Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cue Noise -I Am Blogging

The second I began to journal the title, the fake water noise in the pipes started up. This has been a regular noise in my last three residence locations, regardless as to neighbors being there (usually not).

The maser and plasma action is starting up, as is the noise flurries and the vision impariment fuckery. Time for a break in the blogging, epecially with the simutaneous typo assault and spraying of the halls with "air freshener".

A combination of a visit to my case counsellor and a follow on Qi Gong session this morning. In the case of the former I had the visiting nursing students routine. This is where medical or nursing students sit on on the session and may ask questions. I believe this is the fifth time in the past 6 years, where "students" are added to the gangstalking mix. In this case it was a brown dressed woman and a grey and blue jeans dressed guy. The perps seem to want to determine female "goodness" energies, and correlate them to neutral grey colors of a male. The last student to sit in was a red-haired guy, another demographic that obsesses the perps.

There was the usual blonde woman gangstalking when I got there, and there was the obligatory coughing in the waiting room. I got to tell my story again, this time for the benefit of the students, and they dutifully asked questions as to how much this gangstalking changes one's life. The short answer is, totally. Anyhow, I was totally on this morning in telling them a summarized version and leaving enough "hooks" for them to ask questions. Usually I am thought/learning impaired when it comes to summarizing anything, as I have the entire melieu of facts (or details) to choose from and invariably pick ones that lead to dead ends.

Going by the above, either the perps have repaired some damage to my summarization abilities, or were running me totally per script. I suspect it is the latter as I have had these little shows before when my running was totally on, instead of feeling so uncoordinated, and I was not able replicate this afterward. Ditto on swimming; a sudden sensation of more abdominal strength and solidity with crisp uniform strokes at one practice, and then it never happened like that since.

And the usual caveat of telling my story applies; "I" never remember to mention the age regression, irradiating energy or the facial asymmetry the perps have planted one me, the most provable evidence of all. That scenario has been memory blocked for years, and no one ever makes any suggestion as to these obvious changes in morphology.

Though the perps did fuck me around on not recalling the term PKU and calling it NPK, the fucking assholes, as I never got these crossed up before, and "suddenly" I did. So I cannot rely on the perps to replicate my own knowledge or predilections, as they purposely fuck it when needed. It does suggest how deep the perps are going in fucking me over, to insert a scripted three letter acronym made to in place of another at the time. Fucking sick.

More vision impairments as I read the news online. The perps like to interleave bold text and normal font text web pages for some kind of analysis/study. And the bold text is dithered some to appear ragged and difficult to read. This sounds like another project of theirs that will go on for a year or more.

Another dingeyness assault is underway, not to mention the typo sabotage as I key this in.

And I am getting squeaking-stalking, a variant of noisestalking of a particular noise and circumstance. In this case I was editing the paragraphs above, and at each significant change in the sentence or spelling re-working, this non-attributable squeaking noise "happens". Hence the perps need for typo creation, they keep stalking this activity with noise at every repair/editing. It is fucking tiresome to be tracked for every keystroke.

Another Fire Department gangstalk and related nonsense. One of their crowd was in the grocery store when I stopped in after my 25 minute walk from Qi Gong. While in there he seemingly got some kind of message to abandon activity and he ran out of the grocery store, across the street, where the yellow firetruck was waiting, with other firemen dressed in their firefighting gear (also yellow). When this active duty "shopping fireman" gets to the truck, they put on the siren just as I get outside of the grocery store, and they head off to an "emergency". Am I to believe that firemen go grocery shopping on a call-out?

No, it was a stunt to have a running male in a dark navy blue uniform nearby, who came from a yellow painted truck, and enjoined in the "let's make a noise feint". And there has been plenty of running pedestrians of late, and I am not talking about joggers. These are dressed up individuals who suddenly "erupt" into a run. I don't think they have gone through the clothing combinations on this one, but it will happen.

Another common stunt today was to have the umbrella crowd do their wandering about, with their faces cast into a deeper shadow, and often a colored one at that, in a partial cognizance of facial features test, something that the snowstorm was useful for last week. It seems that the perps want me to look at eyes, or one eye only, mouth only and on and and on, as another combination and permutations test. A lot of the media and web pages feature partial facial features, or at least the ones that I get to see. More senseless fucking around for which they could get cooperation instead of this outrageous amount of activity devoted to "pretend".

