Monday, January 29, 2007

The Home Front

This is the post parent visit/stay-over day, and today I was allowed to take the bus back to my place and view the perp inanity first hand and all their color and racial games. They even put my old boss on the street in a brown coat to be recognized out the window. And about one third into the trip, they put an outrageously loud orange colored anorak act in front of me after the MIB got off. And one of my regular in-town gangstalkers came to sit behind me again. It is simply amazing how this fucker keeps "popping up", second only to Mr Passport Tosser. (See past blogs for how often he resurfaces).

The above MIB came with an unusual accouterment, something he chose to show me by turning his head toward me for > 5 seconds; it is the second such event, the Elastoplast band-aid stalk. In simple terms, the operatives are putting an band-aid in their skin for me to see at some point in the exchange. His was across his ear, and a portion was folded on itself that projected beyond the ear. It is fucking hilarious to think that anyone could possibly cut their ear like that; it was simply a device to get some kind of brown color reference between me and him, as the assholes have caused many a cut, and have me use this same kind of band-aid (fabric, skin toned). I must take my camera with me more often, though I suspect I would not have got the picture as they lay on the finger fumbling real bad if they want to foil me from taking a photograph.

The last known person to sport the "band-aid stalk" was the black woman whom I met at the bus stop, who laid on the patient story even though she said she wasn't one when I met her in hospital, and a physician also verified it. I believe it was a December blog post, but I am lacking my usual abilities to search for it and link it.

And the bus aisle jamming trick again; one from each side jointly plugging through passage and pretending not to be aware of the other, and then both of them not moving when I asked them to. All to create more voice interaction when I was departing the bus, normally a highly gangstalked situation. There is something fundamental the perps don't understand about vehicle travel and the respective energetics. But they want to harass the living hell out of my life to find out.

It was the usual parental visitation drudgery last night (Sunday), and the dubious honor of having the fuckers gangstalk me, this time with coordinated leg crossings and uncrossings as well as projecting their feet together, symetrically. The masers were almost thick, and the Cathode Ray Tube TV serves as a useful magnetism source for all the beams and "spray" (as I call these vision distorting emanations from a single source).

And a First Feral Family event to witness a frozen Windows crash of an application mashup, all of us together. This is routine for me; seeing an application graphically interleaved with the next requested application; dialog boxes and lines from one are interlaced with the other for 1 to 5 seconds. This time the interlaced applications were frozen in this manner so all three of us could get a good long look at it. Even my demented (or facsimilie thereof) father was in on the act, standing even closer though he had nothing to do with the event. So no internet access which is expectable as the assholes have degraded the mouse to the level of total vexation, and not too unexpectedly, my mother does nothing about it.

And I noted that the perps have put a brown covered armchair on the front porch of this house; they must of been tired of chasing me with brown vehicles in the street and posting their operatives to "lounge around" the doorway when I am coming in. This chair then serves as some kind of brown reference upon exit from this house, as the perps are still doing their shit chasing games. Parking a green haired operative to sit on the sidewalk waiting for me to exit and then return an half hour later wasn't enough "brown action" I surmise. It always gets stupider. Now chirping water pipes are coming on.

The perps were putting on a big noise flurry while I was making lunch today, the same fucking food I eat (am allowed to eat, that is) every day. They put on a succession of loud mufflered vehicles and then followed with hallway conversations that tended to be on the loud side, especially to cover me when I was cutting up the cooked chicken meat, slicing cheese, pouring olive oil into the pan, spreading a red-brown tapenade on the brown tortilla, spreading the chicken meat on the tapenade, and when cutting the cooked tortilla. It fucking nuts to be under this microscope for all this minutia all the time. Then to top it off, they applied an extra round of soap bubbles on my work surface after I had cleaned it in a blatant show of fuckery.

I had thought of doing my laundry this afternoon, but "I" have slid into a demotivated slump in front of my computer, and I sense this will be my big achievement of the day. Earlier, they delayed the bus to thwart timely arrival to Qi Gong, so they benefited from me wearing my black workout pants and having my jeans in the backpack. Maybe this was why they stacked the bus with a full suite of the weirds and other gangstalking demographic members.

