Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back to Back Staring

A late start to blogging, but I did get some out time, my mother's birthday and so it was a lunch at a seaside restaurant. The food was so-so; a single chunk of cooked salmon on top of an excess of rabbit food doesn't make for a smoked salmon salad in my book, but hey, it was a free meal.

I was in the very corner of the building, windows on two sides of me and facing into the restaurant with the lovely Cordova Bay to my right. Should I go through the litany of blondes, then the jowly male among them, then later two red headed children with a seeming blonde mother, or leave it as yet another combination/parade of the Favored (blonde women) and the Unfavored (red heads, males, white haired folk and many others). I am sparing the details here as it gets tiresome as it does consistent, especially noticeable in a new venue, which this was. Follow the link for an explanation. Other feints were to have the transparent mylar gift wrapping "happen" to lie against the window to provide more material differences for persons or objects to be seen through (.e.g, double pane glass, and double pane glass and mylar).

I did my cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, getting there early as the Parts and Service sections that I regularly clean are closed by mid afternoon. Only the Sales section stays open until 1800h where the boss man regularly cleans. I got to do some extra wall cleaning and attempt to extricate myself from the perps doings; they created trickles of clean wall that the cleaning agent supposed had made, and all my rubbing with the cloth couldn't eradicate these new extra clean tracks that self erupted. Like I have said, everything I do or attempt is adverse, or has the expectation thereof because that is invariably what happens. In fact, it has gone on all my life so the assholes get to monitor the same activity over again. I suspect a huge number of the "glitches" we have come to know, even the Hadron collider problems that have prevented start up for nearly a year, are the work of the sickos. Just my take on world events, and having witnessed their extra conventional gravitic fuckery firsthand, and their relentless need for me to do the same things more than once, the second iteration for them it would seem.

Anyhow, on the way back I got extra clusters of gangstalkers, and then my loitering vagrant dude seen when outboud was then standing around instead of lying in his sleeping bag reading his book, and then when I see him, the dim figure in the dim light, why he is already prepared and is staring at me. Within 60' I turn the corner and lo, a blonde woman is 30' away and coming toward me, and is also staring at me. I once got the starings at a rate of 3 to 5 per month, now they are getting more of the gangstalkers to put on this bullshit. I had another staring three days ago when heading for yoga, and I just don't get what the fuckers want from this exercise.

On this same section of road, another two blonde women are coming toward me, and by this time I was managed for my "reaction" to just look down at the ground and not at them. Then in another 20' a dude and his blonde girlfriend were also loitering around, though not staring thankfully. A one block run of blondes it seems, three differing parties in various poses, perhaps as some kind of serial testing/evaluation compared the preceding dude in the shadows doing the same, though differing direction.

I took the bus out to my parent's place this morning at 1030h, a relative quiet time of day I though to be headed to the suburbs from downtown, but lo, if there wasn't eight fuckers at the bus stop. One dude put on this stand-in-my-way-on-the-sidewalk act, making sure that he was seen as borderline aggressive. After he got on the bus he gets off two stops later. He could of walked to his intended location faster but took a bus there. Another brown hoodied dude at the bus stop was reading a book, and after a few minutes, and without any bus in sight, he gets up and walks across the street, and then loiters there for a few minutes. I see one of these bus stop weirds nearly every round trip, and if you don't think it is odd, let me know. Only minutes before the bus came a red coated dude was walking along the sidewalk next to the curb where th bus was to come, and within a minute, another red coated dude does the same, the partial red painted bus pulling up when the latter red coat dude was beside it. Their red coats differed by a shade of brightness, but were of the same dark red hue. The bus trip was uneventful in my terms, but again, because I live in an an orchestrated state, I could see that the perps were totally beserk with the amount of staged red colored gangstalking vehicles for the entire bus ride.

I got paid today in rather strange circumstances. The bossman makes out that he is about to take off with his motor scooter after doing some circles and high revving outside the building. Then after I set the alarms, pressed the button for the motorized door closure, he says "quick, grab the door". Like WTF; for what purpose, for what likelihood that I could even oppose a motorized door, and all to have the alarm system go off? (Just when one thinks the guy is sane, he pulls a nutjob statement like that). Then he motions for me to come over, and then he pulls out the reciept he wants me to sign, and only then was I allowed to know that I was getting paid. I sign my name on the paper using the white painted concrete building for a firm backing surface, and then when "I think" all done (read, planted thought), he gives me the check. Another total mind fuck in other words; the perps fucked me out of knowing that reciept of a check was the essential item for a payday transaction. But the real question is, why didn't he do this when we were inside in the relative comfort of a warm building with lighting and availible surfaces to sign on? Like always, there cannot be enough combinations and permutations of all the things the assholes want to put me through. In case you are wondering why this is important, I get no end of harassment, surveillance, imposed finger fumbling fuckery, accompanying noise, light flashes and other arranged phenomenon every time I make a financial transaction, be it by check, at an ATM, using a debit card at the checkout, using a credit card online, paying bills online and any other method you can think of. Now included in the Summary of Perp Obsessions. which was updated today, though nothing new for regulars and TI's.

