Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nothing in Particular

I had a two appointments morning, both at the same building. I met my caseworker and then did Qi Gong afterward. And it was my turn to be scheduled late for the latter, though two more Qi Gong attendees came after me. And as I predicted, the perps began filtering in brown skinned race members, an Asian woman was there for the first time. And the red hat act of last time was dressed in a 3/4 length black leather jacket with black gloves, and kept these outside clothes on for all of the Qi Gong class. Fucking ridiculous, though it is no secret that the perps favor black leather jackets, and even have their operatives wearing them on warm summer days.

And my "pals" of Qi Gong were all arranged for a 3/4 encirclement, and then further encroached upon my space as the class went on. One woman, a blonde, who was wearing a mid-blue track suit the last twice when I was there, arrived after me in this grotesque orange colored track suit. Talk about an affront to the eyes, and she placed herself beside the instructor where I couldn't miss this visual barrage. Anyhow, it was all over in 30 minutes. Fucking bizarre, and more to follow I assume.

I walked there and back, 25 minutes each way on a major thoroughfare, and there was plenty of color coordinated vehicle formations, and yesterday on that route, they put on a boom truck. (And arranged for me to walk underneath it as they were trimming tree branches). And plenty of vehicular traffic, and more than 3 times the normal flow, and there was also coordinated (same) colors of pedestrian gangstalkers as the vehicles that passed by them. I reckon the perps put at least 500 vehicles on gangstalk duty, over and above normal traffic flow today, for my 50 minutes of walking.

At one intersection corner where I make a right turn, the perps arranged for a Coca Cola delivery truck in red and metallic aluminum colors to be paralleled with a white 5 tonne delivery truck (6' apart) in a convenience store parking lot, and thereby monopolizing all of it to prevent any other vehicle egress. There is something about the Pandora and Cook Street intersection that the perps want to get a handle on, and this was evident long before today's large vehicular gangstalk at that corner. Not my problem, why am I constantly gangstalked there?

And the curse of the bad whistling continues to follow me; this time the waiting room had someone who was on duty for that number, and this is a regular event somewhere on my beat; checkouts, stores etc.

The case worker appointment was a wash, there was nothing vital going on, except that the perps "lowered the boom" again, and had me stumbling to find my words. They had me "turned on" last time for the nursing students, which my case worker praised me for today. And "somehow" the notion of asking her if this brilliance was me, or the mind-controlled me was dispensed with. The act of self-censorship is now mind-controllable in case one thinks there is any form of volition given to me.

Toward the end of the session with the case worker, she leaned in, and a maser shone only 1/4" from her right temple, and a hallway sourced noise erupted simultaneously. Another one of those signature magnetic field events that erupts beside or from the health care worker. I have no idea what is going on behind me, as they make sure there are no mirrors around. Qi Gong had plenty of furtive plasma beams in class, as well as odd reflections off surfaces, and of course, no one made any mention about it.

Another "TV" antenna was erected on a building opposite 100 yards away, they are the new growth industry in this city. And it should be noted, that this city has been on cablevision for over four decades, and the once forest of suburban TV antennae has long gone, but "happens" to be coming back now.

At least two awakenings last night; another round in the time series of listening to the coughing and hacking noise/act, and a mandated look at the bedding in this grainy contrasty look that the perps can bring about.

This is the post-dinner period where the perps lay on extra noise, but they were very busy while I was making dinner, and especially so when I was taking the cling wrap off the cheese. There have been many cling-wrap wars, and also, cheese is a major fetish for the assholes who flick chunks of it about, and who forced me into getting a slicer instead of the grater. (The latter couldn't be found in the last move). And they are still fucking with the lie of the slices, and always flip them about, usually at a 90 degrees offset between slices. It is simply amazing the amount of effort they devote to this banality, and won't summon the gumption to come out of the closet.

Anyhow, the entire objective of the constant annoyances is to keep me talking away, as in swearing in complaining about these gutless juvies that continue to keep me in this undeserved purgatory.

The front door and room shaking has ramped up to 2/minute as the putative residents depart in serial form, as if in a frat house. And while reading the name of an actress, not to be repeated here, the coughing was precisely time for that very moment of cognition. Similarly, yesterday, while reading the name of someone I know, the perps zoned me out so "I" didn't recognize the name, and kept reading. It was only upon re-reading was I allowed to recognize the name. And now, the distant loud mufflered vehicles are making their noise, as if I had the window open and I don't. More of the projected sound games IMHO.

The overhead pounding and squeaking has started up; I had been reading about the Boeing 787 aircraft, and the perps decided to get into noisestalking this with their most intrusive noise. The in-house "activities" had been minimal for the past hour or so, a welcome relief.

The adjacent parking lot action is heating up; they are supplying voice noise (as I call it) from my right side, even if there isn't a cover story for them to hang around in an ill-lit corner of the lot. About 10 minutes earlier, the perps created the noise of dinner plates slamming all by themselves, something they wouldn't do as they are lying flat. And they may have added a zap in there as "I" jumped some, and ordinarily I wouldn't have. I cannot trust any reaction to be my own.

Time to blog off, and call this another dull day in hell in the service on nonconsensual human experimentation.

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