As far as parked vehicle gangstalking goes, they are laying on a lot more "grey scale" color vehicles and then insert only a few red vehicles in at a time. Instead of the black, white and silver grey lineup, they are creating at least a five level greyness range in each of the cardinal directions as the bus turned. Similarly for the ambulatory gangstalkers on the bus, they put on a fat sucker in a deep red wool and leather combination jacket, the same one I exchanged words with about blocking the aisle.

And next to the outrageous orange jacket in front of me, they put a black and white checked jacket woman with ugly thin brown hair. Another evident method was to rotate the gangstalkers around me; the gangstalker behind me would get off and then the one two rows ahead would replace him, and then they introduce another one two rows ahead. I have never seen so many shuffling bus passengers than today, with me in the middle of this arrangement.

Now zappings are being administered simultaneously with the vehicle door closure noise, which is desinged to piss me off, and have me vocalize just that. Modays must be days of significant progress opportunity as the perps put on more noise, louder noise, more harassment combinations (above), hours of sleeplessness (before on on Mondays), brown vehicles under my window (routinely the same one, a very light metallic tan color) and other harassment to rile me op and continue to swear at them

A quieter time over the last 3 hour period, save the odd loud mufflered vehicle throbbing in a protracted sound decay. The coughstalking is ongoing, though not as frequent. These quieter times make me suspicious in some way, though that too could be a planted notion that the perps like to pull. The vision assaults have been continuous, as the perps like me to read in a disjunct fashion, skipping paragraphs, reading the conclusion and various othere redirections of my attention along with degrading my vision temporarily to prod me to move to other locations in an article.

I cannot recall what the noisestalked word is now, but earlier they noisestalked me over a simple word, probably and adjective, and it seems clear that every utterance I make, and that might be all planted ones now, is fair game to be noisestalked. The perps seem to want a full life experience energetics inventory, at least that of the present. I have no idea if they can retroactively decode my energetic past, especially before overt harassment when the irradiation was contained. Now, it is irradiation all over, and anywhere I look there is this hashed and/or vibratory look to anything. If I stop long enough, more than a few seconds, I can see pulses, masers, plasma or other visual perturbations emanating from any quarter, even off the gangstalker operatives.

A withering assault on my right eye as I was about to read an article on Steve Earle; this is the post meal perp activity time, so I reallly don't know why they started this new attack style up. It was the first article to be read since logging on as well. In the process, they also clashed my teeth together a few times, a very common jerkaround, though relatively benign. And they like it when "I" shake my head as well to attempt to avoid the harassment; they start up noisestalking with this, and they also have any gangstalking parents (yesterday) move about more, though pretending not to notice me.

the overhead pounding and squeaking has arrived overhead; there was none until after dinner, and it is intermittent, geared to the thoughtstalking level. Any unbidden notions immediately beget some kind of overhead ructions. The front door closure noise, the "commensurate" room shaking and the dog bark noise are also in the noise mix presently, and are more often keyed to reading specific words. Smells up the nose are becoming persistent too.

The overhead thumping continues, and now a zapping is added in. And the perps make sure that I get intensely cranky at every intrusion. Most times I haven't been made as irate as tonight, but when they control one's reactions, this is the outcome. More intense intrusion and response.

Another battle as to what I am allowed to read, all in the form of a confluence of overhead thunping, zapping, smells jammed up my nose, and the assholes giving me fluctuating vision impairments. Such is life as an object of the World Gestapo, constant typo assault all the time, no questions answered.

More on/off overhead pounding, over-revving-loud mufflered vehicles, (noisestalking as I type this) and vision impairments that the assholes keep plugging me with.

The ear-ringing has been on a screamingly high setting tonight; this is the condition the perps plant as a lifetime constant, except turning up the volume these past months. Occasionally they will pull an abrupt frequency change, sometimes in concert with additional noise or their sunshine games.
Time to blog off, as I am sure there will be no interesting news for the remainder of today.
Noisestalked Words du Jour;
sucked (as in the physical action) got me a noisestalking and a coincident zapping,
Sweden (overhead pounding and "my" mind-fucked irate reaction),

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