Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Qi Gong Gang(stalk)

The perps had me scripted for Qi Gong and the gang was all there, three of them clustered behind my back and a fourth slowly encroaching as the half hour class went on. The usual shuffling to accomodate latecomers, and then the incremental approach of the red ballcapped dude, who then found cause to take it off halfway through. Meanwhile there were undeniable plasma events, and even the odd blackish maser wave. The on-cue coughers again, e.g. when I bring my hands together to touch them, and a nonattributable whistling sound that the instructor saw fit to comment on. Of course none of the participants volunteered any notion of knowing where it came from, this being the first instance of it.

About 20 "participants"/gangstalkers, and they represented some demographics besides the colors of clothing that they wore. And should I have mentally noted the reason for a particular clothing combination, the throat clearing would immediately begin. Call it throat-clearing-stalking just to be obscure. Represented demographics were; obesity, grey hair, both male and female, and dufuses. I expect other gangstalking demographics will show up in time, and be incrementally inserted; e.g. brown skinned races, skinheads, chinless ones, UK accents and maybe a few others that don't come to mind.

Before the class started, I got my dishy blonde girl gangstalk in the elevator on the way up, and she even deigned to make small chat. And as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, why the Qi Gong Gang was all lined up in the hallway for me to pass through the gauntlet, as the classroom door was locked and it was a few minutes before class.

And I note that the building where I take my Qi Gong has two new antennae masts on it, the oft-seen vertical cell phone repeater towers, which are either co-opted for harassment reasons, or else solely devoted for harassment signals and communications. Unusually, these are a dark grey color where the are normally white in this city.

Anyhow, I walked 25 minutes there and back again, picking up my Rx at the London Drugs store, where I get head meds for free because I am "low income". A prudent social policy it would seem, my own gratitude aside. And the perps have me in for faux coughing; a simulated throat tickle, and "I" must cough. Now at least three of these events per day, up from none.

Even with the window open, the perps are cranking smells into my nose, in lieu of making noise, as an all-quiet order has gone out currently. This is very unusual for a post-mealtime period, as they usually go nuts on room shaking then. This must be part of their interations of noisem and then backing off, the "vacuum structuring", mentioned in yesterday's blog.

This is post teatime with chocolate, and usually chocolate consumption activity gets the all-quiet order, this time it was different. A vagrant in a bright red Santa Claus like jacket and my building manager saw fit to get into a jawing match outside while opening and eating chocolate with my tea. Or perhaps, a male-to-male confrontation as a background noise for the perp obsessive event of eating chocolate, a brown food substance. I often wondered why other husband and wife "disagreements" would erupt near me when taking my daughter to daycare, now over a decade ago, but it is clear that it is a perp arranged event to exercise my emotional part of the brain, the hippocamus deep in the temporal lobes.

And I noticed that the former Volvo car corner lot that I walk by to the store has its second instance of travel trailers and film crew accomodation parked on it, with some 10 vehicles, either in grey, white, black or dark metallic green. No filming was evident this time either. It is my theory that there is plenty of Volvo energetics stored in the asphalt, and they are putting a platoon of operatives to sleep over top of the lot in an attempt to detect them. The perps would often have operatives sleeping over top of me at one of my former residences, and they moved the dining room table to do so.

Opposite the above location, and some 50' toward mid block they are ripping up the asphalt and sidewalk (concrete) for no seeming need. It is at the precise location where the perps parked that septic services trailer, some 10,000 gallons of it a few months ago. The tractor unit was not attached, and it was parked over some three or four stalls at the side of the road outside a car dealership. I walked by only once, but it is likely that it was parked there for a few days. Digging in the brown soil for some brown septic energies; my speculation in any event.

More zapping to accompany the rattling of the in-wall heater vent which sits between my room and the bathroom next door. The assholes had dropped this fuckery for a few days, and appear to now be going through another iteration of noise brought close in as possible, never minding the absurdity of anyone adjusting it when there. (The bathroom is always warm). Though, when in there myself, I have seen the heat vent adjusting lever move all by itself, creating noise of course. And this is also a return of this infernal zapping which pisses me off in the extreme.

Normally when the perps script me for eating chocolate they put out an all-quiet order, and focus on the noise they make in my mouth while eating it. (Way louder than normal, like all food eating). But today, as background noise, they put on a male-male confrontation of jawing outside my window for the duration of eating the 100g of chocolate. It never ends, it only varies.

More click and simultaneous zappings; even the simplest noise gets some kind of energized "fuck me" added to it. Fucking sick that I cannot be left alone, even to type without major typos.

The water in pipes noise has started up again, and is one of my most longest noisestalking noises. And this will come from apartments where no one is living.

As I adjust the infernal horizontal slider the perps inflict upon me, "splaying" the presentation, someone lurking outside my room starts coughing. This is from the outside parking lot, and I surmise, done to have my right side be exposed to that particular noise. All in-house coughing and hacking comes to my left ear predominantly.

And now it is back to serial room shaking, hallway tromping and front door slamming. A partial reprieve for the past few days is over, and another iteration of the noise cycle continues.

To no great surprise, the front door slamming and the managed "consequent" room shaking is accompanied by a simultaneous maser wave from this very LCD display. It is a transient blackish trail that wavers and moves forward, toward me, and then disapates in a second or so.

Not one's typical complaint about taking a piss, but as soon as I come back to this LCD display, the perps have cranked up the irradiation that is coming off it. An instant pummeling of my eyes when I go back to reading. Sounds like another iteration of reading and vision impairment again, just when I got a few days reprieve from it. (Or, my eyes had compensated for this fuckery, which is what I suspect).

More complexity from the sicko's perspective; a squeaking brake noise, and then they simultaneously forced me to cough for no reason.

More smells are being jammed up my nose. Today it is cleaning agents, as the bathroom was cleaned earlier. But, having been in the bathroom since then, it really doesn't smell all that much, so it must be another case of the perps playing their infernal games. Yesterday, it was a fuel oil smell from the furnace each time the fan went on. And the latest noise in their repetoire is key jingling; about 6 events per day, up from zero two weeks ago.

White light flarings in my right side peripherial vision. The assholes were doing this same stunt on my left side vision when making dinner earlier. More jacking around.

More next door bathroom visitations by an operative and simultaneous smell jammed up my nose. Then a kick to the intervening metal vent in the shared wall for good measure. How is it that every bathroom visitor now slams the heating vent at the floor when they are in there save me? Fucking bizarre. Now coughstalking has erupted while I typed that missive.

Now, zapping and nonattributable squeaking simultaneously, and now the perpetrator/fall guy comes into the next door bathroom to putz about (read, gangstalk through the wall) and flush the toilet. This endless loop of sick minded operatives shuffling their act around me with the addition of highly invasive fuckery to supremely piss me off.

The herd is on the move again; slamming the front door and shaking this room 20' away. Now at two per minute, frat house style. The perps have also been scripting a vision impairment simultaneously with the room shaking. But the trend is clear, they are adding more events/noises/vibrations simultaneously to get more brain energetics activity. How about coming in here and telling me why I am a prisoner of this constant harassment?

Another day is almost done; that is how I look at this existence, just surviving. And the operatives are a clean bunch tonight. They put on four showers/baths in the nextdoor bathroom this evening, quite a record when it is maximum of two showers per day, one them being me. More typo sabotage.

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