Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back to Old Noises

Another absurd 11 hour sleep that translates to 3 hours longer than normal, the old normal that is. There seems to be a reversion back to the noiseflurries and overhead pounding, the noise and activity stalking of whatever I do. Today, I heard two coincident noises, from E. and W. as the very instant of punctuating my written journal with a full stop (period).

And they put on the girls' fitness class members outside in the frozen parking lot when I was shaving; they were dressed in blue and black, the blue of identical hue and brightness to the Schick shaver I had in hand, the one the perps forced me into getting by creating the clicking noises of the Gillette. And as I type that tradename, the overhead pounding started up and a 3x typo on the word "and" with me swearing at the assholes for the mind-fuck games that instignate that response. It is just fucking sick to be stalked over every letter, written or typed, and everything else, all the time.

Now some "construction" noise has started up inside this putative rooming house, and will no doubt be selectively applied to what I am doing at the very moment. The current hassle is that the perps are creating more vision impairments, often tied to clicking on links to web pages, usually around a product or manufacturer that I know of from the past. And now, the herd of operatives is on the move, heading outside into the snow, and slamming the front door and shaking this room.

And one must not forget the significance of yesterday's First Feral Family dinner, my visiting brother had a colonoscopy three days earlier, and that the perps want to maximize their investment in this somehow. And he did the "stand beside me" gangstalk stunts he has been known to do in the past; totally irregular and strange by any normal social behavior. What is next in this depraved nightmare I don't know, but reverting to form and scripting noise flurries seems to be a part of it.

An uneasy silence punctuated with standard noises; the coughing and hacking, the standardized thumps of vehicle door closings, and adding the plastic bag rustling to the serial herding moves and noises of the operatives as they leave this putative rooming house. And they are adding noise to simutaneous vision impairments, a first, but likely to continue, and I don't have any idea why they haven't done this so blatantly before. Very curious, not to mention the typo sabotage and the darkening of this room again.

Another fuckaround that is ramping up is for the perps to create a jaw dysfunction noise, a loud intermal head noise, even if the jaw hasn't moved. They like doing this on my right side, and thankfully, there is no associated jaw pain or discomfort. Call it pseudo TMJ noise or something like it, and it has been amplified to a greater level level as of today that is patently absurd. Naturally, the noise is applied coincidentally with an unbidden (i.e. non-mind controlled) thought passes through.

The internal head noise chorus has been slowly increasing over the past month, and more non-attributable noises have been slowly added into the sound mix. When I eat food, it is a free for all to create as much noise that they can without me noticing. For example, when eating chocolate this morning, the perps created a crunch sound at my teeth, as if it were mysteriously attributable to eating a soft substance.

I am in a post-nap torpor; the "need" came on at dusk onset time, and I was out for an hour. This is absurd following 11 hours of nightime sleep and has never happened before the perps began overt harassment in 04-2002, or BOH.

Their big play today is to continue the vision impairment games, and this has been expedited by the augmentation of some scuzz on my glasses, another nightime arrival that "I" have been slack about removing for some reason.

The perps have me reading UFO abduction cases as well as the chronic distrust in the UFO community. It is the same in the Targeted Individual community. A recent Washington Post article by Sharon Weinberger has the contributing TI individuals pissed off, as she has turned turtle and passes it off as a clinical condition. My emails to her were never acknowledged so there is a good chance she never recieved them. I will attempt to get a link although it is behind a subscription fence, though perhaps someone has re-copied it. I am too indolent to care at the moment.


More "old noises" after some rare calm. The overhead floor pounding and clicking is on again, and is especially keen in tracking my (read, mind controlled scripted activity) reading about exopolitics, the consideration of Extraterrestrials in world governance. Not that I know much about it, but the perps have been setting me up for reading about UFO's, abductions, exopolitics and related content. This gets noisestalked as well as any uncontrolled observations that I may make while reading about this.

This afternoon the perps pulled a bizarre stunt; they had a propane tank and burner on a stand in the adjacent parking lot, on the burner was a deep pot. And about the moment that I was eating my ham lunch, they pulled out weiners from the boiling water inside the pot. And there were at least three operatives in their special shirt colors; a red, a grey and a light blue colored shirt. Then at least two vehicles arrived to attempt to park where they were situated in a parking stall. All part of the theatre I suppose. It was the same location a wheelchair operative sat and did nothing for the minute or so I was looking some months ago. I have not understood what their game was today, unless it was to replicate something they discovered at so-called family dinner last night.

Some relative quiet after they drove me to put on the ear muffs (dark green plastic) for a water in pipes noise. As always, some noise gets planted inside the earmuffs for correlation to other noises perhaps. Another day of mental captivity done.

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