Friday, January 19, 2007

Another 11 Hour Sleep Allocation

Another 11 hour sleep stunt again, and to add to this, the perps planted me with the notion that it was Saturday when in fact it is Friday. This day-of-the-week jerkaround began in late 2005, and I was tested when my brother visited and he asked me which day it was. "My" notion, planted, was off by a day, and when I told him the incorrect day, he didn't say anything. Just another asshole playing the game.

I didn't get an entire night of sleep; I was awakened for the overhead clunking that erupted when thinking about something, and then again, to look at this grainy light show that they put on. Neither awakening amounted to much, and there isn't any conventional reason for me to need three hours of extra sleep.

And the usual games of timing the use of a new razor blade in my shaver, another perp obsession of significant proportions. They fucked me out of shaving yesterday owing to a later get-up time and a 1030h appointment, and with the timing of the laundry the day before, they arranged a laundered face cloth ready for two days instead of the usual next day usage. All this, trivial as it seems, is momentous planning on the part of the perps, as their obsession over shaving knows no bounds. (Cue eruption of diesel engine start up and ascending stairway noise (noise flurry) on the "o" word in previous sentence).

And it is no surprise to me that a new razor blade pulls on my face more than the old one. The perps have been developing this stunt for many months, though today it was the worst, Every time I shave at my parents' place with the same razor blade, it cuts facial hair like a charm. At my place, it pulls skin all the time. And with the above face cloth/laundry games, it makes sense for them to create more facial stimulation as they have more invested in this stunt. Usually, my razors cut better on the second day of use. Go figure why a billion dollar budget Gestapo-like operation has to harass the living shit out of "disabled" citizen over new razor blade functionality. I wish I had the imagination to make this up, as I could write science fiction for a living instead.

This delayed day timing (above 1000h get-up time) must be designed to plant the notion of being off-kilter for the day, having meals one to two hours later than usual. In the least, there has been considerable perp action; noise flurries and room shakings (~2/minute for 20 minutes) with a full suite of gangstalk vehicles outside in the adjacent parking lot, ladders included.

And the perps had me turn on the room light before lunch as the assholes created such dingeness in here. Its my pet theory that having white light trained on me aids in the remote assessment of my energetics. And they put a brown pickup truck under my window for lunch, as I was eating brown tortillas. And the vehicle owners pulled out some lawn chairs and propped them up against the opposite stairwell to face my room. My read on this is that the chairs, in colors of white and green, and constructed of cloth and steel, are "brown flavored" having been in a brown pickup, and the perps are attempting to determine the energetics of this scenario vis a vis me, and my innate loathing of most things brown. There must be some reason for the myriad of gangstalkers who are standing around their open vehicle doors or trunk lids, and often times wearing the same colored coat as their vehicle.

And the typo sabotage is onerous today, so this blog is being written in fits and starts, and that includes the maser beams flying by as I type this. Plasma beams on the LCD display are a given all the time; rarely does a minute pass by without a full-on choreography of them flitting about.

My teatime is over, and the room shaking an front door closure noises continue in the frat house style that I have alluded to in past blogs. It is one of their big plays of late, though there was a reprieve a few days back.

In the adjacent parking lot outside, there was a black Taurus parked there while making tea. And at sometime when eating chocolate, it departed, and a light metallic brown Taurus was in the parking stall next to where the black Taurus was. I rarely see such same model/different color matching, but the perps must be on a desperate streak of late. A navy blue and a black vehicle stayed in place for this Taurus turnonver, and that is very common for the perps to leave sentry vehicles in place while the changes occur nearby.

This is the same role as the vagrants, which are likely operatives on salary, and the one posted at my usual grocery store has also gangstalked me, tailing me even, and leaving his hat and money pile behind. This dude has some three new coats since the fall, so he isn't doing as bad as his plaintive act makes out. Usually they post others at intersections, bumming from stopped vehicles.

The perps have been pulsing my ass with spasms every 5 seconds or so for the past hour. Not a major inconvenience, but likely a continuation of the earlier goings on of room shakings and associated front door noise, and a few other noises in the prior noise flurries.

It is the post-meal digestive time, and for this, the perps have laid on a fanbelt squeaking vehicle that is also over-revving. And it is no coincidence that a fanbelt squeaking vehicle came to "visit" after lunch today. They did a three vehicles in motion swap over immediately after dinner, and also brought in the overhead pounding to noisestalk me at selective intervals or when an uncontrolled thought comes through. And they are pissing me off with the constant typo sabotage.

More ass jabbing as I was calculating some financial figures in my head; there is something the perps want to know about finances, personal and as a industry. If they were with it, they could of (possibly) directed me to being a bean counter for a living. Instead, they chose to exploit the learning disabilities they inflicted upon me, which are provable since 1960 (on my student record), and no one told me.

Now it is back to the room shaking and the front door closure noises, frat house level, as in a flurry of arrivals and departures. Why did I ever think this annoying harassment form was going to stop?

Ditto on the coughing and hacking noise; the never-get-better gang are still at it, faking this same "condition" since early December.

More room shaking and the loudest front door slamming to date; the perps must be maxing out on the value of this kind of harassment. It is fucking sick to harass anyone like this, never mind for 52 years. I cannot understand the thankless mentality of these assholes.

The brightness of the emanations coming off this LCD display are getting fierce. Another stunt in upping the irradiative ante and commensurate energetics assay activity possibly.

Today's variant of my voice is a scratchy and hoarse whisper, almost as if I had a cold, which I don't. Invariably I get a new voice most days, and sometimes they will apply voice-morphing to within day changes. Having me say the same thing in dissimilar voices is a big deal for these assholes.

I got up to get a glass of water a few minutes ago, and there was a pit-lamping (headlights trained, on me) vehicle waiting for me. Then they performed their mid-street direction reversal, and took off. This is one example among many as to how governed my moves are, as in mind-controlled to the perps' script.

Enough of dulldom for today, even if I am being noisestalked with overhead clunking as I write this.

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