More absurdities of a trivial kind; the bathroom user who can flush the toilet and open the latched door at the same time, even if they are 4' apart. And the real story on that was they wanted another reason to rattle my room next door with a loud door closure event. And possibly to add to a noise flurry at that moment as the talking gangstalkers in the hallway were on duty too.

This is food digestion time, another daily silly season for the perps: glass bottle clanging, fake coughing and front door closure noise with the room shake they like to associate with it. It is back to alien abduction reading which Sharon Weinberger pointed out, has parallels to the Targetted Individual lifestyle in that the problem is not provable or reportable, and no one can take action on it. As much as most of the TI community abhors this comparison, I have to say that I agree. Having a fringey problem gets tarred with the same brush of another like problem. Except that there a lot of parallels.

The most general parallel TI experience is the certainty of being tested and used for non-consentual human experimentation. There is a massive project that is ongoing, and has been if the book "The Air Loom Gang" is accurate, of testing the human species for energetics, both those of the mind (for mind-control) and other interactions with people and other living systems, the earth and all related "psi" energies of the human experience.

And I have also noticed that the perps are planting me with social empathy remediation. When a (blonde) woman in an adjacent vehicle needed to back up and thread her vehicle around a blocking perp vehicle, I offered to move mine laterally and give her more manouvring space. I found myself having empathetic (only) notions as to her plight, being blocked in by another vehicle. This notion passed in no time, but it is at least the second time that this has happened, and I am quite sure this should not be planted on me as I did not ask for this.

Another noise flurry has erupted with room shaking, faux coughing, outside talking, hallway egress and the Cheers-like chatting in the hallway. I was reading this article, about James Forrestal, and was on this passage, the "d" word in particular,
At around 2 a.m. on the morning of May 22, 1949, America’s first Secretary of Defense, James Vincent Forrestal, fell to his death from a small window of the 16th floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital.
when the front door was slammed and this room was shaken simutaneously. And when I copied and pasted the link, a firecracker went off outside. At other times, they noisestalk me typing a specific letter of the alphabet, usually when repairing typo fuckovers.

To briefly summarize my take on the premature demise of James Vincent Forrestal, it has all the makings of a perp mental state suckdown, where suicide is seen as a sensible option by theintended victim. Something I have some experience with, these planted notions of despair. And like others, he had plans to come clean, and that is when he got snuffed.

The alarming coincidence of these kinds of events points to these holders of high office being monitored as to what they are thinking, and if there is going to be "coming clean" that is not fitting the plans, the unfortuneate victim gets whacked. And it would further seem, that others like John Dean of Watergate fame, who did come clean, and is still alive, must of been from the script. Very curious.

That is my morbid fascination of this blog, and it too is no doubt scripted.

The "hammer" has come to visit overhead; the floor whacking and tromping exactly over top of me with faux floorboard squeakings in the mix. And it is always worth a tromping entrance as well as the front door being slammed and this room vibrated. This times it to 3.5 hours after mealtime, which suggests the perps do not yet understand all the food digestion energetics. And now some floorboard squeaking has started up outside my room. It is surprising how this noise gets to be more frequent of late, coming from new quarters.

The perps are getting bolder about putting me onto the bus, stacking the passenger count, and having me sit beside someone. Today's bus trip was an example, though they did put five gangstalkers on me, and another two pedestrians beside the bus, when I got off. And they had half the road blocked for a works project.

I just got a wad of soil or something like tossed at my closed window, and it is most strange how all these things keep happening to me. And they have arranged for a clump of soil on edge to be located at the crosswalk on my beat to the grocery store, the cover story being that it "somehow" erupted in the snow storm.

Now the loud "performance" mufflered vehicle has arrived at the adjacent parking lot, the same one that attracts the nightime natterers. This particular noise goes on all the time, and there are at least 20 per day that frequent my residence or where I walk. Yesterday they put one on me S. bound, and when waiting at a bus stop, the same one came by E. bound. Their route did not make any sense, except to broadcast the noise in another cardinal direction.

I notice my ability to detect planted smells is failing; all smells are planted on me, and the second I smell anything, I blow it out, and attempt to inhale only fresh air. As of today, I don't recall smell inundation until it is a retrospective consideration. More mind fuckery at work.

Time to blog off and save myself from typo sabotage.

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