Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wakeup for Orchestrated Thumping

Another nightime awakening only to hear, and be thoughtstalked by, the overhead thumping that also returned for my morning routine of breakfast, showering, shaving and dental hygeine. The perps especially like to put on overhead clunking during shaving, one of their current obsessions, still. I had a crimson shirted gangstalker/operative waiting for me as I exited the bathroom, just standing in the hallway waiting for me when I exited the bathroom. He went in, and didn't make a noise while there, which I would of heard as the bathroom is next door. And how did he know I was to exit then; can we say blatant gangstalking in a prime color?

And the perps are parking most of their gangstalker vehicles outside in the shade, and selectively introducing one that is sunlit. This is the same as what they are doing with human faces and figures; placing them in shade, or playing backlit/plasma games, and minimizing the degree of contrast and lighting at fist sight. They even do this for photographs of faces on the online news I read.

The coughing and hacking gang is hard at it; putting on the show and protracting every jag to maximize the duration and noise level.

The gangstalking/noise flurry level is building up in expectation of me doing the chicken run; acquiring a cooked chicken from the grocery store. And I note that masers have been flying in from outside and through the plexiglas window, so I am assuming they are getting better inside and outside correlation as to the energetics of the two environments. I also had the honor of seeing some brown skinned 6 y.o. chirping like a crow outside my window on the facing stairwell. Dressed in a purple jacket and doing this for no discernable reason, but this is not the first time the perps have put kids on for doing totally absurd acts. Once I asked them what they earned, and they told me it was $20. True or not, who knows, as they seemed ready for the question.

Last night I got the revelous yobos outside this building as my nightime serenade; about a half hour before bedtime, and it was continuous until I fell asleep. The vertical to horizontal transition time is another obsession of the assholes.

The overhead tromping has erupted, some six continuous "persons" pacing back and forth overhead in a slow decay beat. It beggars belief that anyone would actually function in that way.

The Harley Davidson like motorcycle noise has been ongoing all afternoon since I returned from the chicken run and was allowed to read the newspaper. Normally the paper that I like to read for Saturdays is sold out by the time I get to the grocery store. This time there was a corner-bent copy remaining, and so I became the substantial focus of ongoing vehicular noise for the 1.5 hours that I was reading it. This activity followed eating chicken meat off the carcass, the usual pattern when I take a cooked and hot chicken home. The perps cannot get enough excitement from this, and regularly interfere with me de-fatting it (skin removal) before I eat some off the bird and put the remainder in the fridge.

A new definition for "binder minders" has arisen. Some of the gangstalkers are walking about holding 3 ring binders as if on some business mission. (On a Saturday in this town,- absurd save retail). From what I can tell, they are using these as colored plastic flat reference surfaces for their energy assay activity. They have packed dinner plates in the past (once), but seem to have settled on packing binders around as a plastic equivalent with a plausible cover story. The perps had their operatives dressed up as Amnesty International reps doing a membership drive in some kind of twisted irony, and this was white colored binders. It may well be that they have moved on to other colors, as green was one of them today.

Now the sniffling act from the next door bathroom has started up, and more motorcycle noise. It seems the perps are up to more noise blending; start one noise while the first one is fading out. More joy for small minds. And plenty of in-my-face plasma action today; normally they like to create a more persistent plasma display in my vision under the pretense of a retina burn from an "inadvertent" look at a bright sunlight reflection. Not today, just plant this in my vision and let it fade over a few minutes. Blue and red are the colors of choice today.

The serial egress of operatives to create more front door closure noise is simultaneously arranged with my mouse clicks and new web page display. The overhead tromping beat also continues in its absurdity. And it is a noise flurry, as the front door closure noise is at frat house levels. 3/5 minutes.

The annoying, or mind-controlled to be annoying more like, overhead hallway tromping continues. From the noise occurence frequency, it has the level of that of a public library, and more is laid on as I type this. The absurdity level is of lesser importance it seems, and is now all about riling me up, and that only needs to be scripted into my activities with the noise serving as the excuse.

Back to the same noises after a 10 minute break, and it seems that and brake squealing are "in", with no options but to bear it.

I had the green hair act doing street loitering today; a male in bright green hair was sitting on the concrete sidewalk and leaning against the yellow painted plywood bins that contain clothes in black plastic bags. This the storage "facility" for the used clothing store, where all the action takes place and serves as a cover story for much of the neighborhood noise. The green hair act was at the same location when I departed, and when I returned. Not bad for a 30 minute grocery store visitation (aka chicken run), and this dude marks the first time the perps have planted anyone doing nothing for that length of time. The "just-stand-there" shills and operatives usually dissipate in short order not to be seen again.

And I got the cat act; two bums sitting on a bus stop bench with two cats on a leash; one was all grey, the other all black. I assumed this was part of the colorstalking viewscape, as the perps have been big on their greyscale shades between black and white. This includes vehicle colors and clothing colors.

And in a new gangstalk arrangement, I got the dual couple-stalk; one couple holding hands who "happened" to be near another, and "somehow" configured themselves for me to pass between them. This is an upgrade of the "split couple" stunt where they split apart for me to walk between them.

This is the post-dinner digestion period and the overhead clunking has just arrived, and the idling diesel truck in the adjacent parking lot has been there for five minutes. Now the church bells of the Ukrainian church have re-started, as they also rung while eating my dinner. This might be an attempt to correlate the noises and their energetic associations. But the number of post-dinner overhead clunkings has been totally consistent. And this is an earlier dinner, when there was still natural light out, and lapsing into dusk as it is now.

So it would seem that there is a connection between the perp's dusk problem and their post-dinner digestion time. Not my problem, why am I being noisestalked in the same way every day over this?

More diesel engine idling, this time it is revved up, and more vehicles on top of that. The overhead clunking and coincident coughing has also returned. Back to basic noise assault.

I or the invaded "I", finished my second blog posting of the day in an unfamiliar burst of motivation. And this seems to be a big lead up to being cough stalked, loud muffler vehicles sounding off and yet more plasma games on this LCD display. And in all likelihood, the posting was entirely scripted and arranged totally by mind control. That two confirming sources erupt on one day is unheard of. Anyhow, this posting is coherent and outward looking, rather than the blow by blow journaling that you see here.

Another oddity noise that is getting more airplay these days is the one note dog bark. It sounds like a mid sized dog, but only for one bark, then silence. In the past, more authentic sounding dog barking noise has erupted as a member of the noisescape, but this one has no cover story. There is the similare one note clap sound as well, another truncated noise type with no attributable cause.

The herd of operatives and the noisescape have been muted for the past hour or so, and are now having a minor resurgence. And of course, timing the noise to web page display changes, and even blinking of my eyes as I refocus through the veil of maser trails they erect in front of the LCD display. Even the overhead clunking has "woken up" to join this mini barrage.

The natterers below my window have departed, but the big truck fuck is on schedule; two pickup trucks, one in close and another a half block away are both over revving their engines and sitting in one place, not moving on like most would do. And the last of the motorcycle noise I hope; there had to be at least 40 motorcyle noise events today, a significant increase on the last residence.

Time to blog off and call it another dull day under the microscope of the sickos.

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