Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Interupting Lunch

Nothing major, just the knee pads that I ordered yesterday came by courier today in an amazing bout of efficiency that I don't get to experience in the adverse scripted world that I am cast into. Often the delivery time adversity is arranged out of screwing with the service, arranging for the courier for me to be out, and generally making mockery of say, two day service by stretching it out over a week or more.

But as always, the timing of these events is of singular planning. I was making the tried and true lunch of tortillas with tapenade base, chopped chicken meat, and melted cheese on top. This has been lunch and dinner with some variations since 2003 nearly everytime, save when invited out. I had the sirens on when chopping the chicken meat into slices and cubes, and then again covering me when extracting tortillas from the package and putting one in the frypan with the hot olive oil. And just before I get to open the new 250ml tub of olive tapenade the phone rings and it is the courier. So..., I opened the tub and sat it and its lid on the counter and then just waited there as it was the most prudent in the general context of making this particular dish. The courier came in short order, I signed for the parcel, and put it down. I was the workpant knee pad inserts that I ordered, although not having an immediate demand for them, I felt compelled to get them in advance of July's daffodil bulb picking. I had wanted to get them last September, then in December just to get this taks completed, but various delays by family members thwarted my efforts not to mention generalize blahs, aka, dysthymic disinclination.

Apart from the package being one of the typical yellow 9"x12" envelopes the gangstalkers like to pack with them as a standardized color reference in my proximity, there wasn't anything too exceptional about it. And too, opening of the package was delayed some 10 minutes until I finished lunch and cleaned up. All of this is only interesting, to me anyways, as to how the perps like to interupt and perturb events, even if long standing practices that they likely script for me. So now I am ready for kneeling in my next laboring job, which is likely to be the above mentioned daffodil bulb picking if they aren't replaced by a machine or imported visa-ed Mexican laborers. I know the daffodil flowers are being picked as I write this, but for whatever reason I haven't been too motivated to join this thieves melee (I am told) and get out there in the rain and mud.

The vision buggering games have been playing fierce today for whatever reason, even if looking at the LCD monitor while web surfing. As part of it, all manner of plasma and/or LCD display fuckery has been going on; extra lines, moving lines of differing colors, vertically and horizontally and then skewed variants, light flashes, visual projections from on-screen shapes and the rest of the onging visual impairment games. And the plethora of blackish masers has also been considerable in this never ending choreography of visual perturbances. One that is getting more used is to place text in a yellow box, filling the whitespace with yellow between the letters in peripherial vision and then withdrawing it as soon as I look with my central vision. They cannot get enough of it.

I getting the reading attention impairment games; this is where they have my eyes hop all over the page after starting a paragraph. I don't know what the purpose of this kind of fuckery is, but I never did this before they struck in 04-2002, but I do now. Not being allowed to read is a genuine piss off. Other games are with the ongoing plasma and maser show, noise through the earmuffs and someone's throat clearing from the hallway and also strangely getting through my earmuffs. This happened about one third into the list of personal and lifestyle blogs I read. As mentioned many times before, the perps put on noisestalking and other impositions when first linking to a blog, so it seems to be a big deal for them. It is fucking tiresome to be under the microscope all the time, and then jerked with to then create more action for the assholes who haven't the fortitude to show up and explain why I am cast into this fucking nightmare all the time. Dithering a person into not being allowed to read unperturbed is fucking sick.

Some pictures for a change.

Taken 03-27-2009, 0905h, larger photo. This is the day after the supposed fire. The fire department came about the same time, and put on three of four fire department vehicles that visited yesterday, except in different orientations and no sirens or apparent emergency. I have never seen a fire department supply three emergency vehicles to one seeming non-emergency such as this. That takes pull as well as major inducements, and it demonstrates what the perps can do in this town anytime they like.

Small photos show the orientation of the four fire vehicles the day before, the apparent emergency, 03-26-2009, 0825h, previously posted.

