Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The 0500h Early Shift Again

0600h Brutal brightness/emanations are coming off my LCD display, on top of a brutal early morning. The perps awakened me at 0330h and then proceeded to continually dry out my mouth, have me flip my head left and right and put on the coincident noisestalking in the form of:

  • on-off-ing (faux) neighbor's water usage, E & W sides alternating and jointly in varying tones and a progression of volume attentuation (no neighbors here),
  • fridge compressor-like noises, and additional ones from the repetoire of some dozen kinds, (a new fridge even).
  • a modulating hum,
  • some traffic noise,
  • mewing seagulls.
The parked vehicular gangstalkers were in place at 0600h; in the visible stall, a Honda SUV in silver-grey, my ex-Volvo color. And another vehicle of the same color one parked in the stall ahead, largely behind a building. Then a blue and white cab came to replace the Honda, with the second silver-grey vehicle ahead of it, as a calibration color. And the next vehicle in the visible stall is a dark red metallic color. The perps are going through the color exposure cycle, and aren't ashamed to make it obvious.

0950h; the horrid bright emanations have been turned down, so it would seem that the perps early hour harassment was related to sunrise. And I am not surprised at this; they pulled a 16 party gangstalk on a hike I took when there were only eight cars in the parking lot at the winter solstice last year (2005). The busiest shooping day ahead of Christmas, and here they were, twice as many as usual. Some of TT Brown's gravitaics work referenced sun and moon positions.

Back to the reality netherworld again; the masers/zingers are out in more force today, and the pretense that they are any kind of vision condition has been dispensed with. And that includes planting masers in the exact location onscreen where I am reading/typing.

And late last night and early this morning, I was allowed to reflect on yesterday's doctor's appointment (as noisestalking bait) and ponder all the things that "I" could of said but didn't. In retrospect, I was decidedly stuttering and at a loss for words at times when I should of been much more fluent. In other words, I was being "run", totally mind-controlled, with the perps dipping into what recall they can access. As this harassment is still going on, and I was doing extensive recall in the appointment, it seems that they are still working on this aspect of mind-control,- knowledge, personal knowledge.

So the notion of where I am to re-locate to is still in the air; today's planted notion is to ask my brother who as plenty of space, and his "helpfulness" in taking my storage items is a reversal from his usual script act. But given the long history of perp "family management" in this case, I still maintain that a better description is the First Feral Family. No thanks, I maybe camping for a while.

1230h Back from an extreme gangstalk store visitation; it was 6 hours after my last (very early) meal, the prime time for the perps to go beserk. And I was not allowed to anticipate this which I used to do. Another example of encroaching 100% mind control. Suffice to say they were on my heels in both stores, the same one also arriving at the checkout right after me. Another reason they were likely on me so tight was that I had been de-pooed only an hour before, and so this offered them more energetics assay opportunity (brown free).

Continuing maser action; it is like a swirling blackish scrimshaw (a veil) has been placed in front of my eyes with a few extra lumps (zingers/masers) that persist in staying in front of my focal point, even as I type this. The kitchen counter was like this too, where I placed the water glass before and after drinking from it.

And more ranting at perp provocations during lunch; they flicked grated cheese about, jiggled the cutting board as I was working on it, flicked dishes water on me (two at once in a diverging pattern strinking my shirt simutaneously 12" apart, flicked more dishes water onto the table and floor, some 3' each, opposite directions, planted black rubber 1/2" "crumbs" for some kind of calibration assay, and a few others I cannot recall. Enough to keep me yapping at the cowardly sickos the entire lunchtime, exactly what they wanted I'm sure. More forced looking outside when I didn't want to. Just to think, fours hours extra harassment time today for the early awakening.

1830h Dinner is over and it has been a slack day with some directed boredom that was relieved by tea and chocolate, normally an afternoon regular break, but with the accelerated sweat inducements of late, they "caused" me to forgo it in these hotter days for the past 6 weeks. So today was likely a brown-green (tea color) testing day, and they kept forcing me to look at the damn teapot from all locations in the apartment. (The perp's distance dependent color games). And that entailed some rants at them as I never needed to look at it in the first place, beyond using it. Some break, but inducing boredom is a no brainer for the assholes.

I did some 9-11 researching earlier and the perps were busy floating masers by my face often enough to seriously wonder what their interest is in me knowing about all these intentional clues that don't add up. The easy answer to that is they will then learn how the irregularities of the case are stored in mind and then they can purge it later, from me or anyone IMHO. And plenty of plasma action now; in my face and very obvious. Yellow, red, orange, pink and brown are playing big as their selected colors. When turning on lights in a dark room the perps will add a short red plasma flash ahead of the white light coming on. Similarly, eyelid closing will "beget" an interim red flash.

2120h More tedium apart from the extreme motorcycle noise that erupted as if it were 20' away when the road is at least 60' from my window. And more of the plasma fields in my face, coming at me, masers popping forth from blemishes in the wall, faux ghosting of shapes (more plasma emanation types) and in concert with the noisestalking that is going on. The irradiative emanations from my LCD display are getting annoyingly strong again, this might be the end of this post for today. The worst of it is that they won't let me read a book for more that 15 minutes now.

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