Friday, January 12, 2007

Onto New Noises

It seems the steady diet of front door closures and room shaking has run its course, offering some relief from this kind of perturbation. Hence the more quieter times of late. But never at a loss or a plan to add more harassment, today marks the bathroom cleaning activity, just on the other side of my wall. There have been plenty of toilet seat slammings as part of the activity, and wall knockings too. The ubiquitous coughing chorus has also augmented today's flavor of the noisescape. And all that cleaning is good for some shots of cleaner smell in the nose to go with the pacing with flip flops back and forth outside my room. This putative rooming house room is way too much potential for harassment for the perps to give this up anytime soon.

Another absudrd 10.5 hour sleep, some ugly dreams (likely introduced) and an early awakening (~0500h) for 40 minutes for thoughtstalking noise from the above "resident" of the usual clunking and squeaking. Only once has this awakening stunt not been noisestalked with this same noise activity in the four months I have been here. I cannot count the number of times this pattern has repeated, but something like >40 is my best estimate.

The weather is near freezing, and there is still snow on the ground from the snowfall two days ago. No doubt these temperature differentials also factor in the harassment/energetic assay games, as they also like to lay on the radiant heaters at the checkout at the grocery store these days. Any excuse will do, and who knows what next.

But coffee flicking is playing big; some fresh coffee grounds literally lept off the spoon and took a trajectory of falling outside the Bodum pot, emulating the majority being placed into the glass pot.
Then when pouring water onto the coffee grounds, a droplet of coffee lept out of the pot, took a lateral turn, and it too fell down on the outside of the pot. Then, when not looking, another droplet of coffee grounds "appeared" not far from the previous two (the lid was on the pot then). This three time coffee leaping for one coffee making event is decidedly scientific sounding. This might explain why the perps and shills are wandering around with their coffee at a forearm's length from themselves, keeping it as distant as they can from them, presumably in an attempt to isolate the brown color energetics interaction with themselves and me, some 20' away, sometimes more.

And more minor perp silliness erupted; they invoked a nose running event while having breakfast, before coffee making, and the second I touched my nose to clean their mess off, a mid brown particle materialized in mid air beside my nose, and took a spinning but vertical trajectory some 4" from me, likely as a first brown color test of my vertical profile. Anyhow, more games for more sick minds than I ever thought possible, though the chocolate-stalking of two days ago at LD when picking up my Rx, still astounds me as to how nuts the perps are in staying in their closet, and not declaring their intentions.

Today, I get to visit my parents, as my brother, his wife and two year old daughter are visiting from Kamloops, he having had a clinical de-pooing colonscopy "checkup" three days ago. No doubt this is the cusp of some serious brown research later, and keeping me room bound today is all part of the deal.

The wind up of perp activity before lunch time was the re-introduction of cleaning products smells, at least an hour since the next door bathroom was actually cleaned. This is the post-meal/food digestion time, and is another source of noise flurries, which is occuring as I type. The hallway tromping, this floor and upstairs, the front door closures in serial form and the (faux cause) room shaking, and the voices in the hallways, just chatting. And for a new exercise, someone has decided to measure the hallway distance with a tape measure, the usual kind made from bendable metal that was flexed and pulled along. No doubt the yellow color is important too for all the games that go on in this respect, as I haven't yet gone outside today.

The serial front door closure noises are continuing, frat house style, and each time the perps simutaneously shake this room, as if the two events are physically connected, which they aren't. The front door is 20' away, and I have known no house to shake as much as this. Besides, the shaking didn't start until mid October, and yet the front door was used just as much.

The plasm and maser games have been going full measure, and continue to hop and bob in front of this LCD display.

It is back to old noises now; the crashing of the front door and the simutaneous room shaking. This is post afternoon tea and chocolate, and perhaps this is the point of digestion where they are stepping up their investigation. After all, it is brown food, and that is a big deal for the perps to figure out. My youngest brother is coming shortly to take me to a full family dinner, presumably at my parents place, and we call all play pretend and follow the perps' script that has been developed to elict whatever it is, in all the multifarious complexity, that they are after, besides 100% mind control. Going by noisestalking of my thoughts, I suspect the perps are about three weeks away from attaining 100% mind control.