Taken 03-27-2009, 1113h. A nice alignment of red and white vehicles in two orthogonal directions, road and bottom parking lot with an extra threesome of navy blue colored vehicles on the ground beside the parking lot an through the trees on the right. Who gives up a parking stall for the wet ground that is possibly muddy, except a Fuckwit gangstalker criminal? And too, ladder action that I frequently get, those on top of the white trades van roof.

Taken 03-31-2009, 1104h. A nice little lineup of ranked vehicles, all around the single red colored one. I had just finished some hours of web surfing with my metallic green earmuffs on, and looked out the window to see this nice photogenic set up. All those vehicles in various greyscale colors (whites, silver grey, grey and black) plus a two tone blue and white and a deep metallic green minivan behind it on the right. And just as I took the picture another deep metallic green pickup truck entered from the parking lot at the lower right side of the picture and proceed to the right. A nice little cluster of deep blue vehicles in the off-street parking behind the tree as well. And a skinhead on the corner, though nothing intrinsically odd about him. On the left side, the street heading away from the picture is the typical broadside of a tractor-trailer that I get to see much more often than the pre-overt harassment days. It seems to be adding to the white and red color theme as well.

Taken 04-01-2009, 1326h, today in other words. Looking down this mixed residential and street front business street there is an very odd aggregation of vehicle colors IMHO. In the traffic line facing the viewer, a pair of white pickups, one parked with a fireman like dressed person on the deck of the parked one. Then a silver-grey sedan, a white one behind it, and then a light tan metallic brown sedan with a mid-blue sedan at the end of the file of stopped vehicles. Beside them in the parking stall file, a red vehicle with three black colored ones behind it. Much further back in the parking file, a silver-grey and a mid-blue color. This arranged vehicle action is very much like that immediately above (03-31-2009, 1104h), except on an orthogonal street, and the red vehicle flanked among many greyscaled colored vehicles; whites, silver-greys, mid-greys and blacks.

I am back to online surfing and blogging, and have done tonight's part time cleaning job. Once again, the boss man "happened " to be stopping at the same grocery store that I stopped in after work. This coincidence rate is hitting 100% for the past three weeks and is getting very claustrophobic. Tonight it was outside; he was crossing my path in the parking lot immediately after I exited the building, another vehicle was closing in behind him on his scooter, a third vehicle was backing up toward me and a couple were doing the split apart act in front of me, the short haired blonde woman preceding me through the parking lot and down the sidewalk, the long familiar lead-ahead gangstalking style. In effect, a swarm of a mixture of vehicles and ambulatory gangstalkers, and a first of its kind. It has always been vehicles or ambulatory gangstakers, and tonight's little parking lot combination escapade was the first.

The only major odd action at work was that I got paid, and lo, if two of the staff weren't scooting by while I was signing my name with my green nitrile gloves on. One was visible through the glass at first, and given the weird negro's performance through the glass of two nights ago, having me seen and seeing through glass is a big deal for the assholes.

That is about all the excitement for today, not too much.

Note: There have been a number of my comments on blogs and forums getting blocked of late; they just don't appear to get posted. Some of my emails are also getting blocked or else they are all uniformly not responding. So if you want to send a message, try through the blog comments if I appear to be not responding to email. For the record, I always respond to my email if warranted.


Anonymous said...

As for the comments disappearing, it's a common occurrence among TI blogs. The a-holes love to censor and repress information. It's yet another tactic they use to stay hidden. Perps are notoriously afraid of getting exposed.

AJH said...

Answer to: As for the comments...

This is the first time I have had comments "disappear", so it is highly annoying when one makes a long post and have it not be there.
I suspect the perps want to limit certain communication methods, e.g. blog comments except on this one. There is something intrinsic about communicating with a person they want to capture, some kind of psychic signature that would be revealed by any communication method. And limiting me to this blog as an effective email client seems to be important for them of late. In other words, it is not always the content of the communication they wish to obstruct, but who and by what method (e.g. phone, letters, email, etc.). Thanks for the comments.