Here is the list of officers of the FFCHS group for Los Angeles area, less the names. Now can someone come up with a clinical explanation as to how so many individuals can be so organized about their collective harassment/condition? This is real, and all democratic notions of liberty and freedom do not matter one whit to the assholes who impose this insane and invasive brutality on its selected victims.

Elected the following people to pursue certain tasks for the LA Chapter FFCHS:
  • President / Liaison FFCHS –
  • Frequency / Countermeasure Research
  • Secretary & Crisis Support
  • History of TI’s (find links) & Alternative Medicine
  • Countermeasure/Surveillance Research
  • Legal Matters
  • Defamation of Character and Medical Contacts Research
  • MK Ultra & Operations TIP Research
  • Fundraising & Treasurer (Non-profit grants, disaster,transportation)
Tonight's blogging is done, and a Sunday beckons, possibly with an impaired sleep over the different diet today.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, here in PA, I have been getting increased instances of gangstalker staring incidents. And about the same frequency, too. And I've been getting some nitpicking from perps and perp shills about my 'incomplete sentences' as well as very long paragraphs.

I get a lot of harassments around ATM machines, and they are extremely fond (have been for 3 years) of parking right at the drive-through, effectively tying up the ATM so I can't use it. I never understood why they were so obsessed with my ATM usage. They also don't seem to like it when I go to Wal-Mart. That's one thing that always pissed them off, and were always trying to use mind-control fuckery to get me to avoid that place. Not sure about that one, but it's another obsession of theirs for about 3 years also.

I see these fuckers slowly backing up when I pass a bank with an ATM. Or I'll get a lot of 'unfavored' people hanging around ATM's, or approaching parking lots adjacent to the ATM as I approach on foot. What the hell is the deal with that?

AJH said...

The staring has me puzzled too; all I can say is that there must be some intrinsic energetic (etheric, psychic, chi etc.) interaction they are looking for, and want to be able to remotely detect it from/in you. Think of the starer communicating some kind of psychic energy to you, and somewhere in your brain it registers as such, and the perps want to be able to detect and measure it. Just my speculation here.

The psychic energy sensitives/thinkers claim that when we exchange money, we exchange psychic energy at the same time. So if you believe this, and I am still sceptical but this is the best answer I can provide, it seems that the perps want to be able to detect the psychic energy exchange too, at the moment of transaction. Similarly, the perps also go beserk when I sign for something, say reciept of a parcel, charge to my credit card etc.

The perps love to have adjacent parking lots to ATMs as they can run their vehicles or gangstalkers at various right angles (usually) to each other, and are using them as localized energy detectors by monitoring their operatives at the same time. (Who they have long studied, and perhaps have rehearsed this in advance or replay it afterward in your absence). These energy detection techniques can be enhanced by shining lights on the TI and they love to have white light (all colors) and red lights together, hence the frequent sightings of vehicles backing up in your/my/many TI's proximity. (It was recently found in quantum energy research that shining light onto substances can increase the magnetic energy at the quantum level. The perps have me in a densified magnetic field all the time; it was over 400x normal in late 2002 when I was last allowed to have a functioning gaussmeter. Hence, the constant plethora of plasma beams and masers around me, both of which are magnetically controllable and provide localized magnetic variation which can help elicit and quantify other unknown psychic energies).

Given that the perps often perform right angle moves, it is clear to me that these etheric energies are different in each direction, hence their swarming to get differing readings, often wearing different clothing colors which seems to be a vital component of this activity.

It is interesting about Walmart; in Canada they came later by way of buyout of the Woolco stores in the mid-1990's. I never liked the Woolco store, and therefore I still have a bad vibe about Walmart too (here). The store lighting sucks big time, and it is always crowded. One of my girlfriends in my story (when I was living in Seattle WA) was often telling me Walmart was horrid, and here she was a trained operative, or at least, that is what I suspect as she hung around for over two years, off and on.

The "unfavored" aspect you mention is interesting as I always assumed they were particular to me and long ago traumatizations they inflicted and now want to elicit these same reactions from my subconscious. But what you might be suggesting is that the "unfavored" might be a common group of perp roles that they use for reasons that are largely unknown. The use of vagrants is one of their biggest plays, and too, they like it when people have been sleeping on the ground in the TI's vicinity. Hence the ongoing civic legal battles in this city (Victoria, BC) with the "homeless" and their tent dwelling in city parks. (And I have camped plenty often too).