Last night they pulled a new number on me, screwing around with the perception of my direction I was scrolling in Windows; down was up, and I wasn't allowed to even remember that I did any scrolling. This fit the pattern of having me re-read text that I had read, but I wasn't allowed to know that in advance. As soon as I detected the repeat, the noisestalking, masers and plasma games erupted. As far as I know, that is all they need to finish assaying, then it will be 100% mind control.

A roofing truck has come to park in the adjacent parking lot; at this time of day, they are starting on a new job.

I have returned from Feral Family Gangstalk time; two brothers, one from out of town with his wife and their daughter of 22 months and my ex-wife. Fucking tiresome these gangstalk shifts, the waving, pointing, hands in front of their faces (or furniture arranged to do the same), standing or sitting in alignment and a new stunt; TV color emulation and blending. The usual bend-over activities, waving and pointing and obstructing their faces with their hands, as if everyone suddenly became more expressive for some reason.

And a new case of "brown blending" was witnessed. My youngest brother was in a brown shirt and he "happened" to be partially in front of the TV that was on, but no one was watching. And here he was in his brown shirt, and a brown skinned race person was on TV, and this happened twice for a few minutes. Call it "brown aura borrowing" or some such, it was as silly as it was blatant. I have seen the similar coincidence of red dressed perps and shills standing next to the same red colored vehciles for a few years now, but I hadn't seen this either in brown or with the aid of a television image before. All this tells me is that the perps have another year at least of this sick game they planted on me, as they appear to want to differeniate the colors, objects and meaning at a fundamental neural level, possibly at the quantum state if one planted book (unknown acquisition/arrival) is correct.

And of course the book is too difficult to understand in the main, another "gift" from the assholes again; learning impairments they have long identified (since 1960) and a tip-off that is indecipherable serious thought work. Some fucker needs to hang for that shiv in the face.

And so the entire evening went; these feints and games, purposeful dumbfucking, and bullshit excuses to stand behind me or put their hands in the same position. I even got the Pres. George Bush neck grab on Chancellor Merkel treatment from my mother at one point, all in the game of ho, ho, ho. Fucking depraved and sick, to having these fuckers as perpetual liars, and then continue this game of pretend all the time.

Nice to see my niece as she is beginning to speak and formulate her words and verbal constructs. Other than that, I could of done without the bullshit and being generally ignored; no one asks how I am doing, what I am doing, and expressly make a point of not wanting to know. All part of the planned isolation and intentional depravity, while they begin games as to whose brown shirt should be next to what else was selected of the same color. Fucking tiresome.

The chocolate (read, brown colored) ice cream was also featured at dinner tonight, and mysteriously, my brother's tea saucer had three large splats on it, in an arc, with the lastmost splat kept from view from the angle I witnessed this little bullshit routine.

And some word planting on me to say things that I had no intention of saying, another piss-off some gutless perp fucker had better explain as to why.

And more forced yawning tonight, especially when my brother picked me up in his white trades van, and all the more noticeable whenever he went around a corner.

A self-invocation of toilet seat banging noise has erupted; there is no one in the next door bathroom, but when a needed noisestalk is needed with coincident plastic stress, why not? Banging the toilet seat does seem to be a big thing today, and the fuckers are going to keep at it. In general, the plastic bag shaking and folding activity has been getting more noisestalk time, though in fact, it should be called plastic-stalking to include both the material and the associated noise the perps like to make with it, anytime in my proximity.

Enough for a posting, even if this is a dull one as I don't have anything exciting to blog about unless I go into the gory details of a family gangstalk time. But, the perps had me in a disenfranchised frame of mind, and were content to let me dwell in that for the evening. The ascetic cynic of any and all bonhomie perhaps.

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