dressed in black and grey with grey hair. There is some hangup the perps have about hair color, and I cannot fathom what it is.

And another consulting-forester-turned-perp-operative made sure to drive over the crosswalk I was walking on, and partake in the simultaneous two vehicle left hand turn. And when walking past the adjacent car dealership, with some 50 vehicles lined up, all the navy blue colored vehicles (~6) had their engines running and headlights on, projecting towars the sidewalk I was transiting. Another go-figure.

The tea and chocolate time has passed, so I expect another iteration of room shaking and other noise to follow.

More jerkarounds; the mental intrusion of facts swapping. A specific title and my knowlegde about it was fucked with by tying that knowlegde to another title. This has never happened before in my life and I am getting supremely vexed by this latest depraved intrusion. The perps are on a sick streak, and in saying that, the assholes noisestalked me with outside coughing.

The overhead pounding with mild zapping has started up again, another post teatime consistency the perps have brought on. It sounds like someone is wrestling with firewood upstairs. The event that seems to instignate the timing of the noise is the usual Windows activities of selecting, cutting, pasting text and bookmarking. I have some 30,000 links that are bookmarked over the past two years, and they are still gunning on this. Another go-figure.

Another harassed crap; a double. They blocked the toilet and forced a shower to clean up. Fucking sick; this is the fourth crap over two locations where they have sabotaged the toilet. Juvenility run amok.

It is the post mealtime period and I am sure there are plenty of noise games lined up, but it was interesting that they put the overhead clunking on when I was making dinner.

As I type this the noise started up. I had the earmuffs on to block the coughing cacaphony until an overhead clunk and a zap arrived, and then took them off. As soon as I did, at least two operatives in the hallway were in motion, talking and finally exiting the building. The "air freshener" spray was used twice in the hallway, per usual spray from the suite next to mine (not bothering with the pretense of "deciding" where to place it per cover story). And I got the smell jammed up my nose even if it wouldn't waft in through the closed door.

And I see in the news that a private Blackwater army helicopter went down in Iraq yesterday with the loss of five lives. Past consistency of perp activities in frequently exposing me to helicopter stories in the news has been noted. Of interest, I (assuming it was not a scripted mind-control insertion), came across an interesting blog site that mentioned the Blackwater operation only a few days before. This could be a coincidence, or yet another staged event that is similar to those in the past where helicopters have strangely crashed. I won't make a call on this as I am not privy to all the particulars, but as I see my life, there are no coincidences... It truly makes me wonder how much of what goes on is really what it seems.

No word yet from an inquest into the Canadian Coast Guard helicopter on a routine training mission that went down with the loss of the crew of three.

The overhead squeaking and creaking has started up; it is as if there were loose floorboards overhead and someone was purposely flexing them to purposely continue the noise. As mentioned in past blogs, it is very likely that this is created from a control room somewhere using their projected sound capabilities which I have known firsthand for over four years now. This same routine would erupt in a past residence location where I knew there was a table overhead, and yet the sound was directly from that location, as I first thought I would get a reprieve from it. No chance.

I get many knocks, chirps and clicks in this room, not attributable to anything, most nights when I first go to bed. They are simply the new norm, and for some reason, they don't need a cover story.

Noisy vehicles are now coming with other vehicle maintenance combination "sources"; a squeaking fanbelt and the hoarse muffler with the over-revving nonsense "driving style" that has erupted locally.

And I don't get any freedom from the noise as the assholes replicate it inside of my earmuffs when I put them on. It seems that the earmuffs are only for perp research purposes, being dark metallic green plastic. The hoarse mufflered vehicle has come back and is idling outside my window in the adjacent parking lot. All for me to hear, as the perps to determine the neural correlates to the noise and vibration.

A new term has evolved; "air freshener stalking". This is the event of the putative building manager leaning out of his room, spraying air freshener, and then bolting back inside again. No assessement if needed, just some kind of direction he must get, unless deranged which he isn't. This time, the stalking event was when I was bookmarking, one of the most noise/spray/vibration/plasma beamed/masered events that occurs, now running for the fifth year in sucession, even my latter days in Seattle. Fucking absurd. And today's ari freshener stalking may have been particular targeted for the bookmarking of an alien autopsy site. More inanity and unbelievable studpidity that the sick juvenile fucks won't come out of the closet.

The lock clatter and the simultaneous zapping harassment is back. It seems that the perps go through the noises each evening, adding a zapping to each unique occurence. Then the follow-on was to rustle some plastic in the hallway (left side) and over-rev an vehicle engine on the right side. It is like being at my parent's place with these these two widely spaced concurrent noises. My mother is always rustling plastic of various colors, often ass in the air, one of the high energetics readability poses.

And related to plastic rustling activity, a nylon coil zipper pulling gangstalker has arrived outside my door and is continuing this act of creating simultaneous noise and stressing plastic. Whatever the pollution/plastic problem the perps have is NOT MY PROBLEM, so why am I being pursued for someone else's research and very possibly, a total fuck up, especially when one considers how much authority they have.

As an example of their authority to change matters, they caused a constriction of the Canadian - US border by reducing the inspection officers when I was crossing N. bound into Canada to cause me to miss the last ferry and stay in a hotel room where they irradiated me from rooms on either side of mine (no sleep that night).

More off-screen emulatory displays of plasma; the assholes put on a plasma beam that is near identically colored as the web page display, and offset it some 4" to the left. Big fun and games for depraved juvies.

The moon is trained on me through a narrow window portion; I will not say this was arranged this time, but who knows, as my entire visual field is accessible and manipulable as I learned last year, by way of the perp's accomplishments. Time to blog off, and listen to the patter from whomever shows up in the adjacent parking lot.

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