Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Rare Early Morning

The herd of operatives is on the move, and their coughing jags too as they slam the front door in this putative rooming house and use that as a cover to shake this room each time they do so. The frat house like concentrated comings and goings even apply to Saturdays, as they seem to want to exercise me over varying get-up times. Today it was an 0805 get-up, "only" a 9 hour sleep, and one hour more than normal. And only one awakening to have them script me to look at their grainy light show again, where everything appears to be in a highly grainy B&W film exposure taken without benefit of a flash.

And for extra events, someone even banged the floor underneath me, where there are no residents.

And by forcing me to open the window to relieve this putrid smell that has arisen, a diesel truck arrives under my window, and out pop two operatives putting on the UK accent, another one of the perps' obsessions in hounding me all the time. And no less, it was in a deep brown color, and to no surprise, more noise is joining this current flurry as I type this. And what was their mission? Why to prop up the folded lawn chairs that were left 10' from my window in the adjacent parking lot (falling by themselves of course) and to turn them 90 degrees. They also turned the broom that is on the ground some 90 degrees for more practice in orientation games.

Now glass bottle bashing in combination with someone putting on the coughing act. Predictable noise combinations.

Another iteration of the diesel truck outside my window and the serial operative herd moving through the front door and the "associated" room shakings.

More username and password stalking; this is an everytime event where noise is coordinated at the moment of me keying in my login details. Having me fuck it up doesn't hurt either, and any preventive measures such as reading what I type also get defeated by some remotely applied means.

Another round of room shaking and hallway tromping with an siren act thrown in simutaneously.

Back to door slamming and room shaking. Often, there is no egress associated with the front door activity, just an out and out slamming noise and room shaking is not optional.

This is getting dull, but the perps have been cycling more iterations of the above activity as well as running the noise of loud mufflered vehicles especially in concert with the slicing of cheese when making lunch. Now, the maser zingers floating in on me.

Tea and chocolate are done; back to the over-revving loud mufflered vehicles and their noise of departure.

The overhead "hammer" has arrived to pound and squeak the floor boards over top of me. This is the wind up before dinner, and fits the usual pattern of this specific noisestalking method. More loud mufflered vehicles are also being added into the noisemix. Maybe and early dinner will thwart the continuation of this noise, though there has been plenty of food digestion time noisestalkings of late.

The dinner is done, and before that, another totally unneeded nap of an hour duration, at dusk onset again. A UHaul truck came to join me for dinner in the adjacent parking lot; it sat there for about two minutes, and then turned around an departed. The backing up served as a cover for a 10' x 4' swack of red plasma "reflecting" off the wall, and the yellow lights at the corners of the box had some value too. That is the kind of company I usually get for dinner, above the bathroom visitations next door.

The usual early PC/internet session vision impairments are coming on. Why the perps choose this time to play games with what I see is unkown, but they are extremely annoying.

Another next door bathroom visitor; it as a sniffling visitor who happened to be also hacking, and then "disappeared" in that they didn't do anything else there, or even exit. There are many of these type of visitors and I don't know what the perps are testing for by teleporting them out of there.

For more noise variety tonight, the woo hoo's have erupted next door for a simulated hockey game male bonding experience. Never mind that they are esquisitely timed for me keying a specific letter of the alphabet usually when fixing the forced typo's. Better than the affected coughing that plagues the residents of this putative rooming house?

The overhead clunking has arrived 1.5 hours after mealtime, the latter stages of dinner digestion. I had thought they had achieved a shorter follow-on from dinner, even 30 minutes, so I don't know why I get this "hammer" at this time, as it also occurs for nightime awakenings when they want to noisestalk my thoughts then.

This city of the loud mufflered vehicles continues the parade outside my room; there is equal measure of the "performance" mufflers and the ill-maintained mufflers. This doesn't include the loud motorcycle noise, which is also frequent, and there are no bikers' bars within miles. I can only assume these are projected sounds, as there wouldn't be many motorbikes out at this time of night.

And more ass jabbings tonight, especially in concert with a recollection that may be obscure, and I assume, not yet controlled by the perps. After hounding my recall abilities for over 4 years, it is likely that they can manipulate most of them by now.

And the perps are all over me with noise when researching this story about Margie Schoedinger who accused Bush of rape and other sexual crimes against both her and her husband. I did not know of it until today, but it seems to be the latest bait for the perps to launch noise flurries over as I read about this unfortuneate person. Monica Lewinsky was allowed to walk away, but that isn't always true for sitting presidents it now appears.

Time to blog off and end another dreary day (and blog).

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