Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Volvo Day

A 10 hour "sleep", only two hours more than the nominal normal (Before Overt Harassment, BOH). And an awakening to hear the putative neighbor coughing away, which will no doubt turn into a series for each hour of the night. I don't know when it was, but someone made sure I was to hear it when in BOH days I would of slept through it no problem. And as I stumble through that, at least three loud mufflered vehicles transited by for extra noisestalking.

After two shut-in days, I was allowed out to get groceries, and of course, walk the gangstalk gauntlet. Only two deep metallic red vehicles with one white one was lined up on the first leg, and darned if they didn't put a mobile red and white vehicle between them and me when out on the street. The gangstalk action was moderate, and this was unexpected, but I don't really care all that much.

The perps are still into their games of darkening down faces; if the gangstalker has a peaked hat, or unbrella, they will darken the shadows substanially. This might be part of the black and brown skinned races members they selectively place near me on most gangstalking sorties. Today, I only got an native Indian woman, only one block from my place. What that means I don't know, perhaps a last desperation move.

No Globe and Mail newspaper was allowed today, all sold out again. There is this on-off obsession the perps have with me reading the newspaper; sometimes once a week for a few weeks, then no more for a while, Though I am allowed to read them at my parents when I visit, usually Sundays (later today). Go figure.

More room shaking, hallway tromping.

The tin can rattling act has started up in the hallway, almost as good as a recycling depot in one's neighborhood. (Been there, done that).

The drummer's group has also started up nearby for this pre-tea and chocolate time, one of the perps' obsessions as to why I don't mind chocolate, but cannot stand the color brown. Not my problem, why am I being harassed over it?

No power washing today; most strange. But more room shaking and front door noise; an operative herd is on the move again.

The tea and chocolate event is over; a Volvo 245 in an inky metallic blue came beneath my window for the event. A dark brown Volvo 245 also came for a short turnaround visit. A herd of at least four gangstalkers went up and down the stairs, and were surely dressed like clowns in yellow, purple and red. A male pony hair act was also running up and down the stairs on the opposite building outside. It seems this was all over loading up the Volvo wagon as it was gone by the time that I had a look again. The glass bottle bashing act erupted the second I put the first piece of chocolate in my mouth, and continued for the duration of eating that first piece. And the only time it has been busy outside was earlier with the two pickup truck acts, one being brown. More go figure.

The perps planted two parked Volvo wagons on my route this morning, a V70 and a 850 predecessor model, both station wagons. On the Volvo design front, the 850 (1993 to 2000) became the V (2001 and on) series, and then, they decided that this wasn't "interesting" enough and then in 2002 they "jelly-beaned" them with recessed side panels and other swoopy styling. The Volvo V70's then looked as if someone had booted the side doors in; not what I would pay for in a new car. And so it seems that the perps planted the two Volvo 245 successor models (above) without the booted in side panel look. Call it the vehicular equivalent to the blonde's "auric goodness".

But it follows the pattern of having something of aesthetic interest, and then fucking it up, almost purposely. It seems that the Audis are having a turn at this, another vehicle lineup I think are mostly attractive until 2007 model year. They created a gaping big hole where the front grille is to make it look more aggressive. And so, it is the 2007 Audi model year that looks as if it were purposely fucked with to look ugly from the front. Which really makes me wonder how the perps pull off messing with automotive design which takes a lead time of at least three years and access to the design studios and the executives that make the decisions. I have no idea, and it just maybe a genuine happenchance event, though based on my experience/trials, there is no such word.

The glass bashing act has returned, and has lasted (so far) for 20 minutes. All those past crockery smashing events at resturants comes to mind as likely planted events for creating torsional energies. Why anyone would play with glass bottles for that long is a total mystery. The story of returning them is getting a little thin, as he never takes them in for money, curiously.

I am back from a night at my parents' and the usual Feral Family gangstalking fuckery that goes on. It isn't all them though, the TV is plenty glitchy and extra pixellated with a few blackouts with sound only.

My parents came by at ~1600h, and I met them in the adjacent parking lot outside. When I got out there, a light metallic brown Volvo 245 was pulling a U turn in the middle of the road and parking on the curb closest to my parents' vehicle at the parking lot driveway. And it so happens their Ford Escape is a similar light metallic brown, though with a darker tone than the Volvo. And I usually drive my parents' vehicle for them, which I did. As I was turning onto the street, exiting the parking lot, the driver of the light brown Volvo 745 was standing at her vehicle, door open, and was precisely aligned with another driver, two car lengths ahead, also standing at his vehicle with the door open as well. And his vehicle? Why, a deep metallic red Volvo V70 station wagon. (I formerly owned a silver grey Volvo 245 until 06-2006 when I gave it to my daughter)

So here we have two Volvo station wagon drivers doing the identical activity, standing at their vehicles, and where I "happened" to stop before entering the street, they were lined up one in front of the other. Which suggests some kind of chromatic glow must be visible to the perps, and they wanted to see their combined effect (aligned) and separately, as I drove past them having just got into the driver's seat of a light brown metallic Ford Escape . Fucking amazing.

Later, going back to my parents' place, there were two Volvos side by side at the lead of the stopped vehicles at an intersection where I turned in front of them.

I am getting extreme typing sabotage, time to post.

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