Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back to the Chicken Run

This is the first chicken since Christmas Eve, as I was supplied with a whack of ham afterwards that the perps made iffy in terms of edibility. They soaked it, introducing water into the cling wrapped package, and it became a little smelly in time. And knowing how they like to exploit anything that is a potential problem, I decided to throw the rest of it out in the garbage.

I would of expected the cooked ham to last longer, but with the stunt of adding water condensation inside of the cling wrap, the perps created one of their favorite stunts, wholesale tossing of some item into the garbage. As mentioned before, most food item packages are tossed out in two's or three's; e.g. the new cheese package with the old tortilla package etc.

But I did get tailed again the entire way to the grocery store to buy hot cooked chicken, and by a coffee bearing gangstalker who paralleled me for a block and "showed up" again. So did another orange coated gangstalker, who pulled the same stunt, and then when I was to go into the grocery store, they put on another gangstalker in his place that had the same color of coat, and who buzzed me at least for three reprise gangstalkings including preceeding me at the checkout. She departed, to reveal a leather coated gangstalker having some arrangement to linger at the checkout even though she was ahead of the orange coated one. The cashier strangely placed a white reciept/till tape on the conveyor belt near my items, as some kind of white reference test object, in place of the myriad crumbs I get from the perp assholes.

I got the plastic baggers following and gangstalking me; the oversized clear plastic bag full of pop cans and another black plastic bag in hand, sweeping the entire width of the sidewalk coming toward me. It never ends, the plastic games that go on. And it should be noted that the plentiful Gore-tex anoraks in this town, are in fact lined with plastic, as that is what Gore-tex is, a membrane that allows water vapor to pass through, but not liquid water. And they put two twin-like (same height and build) males on me at one intersection; one in a red anorak, and another in a bright electric blue. In the latter case, he followed me for at least a block, and I wasn't allowed to look though I had intended to at one point.

I got my in-house gangstalker regular on me when I returned from the chicken run. He was paralleling me across the street, then took his time to unlock the door, and when was almost there, he closed it on me. I get my key out and unlock it, and when I was coming in, he was walking the length of the hallway coming toward me, when I know "his suite" (two of them that he frequents as his cover) is beside the front door. In other words, he took a diversion and walked past his suite's door, past my door, and then came back on me once I got in with my chicken in the grocery bag, the most gangstalked item there is.

More outside ructions/noise; and does it ever spike when I attempt to remove chicken from my teeth. The noise flurries are upon me then, and even the overhead noise which they seem to reserve for their most problematical situations comes on, when it had been quiet for hours.

The clatter of glass bottles being bashed continues, and the perps made sure I heard it at nightime too, waking me up at about 0500h and having one of the three serial bathroom users washing his dishes in the sink. That is what I get awakened for, listening to planted noise variations, ones they also insert in the daytime, and at multiple locations. This same noise has somehow erupted outside, and I am sure that the vibrations are just as important, as crockery bashing also erupts, and my perp abettor parents are full measure for this.

I have returned from a second family dinner in three days which included my brother who was visiting from Kamloops, his wife an 22 month old daughter. And there were the same common moves of standing in front of a light (meant to be a task light but is always pointed horizonally for some reason), and then alternating with my father standing in front of the same light, and then they would alternate. Then ditto on the TV; after "I" moved from this testing, I thought that was the end of it. But no, they did the same in front of the TV, about the same height off the floor as the light. Then my niece was running back and forth between the TV and me. She also handed me plastic items, one containing many color pencils and crayons. It seemed that I could not get away from yet another test and/or programmed stunt the the perps had arranged. Fucking tiresome to say the least.

Anyhow, I was glad to be out of there with the masers and plasma beams, and not be baited with all things plastic and colored. And for some time, my niece was playing with a fridge magnet which was in the form of a transparent plastic case, 2" diamenter, that was filled with glycerine and sparkle dust inside of it. Talk about a made for harassment gadget, where they irradiate me constantly with magnetic energy which I have measured to be >200 Gauss.

Though in getting there, I took the bus, and lo, if a young blonde woman didn't have this atrocious colored translucent red plastic bag with her while waiting a few minutes at the bus stop. Another dislike that is getting the blonde woman treatment, whatever that conveys to the perps who keep setting me up with this color.

And on account of sitting beside my niece at the dinner table, I had the gangstalked honor of having her blue plastic tray placed in front of me, and then later the white plastic tray underneath it. It seems that I can never get away from some asshole planting specific colors of plastic around me. I live in a plastic sided house not of my choosing, isn't that enough?

And the party that needs to know something more about my plastic contents that have polluted me in the past, has had 52 years to figure it out and still won't come of the closet. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

Another managed coincidence came from the television; the news was doing a piece on colon cancer and how preventable it is, and that the polyps that can form are incipient cancerous objects. And it so happens that my brother had a colonoscopy only 4 days earlier, and that might be the sole reason for this visit's timing; to gangstalk me with his clinically de-pooed self. Anyhow, it was not a coincidence in my book, just another elicitation from the perps who are getting nuttier over the coincidence factor.

Just to think, another 6 months at least under this microscope and constant harassment IMHO. I noted that the perps put on a exiting from downtown rush hour as I was waiting for the bus at 1645h on a Sunday. And when driven back by my brother, there was more staged vehicular traffic that numbered about some 500 vehicles for a 10 minute ride. The usual over-supply of ambulatory shills were at the bus stops as well (~2100h on a Sunday night), another time worn gangstalk method.

Time to call this a blog, and post.

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