Saturday, June 24, 2006

Extra Conventional Physical Forces -a fulltime experience

This is an attempt to resume blogging after a 12 day dysthymic spell (read remotely invoked mind-controlled depression). Given the perp's interest in dotting "i's" in my handwritten journal, I am sure my mood state is highly governed as the base upon which they make their mind-control decisions. But I can still catch them adding on extra rage when I didn't feel energized to do so, though I suspect they are making gains on the amygdala energetics (emotional source) to be able to exert 100% mind-control instead of 99.8%. The amount of thoughtstalking noises has declined in the past two weeks which suggests they are not needed as these are the thoughts that they didn't plant on me.

My past experiences with the thoughtstalking suggest they are nearly 100% correlated to thoughts that arrive from left field, i.e. ones they don't yet control. And the neighbor noise has just begun while I type this, as for some reason I don't like to wear my earmuffs whilr typing because the perps add more noise to the keys in addition to the din that occurs when the earmuffs are on me. It is very complicated at times, but the on/off use of earmuffs seems to be of importance to the perps. (They are a deep green colored plastic and this might me their reason for this activity). If the perps want the earmuffs off me they arrange some clicking in my ears to occur and within short order I take them off. Likewise, peculiar electronic-like dripping sounds will start up to cause me to put them on. It is real easy to control their use for their purposes.

Anyhow, the perps are getting a little more bolder in putting on display of extra-conventional physical forces without any ostensible cause. Past blogs have mentioned their curious need to have a cover story for unconventional events; e.g. controlling my fingers to drop something etc. Now more blatant actions are applied. One that has begun in the bathroom and kitchen is what I call "drop-hop". Drops of water from a faucet only 6" above the water surface will leap out and clear the vessel and land on a nearby (> 2') fixed object e.g. counter, floor etc. This is now an everytime experience. I presume this offers some kind of ability for the perps to directly analyse the interaction of the water with nearby objects instead of imputing it through the vessel the water is in.

An earlier variant of this is to create water drops on the floor of the kitchen whenever I am there. Invariably they illuminate them to the point of being very reflective and are usually placed at my feet to supply this light to my lower peripherial vision. Not a big deal. They went through a phase of doing this with olive oil as well. I wasn't prepared to clean it up, but it was magically gone the next day.

There is something about the local water supply that they want to solve; the perps arranged for a broken kitchen sink plug which entailed two meals of doing the dishes singly instead of filling the sink. Then the building manager supplied the incorrect coupling pin version, and another round of waiting for a plug was invoked. He came in to "assure himself" (read gangstalk) that the second new plug fitted. The olive oil was also in the frypan heating up behind when jointly examining the sink plug problem, also for gangstalking reasons IMHO. Later, while doing the dishes, the perps sprayed me with a shot of water that didn't come from anywhere, just a blatant shot from mid-air in one's face.

Another case of extra conventional physics is constraining the application of my fingers; very often they do not respond as they usually do causing something to drop, break or other perp advantageous event.

Another of their trivial annoyances is undoing my shoelaces as I am walking; up to 4 times per day. This is usually when they are extra interested and may have gangstalkers on my heels as they did today (06-26-2006). The gangstalker had a brown sweater on and was 20' behind me, and another behind her with wheeled tote baggage, a common gangstalk method is to have an object closer to the ground. There is rarely any pedestrians on this city block, yet two "arrived" for this gangstalk event.

In the past I have been a passenger in a flipped vehicle, and I never did understand how it happened until the perps demonstated their incredible powers (the past four years) by flipping a garbage truck nearby.

Vision impairment is now a full time remotely applied harassment; the medium doesn't matter; books or LCD panel (on-line). I wondered how they do this and I found out when I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw a 1/8" diameter glob of mucus in each eye. What they do it seems, is to first create this mucus in each eye by remote means, and then manipulate it to impair my vision as they see fit. Very often it is one eye only or sometimes only peripherial vision or central vision only. And the content of what I am reading matters too; certain words will get vision stalked it seems. The words or topic are consistent with the list of objectives I noted in past blog entries about the perps' objectives. often the visual impairment is timed simutaneously with a noise, through the ear muffs if I have them on.

And more runny nose games; I haven't had a cold for years and yet some 70% of the time the perps will cause a runny nose to erupt when applying peanut butter and jam to toast, as I do once every day at breakfast. This particular menu item is cause for no end of perp obstruction and inanity being brown in color. The peanut butter properties have been modified to "cause" it to slip off the knife and extricated from the jar by hauling it up the side of the container, a straight sided glass vessel. Overflow of peanut butter goes on every day now, when it never happened before, again because of the change in the peanut butter's new physical properties. When picking up the spills on the plate with my fingers the perps decided that it wasn't enough and slapped down some more directly from who knows where to force the use of the fingers of the opposite hand. It is totally insane that a covert agency screws citizens over because of their problem with the color brown that they created for one person. The scenario is most strange; they are torturing someone to how they were screwed up (psyche damage) because of early development year's tortures and illegal irradiations. They simply cannot leave well enough alone.

One stunt the perps pull regularly is crockery wobbling. Any case of crockery being put on a flat table, with or without food, is an opportunity for the perps to make it wobble and vibrate even if one applies no direct force. Even full mugs get the wobble treatment. The perps like to have vibrations as well as noise, and if they are connected, so much the better. Even if unconventional physical forces apply. In one instance of noise and vibration concurrency, they had a kid knocking on the glass window while his father was 3' inside, this being at entrance to a grocery store. There was nothing to stop the kid entering the store of course, just another Fellini-like juxtaposition of the normal, turned around. I am always gangstalked at doorways, sometime six or more of the gangstalkers will "arrive" at this juncture as there is something they need to measure inside and out, and there is some data they cannot figure out (yet).

Another benign (usually) perp extra-conventional energy application at a distance is the constant picking at my shirt and underwear (underneath my jeans). All day long they tug at my shirt in small amounts at the top of the back, below my neck, and it does not matter which shirt color. The underwear hems get pulled much of the time, usually when I first inhabit a new area of the apartment, or turn around and face a new direction. Some kind of remote evaluation is being made, and to the best of my knowledge it has everything to do with mind-control research. They also appear to be working on other fundamental energetics; people to people and people to objects. Call it psychic interactions if you will.

The entire blogging experience is slowing down, and it is not for lack of content as there is always plenty. Soo... the only other consistent force in my life is the perps and their mind-control games. And that will do it for this post.

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