Thanks for your comments, and I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought using 'unfavored' types was something they were doing particular to me, too. It wasn't until I started reading your blog that I begun to understand they reasoning behind their tactics. I always thought it was harassment just for irritation's sake, just to put me in my place, to tell me I wasn't welcome in their 'world'. I always suspected they were monitoring certain aspects of my body, such as breathing, heart rate, etc. I told one gangstalker my theory that, since I believed my brain activity was being monitored, that means perps can use my eyes like a video camera. That gangstalker gave a complete look of shock on his face, like I must've been onto something.

For me, unfavored is more in terms of physical build, like endomorphs vs. ectomorphs, etc., like for example, how 'shapely' the person is, how well the person fills out his/her clothes. For me, baggy, or saggy pants was definitely a turnoff. Other traits are pleasing/displeasing to me, also, like the proportion of the limbs and the over ratio of these parts to their body as a whole.

For you, it's different, although some of them coincide with my favored/unfavored. So maybe it's a common tactic, though I never see TI's mention it. For example, thin vs. thick hair, and they already know I don't like mustaches or LaVey or Van Dyke beards. They also like to have gangstalkers with dirty clothes as well; they know that's a turnoff. They also have gangstalkers with varying dispositions.

Like, for example, under certain circumstances, I consistently will see a male that is very unpleasant, acting impatient, saying things like 'HUH?!' in a rude manner to the person he is talking to, and has a ponytail and a very pock-marked or bumpy or weather-beaten face. Or sometimes, they will use varying degrees of combinations of these traits of males. Generally, the females will have the 'favored' traits. I find it pleasing when they reverse the roles, like for example, males-favored, females-unfavored, so that I know I'm not being traumatized too much.

Sometimes they will use males and females at various places doing this fake-sounding 'hahahaha' laugh which pisses me off.

To sum it all up, I always thought they were doing these tactics just because they were major assholes who wanted to get me to go on a rampage and take out my rage on an unsuspecting person.

I can always tell the gangstalkers from the 'normal' people, though... the gangstalkers always have this fake smile, looking all smug, like they 'have it made' or something. 'Normal' people usually are more like, 'I have to get somewhere' kind of look. But these gangstalking a-holes consistently will look at me with this 'oh I'm sorry I'm superior to you' smug sort of grin.

AJH said...

This is fascinating, your experiences with the "favored" and the "unfavored", and how they have such a high degree of similarity with my own. I don't care for those funny little beards, Van Dyke etc., either, and I get plenty of beard variations as well. And also the female and male typical clothing and then reversing them sometimes. And the perps like it best when I erroneously identify the gender of one person at a distance and then find it to be incorrect when they get closer. Usually a noise goes off the instant I realize I made a mistake. For me, the saturation of gangstalkers and orchestration is so high, that I assume it is 100% total all the time, and invariably something innocent can take on the trappings of being arranged. And in fact, I suspect this has always been the case since birth, and not just the more obvious overt harassment and abuse that began in 2002.
Thanks for the comments.

Cassie said...

My understanding of the psychic facets of such testing is that by determining negative and positive triggers, these entities are looking to interface with your mind through the etheric/sub-conscious. When they know what bothers (in the case of negative/unfavored things) these can be used in the form of symbolism in daily life and dreams, with the intent to keep you in line / or 'asleep', as most TIs threaten the etheric food chain by their beginning to 'wake up' to these systems of control, thus removing themselves from the food chain. Same thing with the positive/favored items, but with these it seems to be a more veiled approach of interfacing with your etheric level (dreams, fantasies, etc) --basically a way to get closer to you with the same intent as above, to lull us back to sleep where we don't mind being part of the energetic food chain. I have noticed a large correlation between the full and new moon phases and these favored/unfavored themes popping up in dreams. I have found it quite useful to keep track of lunar phases so I can anticipate these periods of time when the division between the physical and etheric beocme 'thin'. --I also have seen somewhat less intense examples of this on quarter moon days/nights. This moon chart may be useful for you as well .

AJH said...

There is no question that how I percieve things, positive or negative (Favored or Unfavored) is a significant part of the gangstalking and the other props they arrange for me. I haven't yet determined why it is so important, except for analytical leverage, say, placing an Unfavored person (vagrant, as one example), physically behind a Favored (blonde, as an example. It is almost as if there is an etheric shadow (penumbra in cosmology terms) that the latter casts onto the person behind them as they are arranged from my perspective.
I don't think that I am a threat to their games, so much as a very difficult to decode specimen for two reasons; pollutants in my bloodstream and organs that perturb remote energetic assays, and that I have a number of developmental traumatizations in subconscious memory which is proving to be highly problematic. (My conscious recall is largely wiped out from 2 to 5 y.o.)
I have not noticed any lunar correlations in my case as it seems that they are applying a more weekly schedule to their games. This is manifested after a one night stayover at my perp abetting parents' place, coming back to my apartment on Mondays.
Thanks for the comments.