Thursday, January 04, 2007

Like a Yellow Shirt to a Perp

It is a yellow shirt wearing day for me, there was no choice as the remaining one was laundered at my parents' place and stank of detergent. And accordingly with past experience, they upped the rage-ification stunts and made sure I was highly pissed off at the usual junctures of making breakfast, lunch and related activities such as doing the dishes. Ane they ripped a 15" long gash in my fitted bottom sheet which "showed up" for the first time today, just when I was about to remove it from the bed for laundering.

The sheets are only two years old, get laundered every two weeks, and are a quality high thread count sheet. But as the bed is of a green and purple color, and the perps have been moving sheets and blankets on them constantly whenever I am in bed, it is not surprising that the assholes want to continue their games by having the bed colors directly exposed to the top sheet (through the gash they made today) without the intervening bottom sheet. This is more expense when they keep me on a tight budget. It is fucking sick that I am not allowed to have the sheets that I want and don't forget, they are most likely the very color and kind they wanted in the first place as per the usual mind-control and store stocking stunts that go on constantly. This is not unlike the two pairs of shoes they ripped up in August last year, about the time I did not need another significant expense as they had already trashed my PC with a motherboard burning event (a transistor).

And a special gangstalking detail arrived about the time that my dryer session ended, and when I got to the dryer these assholes were folding their laundry all around my (black) duffel bag, and had also placed a black plastic bag in the washing machine (one of two) that I had used earlier.

At the laundromat I got my dose of brown colored clothing, obese persons, red plastic bags, Asians and rasta haired caucasians. The perps have given up on having a representative laundromat crowd of late, and spring directly for the weirds and specific color stunts. The down filled garments are playing big these days, even if absurd in this mild climate. I suspect such clothing has particularly favorable properties for remote energetics assays, and are routinely used for another stunt, the down feather stalking. This is where a down feather erupts some 4" to 6" from one's nose and vertically floats either up or down beside one, and presumably provides a white reference for the perps' remote energetics games.

At the laundromat, the obese wearer of the down filled black colored coat took it off at one point to then reveal a brown down filled vest underneath. At daytime temperatures of 9 C it is patently absurd to have one down filled garment, let alone two, and all the more so on a large person who has no problem retaining heat. All the "customers" have their acts, and this was only one of the sillier ones. The perps began this morning by putting on a MIB (Man in Black (fleece)) to trail me for the three blocks to the laundromat, and in typical fashion, this fucker spat on the street when I first came within view of him. There were at least 10 spit spatters on the sidewalk there and back.

And another stunt was to pull some ten cupboard units from a nearby building and stack them on the sidewalk along the route to the landromat. Presumably some kind of renovations were underway as the cover story, and naturally there was plenty of particleboard (brown colored) on display, a particular problem color for the sickos. This might be the reason they drilled some 20 holes in my particleboard unit that is in my room months ago.

The perps put on a blatant piece of fuckery when I arrived outside this rooming house on my return from the laundromat. They placed a 15" long x 3/8" horizontal plasma beam in front of me to accompany me into the house, down the hallway, into my room, while I took my jacket off, and until I dumped the contents of my laundry containing duffel bag on the bed. And while walking home with the duffel bag, they re-dampened my jeans en route inside of it, "forcing" them to be hung up to dry first before being put away some hours later.

A cough stalked afternoon with roomshaking thrown in for good measure. It seems that the perps are building a room shaking profile of my activities just as they do with all other favored noises they stalk me with. Another current favorite is the endless cough stalking, now similarly timed to occur simutaneously with web page displays, font changes, reading specific "on theme" words or names, ranting at the assholes for a stunt, nonmind controlled thoughts, reading specific names or seeing faces of known individuals in public life and typing certain characters etc.

Back to getting a zapping in my leg this time, at the very moment thinking of the perps' likely interpretation for a stunt that was placed in mind. There are many hours in a day where they seem to pose a question in mind and "I" propose alternate interpretations on what the assholes are really after. And for that, I got my right knee zapped, and am now getting a noise and vibration flurry.

At dinner, with no olive oil on the plate or food I was eating, the perps dumped a drop of (presumably) olive oil on my pants, the pants fresh from the drawer unit this morning. And invariably that raises the question of taking them off and replacing them with today's laundered pair, or swapping them tomorrow when changing. It never ends, this senseless juvenility over everything I do, and the color of everything around me.

Another round of room shakings with simutaneous beepings from outside. The latter noise has followed me in my past three locations of residence. As if someone sits in their vehicle and precisely times the horn beeping.

And a zapping again, coincident with the overly-loud deadbolt clicking that has come to be the "standardized" (or assigned) noise anytime a deadbolt is latched or unlatched within 20' of me. It is like the vehicle door closures; the have all been harmonized to sound the same.

More noise flurries; the running operative in the hallway outside my door, the coughing timed to non-mind controlled thoughts (rare now), and the front door closures which serve as the cover to shake this room yet again, and drive more energetic vortices if my past reading is to be adopted.

And a combination zapping, wall thump and glass smashing outside my room (from outside). I get so utterly pissed with the zapping that if justice is to be served, all assholes who had anything to do with this torture will be constantly zapped for the duration of this overt harassment. Fucking sick that anyone is harassed like this on top of what they have done for a lifetime.

More ass jabbing now that the perps have decided a variety of torture and harassment is on for tonight. This followed knee torquing torture that erupts when the mood calls for it.

An all-quiet for the past half hour or so. Time to call it a rest from the enfoced typos, and the plasma and maser activity.


James F. Marino said...

John, I believe that the NSA fried the circuit board to a piece of my hi-end audiio gear as well. Although I can't prove it, the board was charred and the fuse never blew -- quite an anomally.

Wish you well in the New Year and hope that your situation improves
from this depraved harassment.

Here's a photo of the burned part of the board.

AJH said...

Next came two hard drives that failed at the same time, har, har. Highly improbable of course, but the perp's cover story need is more mutable than before.