Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to Glass Bottle Bashing

The glass bottle bashing act has started up again in the adjacent bathroom, and its corollary of the crockery clashing noise was delivered sometime deep in the night, say 0500h for which the perps woke me up to listen to. The perps seem to be building a temporal series of performing this noise and vibration source throughout the day and night. The "not enough games to play" thought comes to mind, though in fact, the perps demonstrate serious dedication and discipline in playing these dumbfuck games.

The perps pulled a blatant coffee spilling/blowout stunt this morning. I was pushing the Bodum filter down as per normal, and the perps caused a half cup of coffee to blow out of the Bodum pot. How the coffee got past the filter and the lid doesn't matter, it was their action-at-distance games again. And so the coffee and some grounds spilled down the vessel and as well as the surface it was on. I was royally pissed that anyone would pull this no-ostensible-cause stunt after all the grevious crap they have done already. If they can't figure out what the color brown means to me, they can get their sick asses in here and cut a deal. Their problem with the color brown, and any of the others, is not my mine, so why am I being harassed over this? (And for that rejoinder, I got noisestalked from across the narrow hallway.)

And it was another gangstalking/brown color-stalking event this morning, as I helped my mother dismantle the crib and return it too the rental store. Naturally she had both a transparent and a white plastic bag on hand to put the steel parts into, and made sure they were tucked into the brown cardboard box.

I was "browned" by my mother's coffee before we set off, and she made sure to pour some down the outside of the mug, almost a replay on this morning's stunt (above). And so I got to pack the crib in knocked down form into the store again, amidst at least three feints of adding an organized confusion of gangstalkers at the doorway. In one instance, two women were in identical deep brown colored coats, and they split apart for me to walk between them. Fucking bizarre.

Then a pizza eating male gangstalker (bizarre enough why anyone stands around outside in the snow eating a pizza slice) who was some 30' away, came to gangstalk me in close as I exited the store on one of three trips to deliver the crib components. This fucker was a in blue and black coat, and was likely doing some distance dependent gangstalking by coming in close and then retreating to his bizarre sentry position/cover story. The perps make sure I saw this and was duly pissed by it, as they could of mind-fucked me into not noticing or not caring about the gangstalking fucker. But they like to keep me cranked up and their stunts are fertile ground to promote that outlook.

I saw 60 Minutes' interview with Pres. George Bush last night; all that bafflegab over why the US is in Iraq, and still none the wiser as to why there was any US committment to three Middle East factions that have been at each other's throats for centuries. Upon the start of the piece I got a big zinger of a maser in my face, buzzing all around me and then disintegrating in front of me. I will tell you, there is some connection between that military morass in Iraq and this harassment, and I have gone on record to suggest there are some kind of "psi" energies the perps are looking for to connect to war or armed conflict situations. Call me nuts on this one, but I am quite sure that they will end the Iraq war when they got what they are looking for out of me or others in the same situation (via harassment).

And then the piece on the three students at Duke University who were framed for a rape they did not commit, and is supported by the evidence and retracted testimony. All I know is that the perps have set up unjust accusation stunts against me in the past, though nothing that went to legal proportions. What the perps might get out of this I have no idea, and it is purely speculative to suggest that they have a hand in this prosecutorial excess the three Duke students face. There have been such cases in Canada where the prosecution went way overboard, and in doing so, trashed the career of a nurse, Susan Nelles.

The post teatime noise flurries are on; in the lead is the sudden onset squeaking noise of no attributable cause. And if the perps don't get something out of it, the plant a simutaneous body zap to get me riled up. After three squeakings they decided that I needed a zap, and the next one came with one. Then another squeaking came on, a chaser if you will. It is fucking obscene that I cannot be left alone and instead be constantly harassed in my own (too small) place.

Another nap was scripted at dusk onset time. there is no conventional explanation for needing a nap after an nine hour sleep last night. Presently, this is the post-mealtime/digestive period. The perps have begun a new noise flurry, the sudden onset squeaking noise that was introduced in November.

Now a tromping session; inside and up the stairs, then down again to the outside of my door, then another trip upstairs. Can we say blatant noisestalking?

