Monday, January 08, 2007

More Public Exposure

I am getting the oft-used stalking method of flipping extension cords in the hallway, just outside my door, 30" away. All to aid me in writing this blog which won't be very long with two forced typos per word as I type.

This was the out-with-my-mother event, my father being packed off to a day program for today, and "I" assist in driving her and aiding in any (perp designed) major shopping activities. Today it was acquistion of a microwave oven at Sears, after some perfunctory looking the week before at London Drugs. And there was plenty of gangstalking action, and yes, they laid on a "sticky" blonde gangstalker early in the game, one who had the same coat color as mine. And also, they made sure I got highly annoyed with her incessant hanging about, especially when she wasn't doing much shopping, and kept making reprises to come back and hang around me some more.

The perps laid on a Scottish accented salesman for us in the microwave oven shopping, a particular flavor of UK accent they like me to get exposed to at least once per week, parents not included.

And there was a considerable parade of gangstalkers in the appliance department after some half dozen close-in cases came to hang around, pretend to shop, and then took off once their gangstalk time was done. And there was the one who did his stand-around posturing, almost like a fashion model, showing himself in profile (side) and a full frontal as he put on an extra show of being obvious. He was 20' away, and then ducked behind the fridges, and after my mother held us up for another minute or so, this fucker had circled behind and was coming toward us as we exited. Not your average appliances shopper, that was for sure.

I got the grannies in brown clothing, a double case of perp obsession exposure; brown (anything) and the elderly are two of many the perp demographic groups. They made sure I got plenty of both today, though not usually in one person. This bag was placed exactly where we needed to look at microwave ovens, and hung around like a bad smell for 5 minutes, and then fucked off, suddenly not all that interested.

There were the usual feints with the three of us; salesman, my mother and I gathered around the LCD display at Sears, as she had an inquiry about natural gas fueled dryers and there were no floor models. She also put her hands on some nearby binders in an overt way. I get the "see the LCD display with me" set up at least twice a week, sometimes with my mother waving her fingers and hands in front of it. Fucking tiresome.

I get gangstalked once a week at least with the supposed Amnesty International promoters who hang around downtown or the stores I frequent with their 3 ring binders in some kind of mock informational set up. These are the binders with the transparent slip cover where paper can be inserted for the cover contents. There have been other "binder minders", packing stacks of them on the bus. And how many years did I pack binders while the perps were tailing me at university/college? At least six, and those of all my then-thought colleagues. Whatever the perps' problem is with plastics, it is not mine, so why am I being chased all over the city with these constant games with plastic objects?

And apparently, Amnesty International does not want to know about non-consensual human experimentation in the supposed first world countries. Other TI's (targeted individuals) get nowhere with them, and my phone calls to the local representative have got no response. Why this outfit is featured so often in the stunts that are arranged is beyond me. Perhaps they have a tacit agreement with the World Gestapo to investigate only third world countries, avoiding the facts that harassment and surveillance only differ by degree between these supposed tiers of democracy. Degree of evidence, and state control IMHO, and perhaps much of that real torture, e.g. "renditions", is in support of this current program that I have been enrolled in. (And as I type that, the perps forced an non-standard Windows cut/copy text selection that went out of control and put this entire paragraph in blue when a word was intended. And then while "I" swore at the assholes, some spittle comes magically flying out of my mouth- these fuckers are rabid sickos).

Then a return trip to the same shopping center once the microwave oven was taken to my parents' place and set up. This was at a restaurant on the shopping center perimiter, facing the parking lot, which in effect, became the stage for the show of perp demographics. One window was slightly misted for no apparent reason, and I was looking outside to all the action, likely as scripted. At the next table an elderly woman had some kind of yelllow filter safety glasses on, the kind one wears over glasses, except no glasses. These reminded me of the time when the perps fucked me into getting specific filter safety glasses as "I" thought these were laser beams at first. Another $100 wasted, all to play their games for which I am still largely ignorant of.

Another four deep metallic red color vehicles were parked near my parents' Ford Escape, and two white ones were interleaved into them. Read about this before? And plenty more plied the parking lot as well as the throughfare in front of it. And plenty of ambulatory gangstalkers also, they were on the sidewalk and came in all kinds of demographics and combinations; the Asian woman in a puke yellow coat made at least four passes by, two on the sidewalk, two 60' away in the parking lot, and made sure she was seen through the misted window as well.

And the perps must of laid on at least 30 ambulatory gangstalkers in yellow jackets; the "safety" kind, and the softer puke yellow that they so like me to see anywhere I go. They even put on an asshole male gangstalker who had this vile coat color before I got out of the car, and he put on the stare-at-me-for-no-reason act, and not the last of them for the morning.

And with the parking lot aisle facing me throught the window of the restaurant, it was a perfect setup to have me "pit-lamped", vehicles with their headlights facing me, and doing nothing but sitting there.

As I am typing this I am getting the creepy crawlies up my back, and the shoe pinching fuckaround; time to bail on storytelling for now.

I appears that the gangstalking exposures are getting more complex; one color (vehicle or person's clothing) in front of another, playing games of the vehicles behind my mother's head, having the same vehicle make four passes, two in each direction etc. Non-stop action, and likely a significant perp activity day for the 40 minutes spent there at the restaurant. A bald headed fucker planted himself between my mother and I when we were leaving, this gangstalker asshole who made it out that he didn't know what to do with himself at a mall entrance, besides overtly colliding with my mother. Once perp bangs into another at their very favorite obsession location; doorways to buildings, elevators and rooms. They routinely plant bubble crackling noise in my ear when I enter my room after a shower, ears having been dried.

All of the above games and feints of the perps are known to me, but they dither or deplete me of my knowledge of it anytime I am in new circumstances, and thereby attaining optimum harassment set up for the scenario they have in mind. I am not allowed to defend myself in other words, even if they have most of the cards via their mind-fuck games.

Time to blog off and call it a day; a busy gangstalk morning that it was. I am off to Qi Gong tomorrow, part of my "day program" requirements, all ultimately tied to hoping to get a subsidized rent before long, possibly some more fiction, as they have ne end of advantages in controlling my environment here, and more to go I am sure.

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