Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Laundry and Other Gangstalking

It was an 0800h get-up time, at least an hour earlier than the imposed "normal" of the last few months, but still one hour of extra sleep. That was interupted by the all too-usual wakeup to hear the overhead thumping, and the perps had me yell out over one of them. And, as I type this and an unbidden thought comes to mind, the overhead clunking erupted again.

The Ukranian chuch bells sounded for me only minutes before getting up, and then came on again to accompany me in eating chocolate with my breakfast. This is a Wednesday morning, and I don't think the bells were doing anything but cover me with a specific noise in the prone position and when sitting. And more likely, attempting to get comparative neural correlates for the perps favorite fuckover color, that being brown.

It was a perp obsessive activity morning; doing laundry and then writing a check out for the rent. There are no end of stunts and noisestalking that these two activities invoke, and I really don't know why except for some generalized notion of "psi" energies association. The perps even put on a pseudo couple to come in and use the very two washing machines that I used for their three shopping bags worth of laundry, and then they parked their plastic bags next to my black duffle bag which I use for packing laundry. The woman was at least a 350 pounder, and the man, who made it plain that he was only pretending to be her husband, did his back and forths in front of me, in his vile clothing color combination of a crimson red jacket and brown corduroy pants. Then he did the 90 degree offset stalk and stand in front of his putative wife, which is the current signature gangstalk move, and it was time to go, my laundry had dried enough.

I was "coralled" to use the two washing machines I had used until some five weeks ago, and wonder of wonders. One washing machine was the typical almond color most are, but the other one was swapped out for a white color one. All the clothes go into the same dryer, so maybe there are some differences the assholes are still looking for.

The laundromat attendant, Goth Girl wasn't playing her heavy metal rock at the this time, and instead of all black clothing, she had on a grey fur jacket. I call it dog emulation, as I had a black Newfoundland dog for 6 years, and my parents had two before that. And two black large dogs were planted for me to see yesterday, and likewise today, though one was a grey black combination. The perps seem to favor Bouviers, as the Newfoundlands are rare.

The perps have me in a semi-looped state, as they are taking advantage of the fact that I had a half pint of beer with a wild salmon salad at a nearby resturaunt with my mother, perp abettor big time. The almost-asleep state is a favourite of the perps to exploit and have me not fully cognizant. And yes, the waitress was young, cute and blonde, and they made sure I took many glances at her. And a booth away, some kind of song by a staff member burst forth with the pudgy woman recipient standing on a chair. Layering on the bizarre never bothered the perps. This is at a resturaunt that is on my beat, the walking route to the grocery store. It always happens sooner or later that there is a reason to visit these businesses I typically walk past because of income constriction.

Finally, I am allowed to have more of my wits than before, the tea and chocolate having been consumed. But first the perps sabotaged the self draining spout of the new liquid laundry detergent bottle, and arranged for a tablespoon to come out short of the spout and spill onto the counter, down the front of the counter, onto the carpet and onto my shoes. A fucking mess all because of some gutless sickos won't show their faces and admit that they are fucking me over and don't want to stop.

I got the showerstalking to accompany my chocolate consumption; the gangstalker/operative arrives in the bathroom next door and takes a shower for the duration. This has been noted before, and is becoming the new standard practice.

More showerstalking erupted at the tail end of dinner; I timed it to be a 20 minute shower, covering me finishing the dishes and then getting onto this PC and web browsing.

Now a noise flurry has erupted, and this time one of key components of the mix are vehicles idling in the next door parking lot. This is not unexpected as not only to they offer noise and vibration, but their white and red tail lights are an endless fascination for the perps, especially moving them about when dark, as it is now. When taking the bus two days ago, they put a white van with its right turn signal on, driving past and then parking at the side of the road (on it mostly) and it sat there for about ten minutes, some 150' away, with the right rear tail light continuing to blink. Then it moved another 50' and tried it again. Bizarre driving behavior for anyone but a perp to do.

And I read that other Targetted Individuals are getting vehicularly stalked with red and white vehicles. Though it seems, not meaning to brag, that I am one of the hotter harassment prospects as the activity is so intense around me. Walking some 3 blocks (10 minutes maximum) to the laundromat today was worth some 200 vehicles in each direction, over normal traffic volumes, and as always, there are the clustered formations and within them, the collections of specific color combinations and also of vehicle type (e.g. SUV, mini vans, pickup trucks, two doors, four doors, and other variants of body design).

The perps even put on a navy blue colored tractor trailer unit and parked it on a side street, on the wrong side of the road, across the entrance to a hardware builing supply store, and once I had walked past the street, they then drove it out to the main thoroughfare I was walking on so to drive the tractor trailer unit past me. It was absurd, the amount of detail that went into positioning this vehicle, on top of its color choice, and to have it gangstalk me in two orientations, facing E. (parked) and then N. bound, mobile. That takes some planning, blocking the main entrance to a building supply store, but that is at least the fifth time the perps have parked a tractor trailer unit across the entrance, and not positioned to be making a delivery.

More and more smells are being jammed up my nose, and then coincident loud vehicle noise is scripted in at the same moment. And the overhead clunking and squeaking has made its evening debut at the same time. And, as always, exciting moments like bookmarking a website gets coughstalked from the "never get better" perp club. It is more of the absurd.

And as I read about Urantia, one of those "happenchance" topics that "I" encounter, the overhead pounding has started up, and has taken great interest as I read about the strange racial outlooks of the authors. End of that topic, as the fuckers seem to be adding a coincident zap into the mix, and start the chain of being perturbed to greater degree over the evening.

Some operative herd action in the way of building egress and exercising the new front door noise, now a squeak and thunk, with less room shaking. When I was about to exit earlier, the door knob squeaked on its own before I had turned it. Then to maintain the absurdity, when I unlocked the front door, the unlocking was attributed the same squeaking noise.

I learned that my mother's computer was taken to the very same business location where mine was rebuilt in September, 2006. My ex-wife "happened" to visit her this morning, and volunteered her services to take it in for service as it is out of the way . This is getting absurd; feeding me knowledge of the improbability of the timing of these events, never mind the "follow me" aspect of it. Perhaps all those ex-rebuild PC parts that weren't returned to me, including that $40 aftermarket CPU fan that was supposed to be dead quiet, can be loaded into my mother's PC, if they are compatible. More of the silliness that goes on per normal.

Noisestalked words du jour;
clone or cloning; this is interesting why they want to know more energetics association to this

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