Now the overhead clunking has started up, the "hammer", of the last resort. It comes with squeaking noise too, as if someone gets restless standing exactly overhead and they need to shift their legs some. But it is not the case, but their projected noise machine that does this, having had the putative overhead gangstalker overtop of me where an upstairs table was overhead in a past residence.

And onto electonic water dripping noise, even if it is only dropping 12" from the sink (supposedly) to the top of the trap. This was a staple noise in the last two apartments, and never have I known before that water dropping inside the waste pipe could make so much noise, and it be so irritating. For some reason the perps like me to put the sponge in the sink to break the fall of the water droplets and have the water seep out slowly. Just another vexation to get up for, another game they play.

Last night when awakened, the perps put on this electronic cheeping noise, almost like a submarine but without the echo, and of course there is no attributable cause, and for some reason that does not bother them.

Forced coughing for no reason again; at least once every two days, and maybe even more. Up from "never happened before" in the days of covert stalking and the extra conventional physics games.

More overhead squeaking and clunking, especially now that they have me riled up about it. The coughing and hacking noise is still ongoing and is likely part of this intended noise flurry. It just may be the the coughing act, or the "perpetrator" is faking wellness now, and has reduced the volume and number of occurences.

The overhead squeaking and clunking continues, and for added noise, they have installed some operatives outside to chat and natter, as if the dark end of a parking lot was an attraction to linger. And the perps are heavily noisestalking what I am reading on UFO's and abductions, and I am sure this somehow fits with their operations in some way. Many of the extra-conventional physics I have come to know firsthand, and describe here, are also routinely practiced by the UFO operators/aliens I have come to learn. As to who works for who, I have no idea. It just seems odd that the gravitics researcher, Thomas Townsend Brown, who was guarded around the clock, didn't get further ahead than he did when these gravitics/extra-conventional forces were operationally applied to others from remote locations, possibly going back to the 1920's if my father was cast into this venal soup like I suspect he was. They were well onto me in the 1950's, and had me "groomed" with extra aptitude tests in 1960 when I began school. This was when the learning disabilities first showed up, though I have personal memories that go back at least a year earlier. And no one told me, the sickest stunt of them all.

More overhead squeaking and clunking; I swear that in every wood framed building that I have lived in over the past 4.5 years, three of them, the floorboards become substantially more squeaky than they did when I first took the place. And of course the squeaking is planned in locations that I frequent, e.g. in front of the stove, fridge etc.

The perps are reverting to form; extended coughing jags, overhead squeaking again and now, phone ringers that aren't getting answered until the fourth ring. Sometimes the fridge's noise repetoire adds in some knock sounds, and there are also outside sounds that erupt in contributing to the noise flurries that have been ongoing tonight.

Here is a piece of journalism I wanted to find, and both the "interest" and the "finding" could well be planted/scripted. And I am being noisestalked with deliberate soft clunkings on a regular frequency as I was reading this. This article is about a significant number of UK weapons systems designers being killed off or suiciding. I have mentioned in the past that the perps can suck one into a grim minded state that makes living to be a chore. They have done something similar to me, as well as the percieved near death experiences they have planted on me, some ten or so. This was in the first year of harassment, and it was one of their themes, to make themselves look as if they were going to take me out. And just to make it worse, they would plant the scenarios they wished to create in mind, causing me more duress from unreasonable expectations. Anyhow, a long way of saying that I don't regard any suicide of people in high places to be what it seems. And there is a good chance that they can remotely monitor one such that if they were going to spill the beans, e.g. Vince Foster possibly, they will invoke the suicide stunt on their target. Call me paranoid, but I have experienced what they can do to one's mind state, and it is none too pleasant.

Now the sound of water running in the pipes, another long familiar noise to which I was subjected to at great length at my last residence. At first this noise never occured, but of late (12-2006) it has reached deafening proportions. It is their old standby, and they are now adding on chirping sounds at onset and termination in another augementation of the faux water/faucet noise.

Time to call this a post, and it has been a little quieter since the last noise flurry; typo sabotage aside. I have been looking at UFO pictures, and perhaps that is some fascination for the sickos that keep this harassment going. The masers have also been applied liberally, and are relatively benign.

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